PSAT messages

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PSAT 9Y4D 04/25 20:22:34z Send another AOS 1h (2115z) SE^52{EG}
PSAT 9Y4D 04/25 20:19:53z Send another AOS 1h01m (2115z) SE^52{EF}
PSAT 9Y4D 04/25 20:13:59z Send another AOS 1h01m (2115z) SE^52{EE}
9Y4D PSAT 04/25 20:13:58z Reply AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS :)
PSAT KB3KBR-1 04/25 12:28:13z Send another AOS 10h31m (2259z) SE^7{EC}KS
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 04/25 12:28:13z Reply j{KS}
PSAT VU2ZKC 04/25 07:04:44z Send another AOS 4h53m (1158z) SE^4{EA}
VU2ZKC PSAT 04/25 07:04:44z Reply Hi PSAT{6
PSAT KB3KBR-1 04/24 06:40:04z Send another NNE^11 E LOS 3m45s{DR}KQ
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 04/24 06:40:03z Reply j{KQ}
PSAT 9Y4D-8 04/23 22:37:43z Send another NNE^2 NNE LOS 36s{DO}
PSAT 9Y4D 04/23 22:37:05z Send another AOS 1h23m (24 0000z) NW^2{DP}
PSAT 9Y4D-8 04/23 22:33:58z Send another NNE^7 NNE LOS 1m37s{DN}
PSAT 9Y4D 04/23 22:31:46z Send another NNE^56 NNE LOS 5m5s{DJ}
PSAT 9Y4D-8 04/23 22:30:12z Send another NNE^23 NNE LOS 3m33s{DL}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-7 04/23 22:28:06z Send another NNE^18 NNE LOS 3m4s{DM}
PSAT 9Y4D 04/23 22:28:01z Send another NNW^79 NNE LOS 5m43s{DI}
PSAT 9Y4D-8 04/23 22:26:27z Send another NNE^46 NNE LOS 4m45s{DK}
PSAT 9Y4D 04/23 22:24:15z Send another SW^46 WNW^81 NNE LOS 6m57s{DH}
PSAT 9Y4D-3 04/23 22:23:33z Send another SW^32 WNW^81 NNE LOS 7m39s{DG}
PSAT 9Y4D-3 04/23 22:12:37z Send another AOS 6m17s SW NW^79 NE 12m{DF}
9Y4D-3 PSAT 04/23 22:12:37z Reply =/IxJa& pcsat /PSATSAT 73 DE 9Y4D
PSAT 9Z4DZ-7 04/23 12:12:14z Send another AOS 8h35m (2044z) SE^4{CI}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/23 10:35:16z Send another WSW^9 SW^9 S LOS 4m24s{CH}
PSAT KB3KBR-1 04/23 04:23:31z Send another AOS 1h05m (0528z) N^6{CF}KN
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 04/23 04:23:31z Reply l{KN}
PSAT BLN1EUR 04/22 18:45:48z Send another All the best for 2017!
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/22 11:25:23z Send another AOS 9h49m (2115z) SE^6{BO}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/22 11:24:38z Send another AOS 9h50m (2115z) SE^6{BN}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/21 12:17:18z Send another AOS 9h28m (2146z) SE^9{AX}
9Z4DZ PSAT 04/21 12:17:17z Reply Great seeing you on the pass de 9Z4DZ
PSAT BLN2USA 04/20 19:49:55z Send another See APRS.FI & 144.39 users
PSAT BLN1USA 04/20 19:46:41z Send another PCSAT.APRS.ORG
PSAT BLN0USA 04/20 19:45:04z Send another PSK31 435.35 Up on 28.12
EA8CTS-9 PSAT 04/20 06:25:25z Reply
PSAT EA8CTS-9 04/20 06:21:25z Send another AOS 54m56s NW SW^18 S 9m{AC}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 04/20 06:19:24z Send another AOS 56m56s NW SW^18 S 9m{AB}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 04/20 06:17:53z Send another AOS 58m27s NW SW^18 S 9m{AA}
PSAT KB3KBR-1 04/19 05:36:42z Send another AOS 19m38s NW N^8 NE 8m{ZF}KI
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 04/19 05:36:42z Reply G{KI}
PSAT KB3KBR-1 04/19 02:46:55z Send another ENE^12 NE LOS 2m21s{ZD}KG
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 04/19 02:46:55z Reply L{KG}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-7 04/18 13:24:28z Send another AOS 10h02m (2319z) SE^22{YO}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/18 00:01:40z Send another NE^3 NE LOS 43s{YC}
9Z4DZ PSAT 04/18 00:01:40z Reply Hello frm 9Z4DZ, Stephenson ... FK9OFD
PSAT ON4LS-3 04/17 10:31:51z Send another AOS 10h25m (2056z) SE^6{XU}
ON4LS-3 PSAT 04/17 10:31:51z Reply ?APRSD
PSAT 9Z4DZ-7 04/16 01:46:16z Send another AOS 47m19s W NW^5 N 7m{XC}
9Z4DZ-7 PSAT 04/16 01:46:16z Reply U R 599 via the ISS!!! de 9Z4DZ Stephenson
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/16 00:12:19z Send another AOS 41m24s SW SE^55 NE 12m{XB}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/15 14:17:59z Send another AOS 10h35m (16 0053z) SE^55{WS}
PSAT IK8XLD 04/15 13:06:49z Send another AOS 7h21m (2021z) SE^7{WR}
PSAT IK8XLD 04/15 13:00:22z Send another Please Beacon Position{WQ}
IK8XLD PSAT 04/15 13:00:00z Reply
PSAT EA8CTS-9 04/14 11:20:29z Send another AOS 11h01m (2222z) SE^15{WA}
EA8CTS-9 PSAT 04/14 11:20:28z Reply{2
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/13 14:27:19z Send another AOS 9h54m (14 0021z) SE^3{VR}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/13 14:23:24z Send another AOS 9h58m (14 0021z) SE^3{VO}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-7 04/13 01:09:15z Send another AOS 1h19m (0228z) NW^49{VI}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/12 02:03:13z Send another AOS 56m24s SW NW^34 N 11m{IY}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/12 02:01:44z Send another AOS 57m53s SW NW^34 N 11m{IX}
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/12 02:00:51z Send another AOS 58m46s SW NW^34 N 11m{IV}
PSAT 9Z4DZ-7 04/11 16:09:51z Send another AOS 9h13m (12 0123z) SE^8{IM}
PSAT N1MDJ-7 04/11 15:51:20z Send another AOS 12h48m (12 0440z) SE^14{IK}
N1MDJ-7 PSAT 04/11 15:51:20z Reply msg4pass{4
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/11 02:55:32z Send another AOS 35m44s SW NW^25 N 11m{HZ}
PSAT BLN2EUR 04/08 22:39:43z Send another pse collect telemetry and support
PSAT 9Z4DZ 04/05 18:09:44z Send another AOS 10h20m (06 0430z) SE^55{VQ}
9Z4DZ PSAT 04/05 18:09:44z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
PSAT SP7U-6 04/05 13:17:49z Send another AOS 10h44m (06 0001z) SE^3{VO}
SP7U-6 PSAT 04/05 13:17:48z Reply 73{D
PSAT KB3KBR-1 04/02 12:47:22z Send another AOS 25m54s NW N^6 NE 7m{VF}JM
KB3KBR-1 PSAT 04/02 12:47:21z Reply K{JM}
PSAT SP7U-9 03/31 11:41:13z Send another Please Beacon Position{VA}
SP7U-9 PSAT 03/31 11:40:07z Reply 73{C
PSAT SP7G-9 03/30 05:18:47z Send another W^52 NW^77 ENE LOS 5m27s{UU}
SP7G-9 PSAT 03/30 05:18:47z Reply 73{6
PSAT EA8CTS-9 03/29 16:37:16z Send another AOS 10h53m (30 0331z) SE^2{UR}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 03/29 16:21:15z Send another AOS 11h09m (30 0331z) SE^2{UQ}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 03/29 16:13:15z Send another AOS 11h17m (30 0331z) SE^2{UP}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 03/29 16:09:15z Send another AOS 11h21m (30 0331z) SE^2{UO}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 03/29 16:07:14z Send another AOS 11h23m (30 0331z) SE^2{UN}
PSAT EA8CTS-9 03/29 16:05:42z Send another AOS 11h25m (30 0331z) SE^2{UM}
PSAT KB3KBR-6 03/28 13:40:29z Send another AOS 30m7s NW N^6 NE 7m{UI}XF
KB3KBR-6 PSAT 03/28 13:40:29z Reply J{XF}
PSAT H0UND 03/26 21:41:50z Send another Please Beacon Position{TS}
H0UND PSAT 03/26 21:41:50z Reply {0
PSAT KB3KBR-6 03/26 16:34:42z Send another AOS 17m21s NW N^12 E 9m{TM}XE
PSAT KB3KBR-6 03/26 16:34:42z Send another AOS 20m NW N^12 E 9m{TL}XE
KB3KBR-6 PSAT 03/26 16:33:35z Reply K{XD}
PSAT KB3KBR-6 03/26 16:33:05z Send another AOS 20m NW N^12 E 9m{TL}XD
PSAT H0UND 03/26 03:45:04z Send another AOS 8h09m (1150z) SE^4{TG}
PSAT H0UND 03/25 22:16:48z Send another Please Beacon Position{TA}
H0UND PSAT 03/25 22:13:03z Reply WD9EWK{0
PSAT KB3KBR-6 03/25 19:07:30z Send another SE^12 SE LOS 2m30s{SY}CO
KB3KBR-6 PSAT 03/25 19:07:30z Reply J{CO}
PSAT KB3KBR-6 03/25 16:58:36z Send another AOS 23m17s NW NE^14 E 9m{SW}CN
KB3KBR-6 PSAT 03/25 16:58:35z Reply J{CN}
PSAT N1MDJ-7 03/23 21:47:41z Send another S^5 SSE LOS 1m20s{SO}
PSAT N1MDJ-7 03/23 21:46:24z Send another S^11 SSE LOS 2m52s{SN}