PSAT messages

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PSAT YO3FVR-7 05/20 12:48:39z Send another AOS 4h49m (1737z){GL}
YO3FVR-7 PSAT 05/20 12:48:38z Reply YO3FVR-7{2
PSAT DW8BRQ 05/19 10:26:26z Send another AOS 1h23m (1150z) NW^24{FZ}1A
DW8BRQ PSAT 05/19 10:26:26z Reply 73{1A}FY
PSAT DW8BRQ 05/19 10:24:54z Send another AOS 1h25m (1150z) NW^24{FY}19
DW8BRQ PSAT 05/19 10:24:54z Reply Hello Good Evening to all onboard PSAT{19}
PSAT DW8BRQ 05/18 23:07:18z Send another AOS 58m24s W SW^7 S 9m{FW}11
DW8BRQ PSAT 05/18 23:07:18z Reply Hello Good Morning to all Onboard PSAT 73{11}
PSAT N1MDJ-7 05/16 04:10:20z Send another AOS 21m47s SW NW^45 NE 10m{ES}
N1MDJ-7 PSAT 05/16 04:10:20z Reply msg4pass{10
PSAT N1MDJ-7 05/16 04:09:44z Send another AOS 24m16s SW NW^45 NE 10m{ER}
N1MDJ-7 PSAT 05/16 04:07:51z Reply msg4pass{9
PSAT N0BPI-7 05/02 10:28:47z Send another S^54 SE^63 NE LOS 5m57s{ZE}
PSAT N0BPI-7 05/02 10:25:02z Send another SSW^46 SE^63 NE LOS 6m12s{ZD}
PSAT YO3FVR-7 04/30 14:22:16z Send another AOS 11h13m (01 0132z) SE^11{YS}
YO3FVR-7 PSAT 04/30 14:18:31z Reply YO3FVR-7{3
PSAT YO3FVR-7 04/30 14:11:28z Send another AOS 11h20m (01 0132z) SE^11{YR}
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/28 17:54:35z Send another E^39 ESE LOS 5m1s{YN}
N0BPI-7 PSAT 04/21 19:03:22z Reply ?APRSP
N0BPI-7 PSAT 04/21 14:09:13z Reply Hello PSAT How is the view from up there?{18
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/20 21:17:46z Send another Please Beacon Position{XP}
PSAT YO3FVR 04/20 14:56:17z Send another AOS 9m25s W SW^10 S 10m @ YO3FVR-7{XM}EI
YO3FVR PSAT 04/20 14:54:07z Reply YO3FVR-7{EI}
PSAT BLN1USA 04/16 17:20:54z Send another PCSAT.APRS.ORG
PSAT K4FTP-7 04/15 14:47:04z Send another Please Beacon Position{WY}
K4FTP-7 PSAT 04/15 14:43:17z Reply Hi from EM92 in GA{80
PSAT CX3CN 04/14 15:13:17z Send another AOS 8h37m (2351z) NE^6{WW}
CX3CN PSAT 04/14 15:13:17z Reply Hola cx3cn. Uruguay Montevideo{40
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/14 00:12:14z Send another SW^47 SE LOS 6m5s{WT}
PSAT N0BPI-7 04/13 22:34:53z Send another E^21 ESE LOS 3m59s{WS}
PSAT VU2UUU-10 04/08 16:14:17z Send another Please Beacon Position{WB}
VU2UUU-10 PSAT 04/08 16:14:17z Reply ML88nk{6
PSAT VU2UUU-10 04/08 16:13:38z Send another Please Beacon Position{VZ}
PSAT VU2UUU-10 04/08 16:13:37z Send another Please Beacon Position{VY}
VU2UUU-10 PSAT 04/08 16:13:36z Reply Z{5
VU2UUU-10 PSAT 04/08 16:13:36z Reply Z{4
PSAT K1TPN 04/08 00:33:09z Send another AOS 8m41s NW NE^46 SE 13m{VW}
K1TPN PSAT 04/08 00:33:08z Reply next{12
PSAT BLN2USA 04/06 22:18:13z Send another See APRS.FI & 144.39 users
PSAT BLN0USA 04/05 22:06:07z Send another PSK31 435.35 Up on 28.12
PSAT YO3FVR 04/05 20:49:46z Send another AOS 14h08m (06 1058z) SE^25{BT}HC
YO3FVR PSAT 04/05 20:49:45z Reply YO3FVR{HC}
PSAT BLN1EUR 04/03 17:52:34z Send another All the best for 2017!
PSAT BLN2EUR 04/03 17:49:22z Send another pse collect telemetry and support
PSAT N1MDJ-7 03/23 19:38:58z Send another AOS 3h37m (2246z) SE^25{XW}
N1MDJ-7 PSAT 03/23 19:09:14z Reply msg4pass{8
PSAT K1TPN 03/22 01:42:14z Send another W^1 NNW^18 NE LOS 11m15s{WT}
K1TPN PSAT 03/22 01:42:14z Reply next{9
PSAT K1TPN 03/22 01:41:54z Send another AOS 5s W NW^18 NE 11m{WS}
K1TPN PSAT 03/22 01:41:54z Reply next{8
PSAT K1TPN 03/22 01:33:14z Send another AOS 8m45s W NW^18 NE 11m{WQ}
K1TPN PSAT 03/22 01:33:14z Reply nezxt{7
PSAT K1TPN 03/21 01:33:26z Send another AOS 46m50s W N^15 NE 11m{WM}
K1TPN PSAT 03/21 01:33:26z Reply next{6
PSAT LA5NTA-4 03/20 20:37:05z Send another AOS 1h05m (2142z) S^37{WL}
LA5NTA-4 PSAT 03/20 20:37:04z Reply next{044
PSAT LA5NTA-4 03/20 18:57:51z Send another Please Beacon Position{WK}
LA5NTA-4 PSAT 03/20 18:57:51z Reply next{043
PSAT K1TPN 03/16 17:31:17z Send another AOS 6h30m (17 0001z) SE^7{VW}
K1TPN PSAT 03/16 17:31:17z Reply next pass{5
PSAT K1TPN 03/14 01:38:53z Send another AOS 13m47s S SE^23 NE 12m{JY}
K1TPN PSAT 03/14 01:38:53z Reply next{4
PSAT K1TPN 03/14 01:26:05z Send another AOS 26m35s S SE^23 NE 12m{JX}
K1TPN PSAT 03/14 01:26:04z Reply next{3
PSAT K1TPN 03/14 00:37:33z Send another AOS 1h15m (0152z) SE^23{JW}
K1TPN PSAT 03/14 00:37:32z Reply next{2
PSAT K1TPN 03/14 00:20:46z Send another AOS 1h31m (0152z) SE^23{JV}
K1TPN PSAT 03/14 00:20:46z Reply next{1