PSAT messages

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PSAT UA0ZGX 07/25 01:18:37z Send another SW^15 SE^46 ENE LOS 8m1s{YF}
UA0ZGX PSAT 07/25 01:18:36z Reply {16
PSAT N2UFM-1 07/23 16:28:54z Send another NE^21 NE LOS 3m29s{XY}
N2UFM-1 PSAT 07/23 16:28:54z Reply Hello de N2UFM via PCSAT
PSAT N2UFM-2 07/19 21:01:47z Send another AOS 50m NW N^11 NE 10m{WK}YU
N2UFM-2 PSAT 07/19 21:01:46z Reply de N2UFM{YU}
PSAT N2UFM-2 07/19 20:52:22z Send another AOS 59m24s NW N^11 NE 10m{WJ}YU
PSAT WD9EWK 07/19 05:01:44z Send another SSW^19 SSE LOS 4m18s{WH}
WD9EWK PSAT 07/19 04:57:59z Reply dm43bn{1
PSAT WD9EWK 07/18 20:47:06z Send another N^19 NNE LOS 4m2s{WE}
WD9EWK PSAT 07/18 20:43:20z Reply dm33vn{1
PSAT BLN2EUR 07/16 20:15:41z Send another pse collect telemetry and support
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:36:36z Send another AOS 2h54m (1531z) SE^5{GH}
EA8CTS-9 PSAT 07/07 12:36:36z Reply Hola pacopakitopakote.
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:35:49z Send another AOS 2h55m (1531z) SE^5{GG}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:20:35z Send another AOS 3h10m (1531z) SE^5{GE}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:19:48z Send another AOS 3h11m (1531z) SE^5{GD}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:12:35z Send another AOS 3h18m (1531z) SE^5{GB}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:11:47z Send another AOS 3h19m (1531z) SE^5{GA}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:08:53z Send another AOS 3h22m (1531z) SE^5{FY}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:06:34z Send another AOS 3h24m (1531z) SE^5{FW}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:05:33z Send another AOS 3h25m (1531z) SE^5{FV}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 07/07 12:04:16z Send another AOS 3h27m (1531z) SE^5{FT}
PSAT DMB252 07/07 05:14:15z Send another AOS 10h23m (1537z) SE^15{FM}
DMB252 PSAT 07/07 05:14:15z Reply ?
PSAT WD9EWK 07/04 01:44:26z Send another W^32 NW^47 NE LOS 7m19s{FC}
WD9EWK PSAT 07/04 01:37:11z Reply ?APRSP
PSAT WD9EWK 07/04 01:36:55z Send another WSW^29 NW^47 NE LOS 7m35s{FB}
WD9EWK PSAT 07/04 01:36:54z Reply DM43{0
PSAT 9Z4DZ 07/03 20:47:54z Send another WSW^40 NW^51 NNE LOS 6m21s{FA}
9Z4DZ PSAT 07/03 20:47:54z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
PSAT 9Z4DZ 07/03 20:46:53z Send another SW^23 NW^51 NNE LOS 7m21s{EZ}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 07/03 20:46:21z Send another SW^12 NW^51 NNE LOS 8m22s{EY}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 07/03 20:45:12z Send another SW^8 NW^51 NNE LOS 9m2s{EX}
PSAT BLN1EUR 07/02 20:49:12z Send another All the best for 2017!
PSAT K3RLD-1 07/02 01:15:47z Send another NNW^28 NE LOS 6m12s{EJ}
PSAT K3RLD-1 07/02 01:10:56z Send another W^16 NNW^28 NE LOS 8m28s{EI}
K3RLD-1 PSAT 07/02 01:10:56z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{18
PSAT 9Z4DZ 07/01 07:30:47z Send another AOS 51m41s NW NE^81 SE 13m{ED}
PSAT BLN2USA 06/28 22:37:36z Send another See APRS.FI & 144.39 users
PSAT BLN0USA 06/28 22:36:33z Send another PSK31 435.35 Up on 28.12
PSAT BLN1USA 06/28 22:35:34z Send another PCSAT.APRS.ORG
PSAT LU7GAB-10 06/27 12:32:26z Send another AOS 6h28m (1900z) SE^4{DN}
LU7GAB-10 PSAT 06/27 12:32:26z Reply ?APRST
PSAT EA8CTS-9 06/27 11:39:19z Send another AOS 7h39m (1918z) SE^11{DM}
EA8CTS-9 PSAT 06/27 11:39:19z Reply you already have a heater and you just want to install Air Conditio{7
PSAT PU2ONU 06/27 01:51:21z Send another AOS 7h16m (0908z) NE^6{DK}0s
PU2ONU PSAT 06/27 01:51:21z Reply Hi PSAT from PU2ONU Brazil ! GG66RL{0s}
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/20 21:10:42z Send another SE^3 ESE LOS 1m43s{BM}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/20 21:10:42z Reply #CD5DNC{22
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/20 21:10:11z Send another SE^4 ESE LOS 2m14s{BL}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/20 21:10:11z Reply .list{21
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/20 21:09:58z Send another SSE^4 ESE LOS 2m27s{BK}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/20 21:09:58z Reply LIST{20
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/20 21:09:50z Send another SSE^4 ESE LOS 2m35s{BJ}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/20 21:09:50z Reply dir{19
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/20 21:09:34z Send another SSE^4 ESE LOS 2m51s{BI}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/20 21:09:34z Reply CD5DNC#CQ VIA PSAT{18
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/20 21:09:10z Send another SSE^4 ESE LOS 3m15s{BH}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/20 21:09:10z Reply >cq de CD5DNC{17
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/20 21:08:47z Send another SSE^4 SSE^4 ESE LOS 3m38s{BG}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/20 21:08:47z Reply d{16
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/20 01:35:32z Send another AOS 12h55m (1431z) NE^12{BA}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/20 01:35:32z Reply k{15
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/20 00:58:29z Send another NNW^11 N LOS 3m20s{AY}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/20 00:58:29z Reply cq via pcsat de cd5dnc{14
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:25:22z Send another AOS 1h27m (20 0052z) NW^13{AT}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:25:22z Reply .help{13
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:25:07z Send another ENE^0 ENE LOS 7s{AS}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:25:07z Reply #list{12
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:24:44z Send another ENE^2 ENE LOS 30s{AR}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:24:44z Reply .msg{11
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:24:36z Send another ENE^2 ENE LOS 38s{AQ}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:24:36z Reply msg{10
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:24:23z Send another ENE^3 ENE LOS 51s{AP}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:24:23z Reply .list{9
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:18:27z Send another SSW^20 SE^38 ENE LOS 6m47s{AL}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:18:27z Reply ?{8
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:18:22z Send another SSW^20 SE^38 ENE LOS 6m52s{AK}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:18:22z Reply help{7
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:18:18z Send another SSW^19 SE^38 ENE LOS 6m56s{AJ}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:18:18z Reply hdlp{6
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:18:12z Send another SSW^18 SE^38 ENE LOS 7m2s{AI}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:18:12z Reply ?help{5
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:18:03z Send another SSW^16 SE^38 ENE LOS 7m11s{AH}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:18:03z Reply #list{4
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:17:54z Send another SSW^15 SE^38 ENE LOS 7m20s{AG}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:17:54z Reply ?list{3
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:17:08z Send another SSW^9 SE^38 ENE LOS 8m6s{AF}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:17:08z Reply D01GL#hello my friend from CD5DNC from Chile{2
PSAT CD5DNC-7 06/19 23:14:03z Send another AOS 1m7s SW SE^38 NE 10m{AE}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 06/19 23:14:03z Reply ?info{1
PSAT VU2RYU-10 06/12 06:14:40z Send another Please Beacon Position{DO}
VU2RYU-10 PSAT 06/12 06:14:40z Reply 18, 27,45,73,47,15{2
PSAT VU2RYU-10 06/12 06:08:53z Send another Please Beacon Position{DN}
VU2RYU-10 PSAT 06/12 06:08:53z Reply vu2ryu here{1
PSAT EA8CTS-9 06/09 20:49:45z Send another AOS 4h57m (10 0147z) SE^14{JL}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 06/09 20:33:44z Send another AOS 5h13m (10 0147z) SE^14{JJ}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 06/09 20:25:44z Send another AOS 5h21m (10 0147z) SE^14{JH}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 06/09 20:21:43z Send another AOS 5h25m (10 0147z) SE^14{JF}