PSAT messages

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PSAT BLN2USA 11/21 15:44:47z Send another See APRS.FI & 144.39 users
PSAT BLN0USA 11/21 15:43:09z Send another PSK31 435.35 Up on 28.12
PSAT BLN1USA 11/21 15:41:33z Send another PCSAT.APRS.ORG
PSAT PU7OBR-10 11/15 17:48:02z Send another AOS 11h09m (16 0457z) NE^40{SV}
PU7OBR-10 PSAT 11/15 17:48:02z Reply CQ PSAT{31
PSAT VK3MJM-9 11/08 00:35:57z Send another AOS 10m26s SW S^1 S 4m{XS}
VK3MJM-9 PSAT 11/08 00:27:03z Reply me{1
PSAT EA7JWV-5 11/02 11:39:05z Send another AOS 8h39m (2018z) SE^12{WZ}YL
PSAT CD5DNC-7 10/31 22:15:07z Send another AOS 24m SW SE^54 NE 11m{WT}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 10/31 22:15:07z Reply h{3
PSAT YO3FVR-7 10/31 14:52:47z Send another AOS 5h04m (1956z) SE^20{WO}
PSAT CD5DNC-7 10/29 22:55:48z Send another AOS 53m45s SW NW^69 NE 11m{WI}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 10/29 22:55:48z Reply CQ PSAT{2
PSAT CD5DNC-7 10/29 22:55:19z Send another AOS 54m14s SW NW^69 NE 11m{WH}
CD5DNC-7 PSAT 10/29 22:55:19z Reply f{1
PSAT CD5DNC-15 10/08 22:09:58z Send another AOS 49m51s NW NE^32 SE 10m{FK}
CD5DNC-15 PSAT 10/08 22:09:58z Reply h{25
PSAT CD5DNC-15 10/08 22:08:06z Send another Please Beacon Position{FJ}
CD5DNC-15 PSAT 10/08 22:08:05z Reply hk{24
PSAT KB3KBR-2 10/06 16:58:15z Send another AOS 22m53s NW N^10 NE 9m{EJ}BX
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 10/06 16:58:14z Reply l{BX}
PSAT KB3KBR-2 10/04 23:00:25z Send another AOS 12h25m (05 1126z) SE^4{EF}CN
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 10/04 23:00:25z Reply l{CN}
PSAT KB3KBR-2 10/03 08:44:20z Send another AOS 3h49m (1233z) SE^9{DN}BY
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 10/03 08:44:20z Reply l{BY}
PSAT IZ5ILX 10/01 15:36:23z Send another Please Beacon Position{SO}
PSAT VE7CEW-7 09/30 19:06:03z Send another SW^37 SE^76 ENE LOS 7m4s{SN}
VE7CEW-7 PSAT 09/30 19:06:02z Reply CQ de VE7CEW via Space{1
PSAT IZ5ILX 09/30 16:13:07z Send another NW^25 WSW^80 SE LOS 6m34s{SJ}
IZ5ILX PSAT 09/30 16:13:07z Reply 73's via I.S.S to NO-84 info:
PSAT IZ5ILX 09/29 15:11:09z Send another NNE^22 NNE^22 E LOS 4m57s{RY}
IZ5ILX PSAT 09/29 15:11:08z Reply QSL ,73 via NO-84 , info :
PSAT YO3FVR-7 09/29 14:33:42z Send another AOS 34m55s NW NE^68 SE 10m{RS}
YO3FVR-7 PSAT 09/29 14:33:42z Reply YO3FVR-7{1
PSAT IZ5ILX 09/29 11:57:33z Send another Please Beacon Position{RR}
ON7BRT PSAT 09/29 10:23:47z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{56
PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/28 22:02:12z Send another NE^22 E LOS 4m23s{NH}TL
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 09/28 22:02:11z Reply L{TL}
PSAT CD5DNC-15 09/28 18:48:43z Send another AOS 6h42m (29 0131z) NE^5{NE}
CD5DNC-15 PSAT 09/28 18:48:42z Reply fgh{23
PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/27 16:05:40z Send another ENE^18 NE LOS 3m13s{MX}SX
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 09/27 16:05:39z Reply l{SX}MW
PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/27 16:02:17z Send another S^37 SE^44 NE LOS 6m35s{MW}SW
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 09/27 16:02:17z Reply j{SW}
PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/26 18:42:08z Send another AOS 1h06m (1948z) N^9{MS}SR
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 09/26 18:42:07z Reply k{SR}
PSAT IZ5ILX 09/26 18:31:28z Send another WSW^21 SW^22 SSE LOS 4m47s{MQ}
IZ5ILX PSAT 09/26 18:30:55z Reply QSL, 73 via ISS info :
PSAT TI2RE 09/23 16:41:19z Send another AOS 1h30m (1811z) NW^0{LX}14
TI2RE PSAT 09/23 16:41:19z Reply ello from costa rica{14}
PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/18 23:07:05z Send another hidu
PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/17 04:23:17z Send another AOS 23m13s W SW^8 S 7m{KS}JA
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 09/17 04:23:17z Reply j{JA}
PSAT KB3KBR-2 09/15 21:16:25z Send another NE^20 NE LOS 3m6s{KJ}IU
KB3KBR-2 PSAT 09/15 21:16:25z Reply j{IU}
PSAT BLN2EUR 09/12 18:20:20z Send another pse collect telemetry and support
PSAT BLN1EUR 09/12 18:17:02z Send another All the best for 2017!