PSAT messages

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PSAT UB3DLC-10 11/13 16:40:30z Send another Please Beacon Position{FN}
UB3DLC-10 PSAT 11/13 16:40:30z Reply test{2
PSAT UB3DLC-10 11/13 14:02:45z Send another AOS 11h39m (14 0142z) SE^14{FM}
UB3DLC-10 PSAT 11/13 14:02:44z Reply test test testingg{1
PSAT UB3DLC-10 11/13 13:55:52z Send another test test to UB3DLC-10
PSAT UB3DLC 11/13 13:54:36z Send another test test to UB3DLC
PSAT SY1COD 11/13 13:53:19z Send another test
PSAT K1TPN-9 11/12 02:06:42z Send another AOS 5h32m (0739z) SE^2{FD}
K1TPN-9 PSAT 11/12 02:06:42z Reply next{13
PSAT N0BPI-7 11/11 18:09:11z Send another Please Beacon Position{EU}
PSAT N0BPI-7 11/11 12:00:03z Send another AOS 1h10m (1307z) NW^20{ER}
PSAT DL6AP-7 11/11 08:44:36z Send another E^62 E LOS 4m23s{EQ}
PSAT DL6AP-7 11/11 08:40:51z Send another WNW^28 NNW^81 E LOS 6m9s{EP}
DL6AP-7 PSAT 11/11 08:38:51z Reply 73 fm JO64 de Live OP Andy! {6
DL6AP-7 PSAT 11/11 08:37:05z Reply 73 fm JO64 de Live OP Andy! {3
PSAT SY1COD 11/09 11:58:03z Send another SE^4 SE LOS 1m{CR}
PSAT SY1COD 11/09 11:54:18z Send another Please Beacon Position{CQ}
PSAT SY1COD 11/09 11:50:33z Send another Please Beacon Position{CP}
PSAT SY1COD 11/09 11:46:38z Send another Please Beacon Position{CO}
PSAT SY1COD 11/09 11:46:31z Send another Please Beacon Position{CN}
SY1COD PSAT 11/09 11:46:27z Reply km17vx{57
SY1COD PSAT 11/09 11:45:20z Reply 73{58
SY1COD PSAT 11/09 11:45:05z Reply 73{55
PSAT SY1COD 11/09 11:44:23z Send another Please Beacon Position{CM}
PSAT K6MOX 11/08 21:45:18z Send another WSW^56 SW^56 SE LOS 4m55s{CE}
K6MOX PSAT 11/08 21:44:45z Reply hi psat{2
PSAT YO3FVR-7 11/05 15:52:03z Send another AOS 12h07m (06 0359z) SE^9{UZ}
YO3FVR-7 PSAT 11/05 15:52:03z Reply YO3FVR-7{5
PSAT N0BPI-7 11/03 14:07:45z Send another AOS 1h24m (1525z) NW^29{UC}
N0BPI-7 PSAT 11/03 14:01:21z Reply ?APRSP
PSAT N0BPI-7 11/02 10:08:05z Send another AOS 2h53m (1255z) SE^4{TX}
PSAT K6MOX 10/31 00:46:14z Send another SE^43 SE LOS 4m17s{SQ}
K6MOX PSAT 10/31 00:45:07z Reply hi psat{1
PSAT EA1JL 10/30 09:44:49z Send another AOS 38m15s SW NW^77 NE 10m{SN}
EA1JL PSAT 10/30 09:41:03z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
PSAT WP4QDX-5 10/28 23:33:07z Send another AOS 1h05m (29 0038z) SW^2{OH}
WP4QDX-5 PSAT 10/28 23:33:07z Reply 73's{6
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/28 22:56:26z Send another SE^26 SE LOS 3m32s{OG}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/25 01:47:17z Send another SSW^11 S LOS 3m8s{MS}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/25 01:43:32z Send another SSW^12 S LOS 3m17s{MR}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/25 01:39:47z Send another SW^14 S LOS 4m21s{MQ}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/23 01:32:29z Send another SSE^28 SE LOS 3m52s{LY}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/23 01:28:11z Send another SW^51 SW^52 SE LOS 5m19s{LX}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/23 01:25:31z Send another Please Beacon Position{LW}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/22 02:08:45z Send another SSE^17 SSE LOS 3m11s{LS}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/20 01:55:57z Send another E^38 ESE LOS 4m18s{KE}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/20 01:52:12z Send another N^57 NE^61 ESE LOS 5m31s{KD}
N0BPI-7 PSAT 10/20 01:52:12z Reply Hello PSAT How is the view from up there?{18
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/19 02:36:35z Send another SE^63 SE LOS 4m53s{KP}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/19 02:32:41z Send another Please Beacon Position{KO}
PSAT KP4IA 10/17 15:49:12z Send another AOS 40s S SE^7 E 7m{KF}
KP4IA PSAT 10/17 15:49:12z Reply KP4IA GRID LOCATOR FK68vj{09
PSAT KP4IA 10/17 15:48:54z Send another AOS 58s S SE^7 E 7m{KE}
KP4IA PSAT 10/17 15:48:46z Reply HELLO WORLD{08
PSAT DL6AP-7 10/13 15:53:37z Send another ESE^18 ENE LOS 3m22s{IM}
PSAT DL6AP-7 10/13 15:49:52z Send another ESE^21 ENE LOS 3m45s{IL}
PSAT DL6AP-7 10/13 15:46:07z Send another SE^24 ENE LOS 4m18s{IK}
DL6AP-7 PSAT 10/13 15:43:18z Reply Tu es QSL from JO64 de Andy!{6
DL6AP-7 PSAT 10/13 15:42:55z Reply 73 fm JO64 de Live OP Andy! {1
DL6AP-7 PSAT 10/13 15:42:22z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy!{0
PSAT YO3FVR-7 10/12 14:35:29z Send another AOS 6m33s SW W^81 NE 10m{HY}
YO3FVR-7 PSAT 10/12 14:35:28z Reply YO3FVR-7{4
PSAT WP4QDX-5 10/07 21:11:10z Send another AOS 8h07m (08 0519z) NE^7{FZ}
WP4QDX-5 PSAT 10/07 21:11:10z Reply 73's{5
PSAT EA5GFY 10/07 16:07:40z Send another AOS 17m53s S SE^11 NE 8m{FW}
PSAT WP4QDX-5 10/07 00:36:19z Send another AOS 5h23m (0559z) NE^13{FT}
PSAT WP4QDX-5 10/07 00:33:57z Send another AOS 5h25m (0559z) NE^13{FS}
WP4QDX-5 PSAT 10/07 00:30:07z Reply 73's PSAT{4
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/05 01:32:23z Send another AOS 46m10s W NW^29 NE 10m{EW}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/04 02:30:30z Send another AOS 35m14s W NW^23 NE 10m{EK}
PSAT N0BPI-7 10/04 02:26:41z Send another AOS 35m55s W NW^23 NE 10m{EJ}
PSAT YO3FVR-7 10/02 17:50:03z Send another AOS 26m12s SW E^89 NE 10m{EB}
PSAT YO3FVR-7 10/02 17:49:32z Send another AOS 26m43s SW E^89 NE 10m{EA}
PSAT YO3FVR-7 10/02 17:42:04z Send another AOS 34m12s SW E^88 NE 10m{DZ}
PSAT YO3FVR-7 10/02 17:16:55z Send another AOS 59m20s SW E^89 NE 10m{DY}
YO3FVR-7 PSAT 10/02 17:16:55z Reply YO3FVR-7{7
PSAT K6MOX 09/24 14:49:49z Send another S^24 SSE LOS 4m12s{ZZ}
PSAT K6MOX 09/24 14:46:04z Send another SW^40 SSE LOS 5m42s{ZY}
K6MOX PSAT 09/24 14:43:49z Reply hi thru sat{1
PSAT N0BPI-7 09/23 12:12:21z Send another Please Beacon Position{ZJ}
PSAT K6MOX 09/21 02:18:27z Send another AOS 3h03m (0517z) SE^1{YZ}
PSAT K6MOX 09/21 02:16:51z Send another AOS 3h03m (0517z) SE^1{YY}
K6MOX PSAT 09/21 02:14:43z Reply and all who he
PSAT K6MOX 09/20 16:03:58z Send another SE^12 SE LOS 2m29s{YQ}
PSAT K6MOX 09/20 16:00:13z Send another SE^15 SE LOS 3m1s{YP}
PSAT K6MOX 09/20 15:56:28z Send another SSE^23 SE LOS 3m51s{YO}
PSAT K6MOX 09/20 15:52:41z Send another SSE^25 SE LOS 4m2s{YN}
K6MOX PSAT 09/20 15:51:00z Reply 73s all{4
K6MOX PSAT 09/20 15:49:37z Reply and all who hear {2
PSAT K6MOX 09/20 15:48:56z Send another SSE^32 SE LOS 4m33s{YM}
K6MOX PSAT 09/20 15:48:56z Reply 73s satelite{1
PSAT EA8CZM-1 09/19 20:56:25z Send another AOS 2h44m (2341z) SE^22{YH}
EA8CZM-1 PSAT 09/19 20:56:25z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.1
PSAT WP4QDX-5 09/19 03:46:43z Send another AOS 1h17m (0504z) NW^3{YD}
WP4QDX-5 PSAT 09/19 03:46:43z Reply 73's{3
PSAT WP4QDX-5 09/19 03:37:26z Send another AOS 1h27m (0504z) NW^3{YC}
WP4QDX-5 PSAT 09/19 03:37:26z Reply 73's{2
PSAT WP4QDX-5 09/19 03:31:23z Send another NE^25 NE LOS 3m31s{YB}
WP4QDX-5 PSAT 09/19 03:31:23z Reply 73's{1
PSAT YO3FVR-7 09/17 14:45:43z Send another AOS 7h12m (2158z) SE^7{XQ}