PSAT messages

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PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/18 23:07:05z Send another hidu
PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/17 04:23:17z Send another AOS 23m13s W SW^8 S 7m{KS}JA
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 09/17 04:23:17z Reply j{JA}
PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/15 21:16:25z Send another NE^20 NE LOS 3m6s{KJ}IU
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 09/15 21:16:25z Reply j{IU}
PSAT K3RLD-1 09/04 00:47:42z Send another NE^17 NE LOS 2m44s{LG}
K3RLD-1 PSAT 09/04 00:47:10z Reply You are 599 into FN20 in PA{8
PSAT BLN1EUR 09/03 20:08:36z Send another All the best for 2017!
PSAT VK2HFF-10 09/02 06:10:17z Send another SW^41 NW^87 NE LOS 7m41s{KV}
VK2HFF-10 PSAT 09/02 06:06:30z Reply ?
PSAT EA8CTS 08/29 13:44:05z Send another AOS 7h20m (2104z) SE^32{JY}
EA8CTS PSAT 08/29 13:44:05z Reply hola{74
PSAT 9Z4DZ-11 08/28 03:05:25z Send another Please Beacon Position{JU}
PSAT BLN1USA 08/27 21:05:48z Send another PCSAT.APRS.ORG
PSAT 9Z4DZ-10 08/27 13:10:12z Send another AOS 12h12m (28 0122z) SE^2{JJ}
9Z4DZ-10 PSAT 08/27 13:10:12z Reply Hello frm W3/9Z4DZ in FM19qi
PSAT 9Z4DZ-10 08/27 11:48:58z Send another WSW^20 SW^21 SSE LOS 5m36s{JI}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-10 08/27 03:38:01z Send another E^72 NE LOS 4m39s{JH}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-10 08/27 03:34:15z Send another SSW^43 ESE^76 NE LOS 5m39s{JG}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-10 08/26 12:20:24z Send another Please Beacon Position{JF}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-11 08/25 11:21:12z Send another NNW^29 NE^47 ESE LOS 6m26s{JA}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-11 08/25 11:17:27z Send another NNW^19 NE^47 ESE LOS 7m7s{IZ}
PSAT BLN2EUR 08/25 06:14:47z Send another pse collect telemetry and support
PSAT BLN0USA 08/24 13:24:23z Send another PSK31 435.35 Up on 28.12
PSAT BLN2USA 08/24 13:22:51z Send another See APRS.FI & 144.39 users
PSAT 9Z4DZ-10 08/24 11:46:50z Send another Please Beacon Position{IX}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-10 08/23 12:25:25z Send another NW^55 S^86 SE LOS 6m1s{IS}
9Z4DZ-10 PSAT 08/23 12:21:40z Reply Hello frm W3/9Z4DZ in FM119qi
9Z4DZ-10 PSAT 08/22 04:45:38z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
VK3MJM-9 PSAT 08/22 02:40:53z Reply ?{3
PSAT VK3MJM-9 08/21 06:09:37z Send another AOS 4h57m (1107z) SE^1{IH}
VK3MJM-9 PSAT 08/21 06:09:37z Reply ?{2
PSAT VK3MJM-9 08/21 03:17:35z Send another AOS 1h04m (0422z) SW^12{IE}
VK3MJM-9 PSAT 08/21 03:17:35z Reply ?{1
DB0GH PSAT 08/12 04:02:38z Reply rejFR}
PSAT DB0GH 08/12 04:02:32z Send another ESE^38 ENE LOS 4m19s{FR}
DB0GH PSAT 08/12 04:02:32z Reply AA:##$
DB0GH PSAT 08/12 04:02:26z Reply rejFQ}
PSAT DB0GH 08/12 04:02:16z Send another ESE^42 ENE LOS 4m35s{FQ}
DB0GH PSAT 08/12 04:02:16z Reply rej2
PSAT EA8CTS-9 08/11 20:57:05z Send another How are you
PSAT EA8CTS-9 08/10 22:15:21z Send another AOS 4h34m (11 0249z) SE^1{EV}
EA8CTS-9 PSAT 08/10 22:15:21z Reply EASY TO PROGRAM]: The programming software is easy to download and {10
PSAT N1MDJ-7 08/06 08:44:18z Send another AOS 1h31m (1016z) SE^8{DL}
N1MDJ-7 PSAT 08/06 08:44:18z Reply msg4pasd{7
PSAT N1MDJ-7 07/31 23:25:34z Send another W^3 WSW^4 SSW LOS 5m26s{CW}
N1MDJ-7 PSAT 07/31 23:25:33z Reply msg4pass{6
N1MDJ-7 PSAT 07/31 02:12:02z Reply msg4pass{5
PSAT PS7JAP 07/30 22:41:40z Send another SW^1 SSW LOS 1m37s{CO}
PS7JAP PSAT 07/30 22:41:40z Reply Olá boa noite!!{209
PSAT UA0ZGX 07/25 01:18:37z Send another SW^15 SE^46 ENE LOS 8m1s{YF}
UA0ZGX PSAT 07/25 01:18:36z Reply {16
PSAT N2UFM-1 07/23 16:28:54z Send another NE^21 NE LOS 3m29s{XY}
N2UFM-1 PSAT 07/23 16:28:54z Reply Hello de N2UFM via PCSAT
PSAT N2UFM-2 07/19 21:01:47z Send another AOS 50m NW N^11 NE 10m{WK}YU
N2UFM-2 PSAT 07/19 21:01:46z Reply de N2UFM{YU}
PSAT N2UFM-2 07/19 20:52:22z Send another AOS 59m24s NW N^11 NE 10m{WJ}YU
PSAT WD9EWK 07/19 05:01:44z Send another SSW^19 SSE LOS 4m18s{WH}
WD9EWK PSAT 07/19 04:57:59z Reply dm43bn{1
PSAT WD9EWK 07/18 20:47:06z Send another N^19 NNE LOS 4m2s{WE}
WD9EWK PSAT 07/18 20:43:20z Reply dm33vn{1