PE1NTN messages

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EB2AT PE1NTN 11/03 12:33:26z Reply 73 de Aitor F/EB2AT IN93hs
DL6WAB PE1NTN 11/03 06:14:26z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
2E0CRV-8 PE1NTN 11/02 07:06:41z Reply hello from york{04
MM0CMV-6 PE1NTN 10/31 12:59:29z Reply 73{2
G7HCE PE1NTN 10/24 10:04:01z Reply Hi from IO80 in Exeter - QSL !
F1EZC PE1NTN 10/23 12:31:03z Reply OK my friend 73 from FRANCE
IW5BNY PE1NTN 10/22 13:24:32z Reply Hello de Roberto Florence Tuscany ciao
CU2JX-6 PE1NTN 10/19 15:58:15z Reply Hello All. 73 ! from cu2jx
ON7BRT PE1NTN 10/19 09:37:02z Reply{93
M0NPT PE1NTN 10/15 17:32:59z Reply 599 IO92KX QSL and 73 via ISS
OZ0AJ-7 PE1NTN 10/15 15:57:53z Reply Hi from Denmark!{2
DL6AP-7 PE1NTN 10/12 15:40:28z Reply 73 fm JO64 de Live OP Andy! {2
DL6AP-7 PE1NTN 10/05 16:54:59z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy 73!{0
G7HCE PE1NTN 10/03 20:11:59z Reply Hi from IO80 via ISS QSL !
DL6AP-7 PE1NTN 10/01 20:20:19z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy!{0
F1HWJ PE1NTN 10/01 20:19:36z Reply 73,s F1HWJ VANNES Brittany NW FRANCE
OE5RPP PE1NTN 09/30 18:02:09z Reply 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter{73
M0KKA-7 PE1NTN 09/30 10:54:46z Reply HI DE Cris IO91 QSL VIA SAT{44
OE5RPP PE1NTN 09/28 19:44:28z Reply 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter{68
M0KKA-7 PE1NTN 09/27 22:11:22z Reply HI DE Cris IO91 QSL VIA SAT{35
G7HCE PE1NTN 09/25 22:17:40z Reply Hi from Exeter IO80gr via ISS
HB9STW PE1NTN 09/25 19:07:42z Reply ///
SP7DAD PE1NTN 09/23 20:52:07z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
IU2DMI PE1NTN 09/21 20:56:12z Reply ciao 73 via iss
G4DCQ-2 PE1NTN 09/16 23:39:23z Reply Hello QSL your Signals in JO02QV Distance is 240 klm
DL9DS-7 PE1NTN 09/15 22:56:56z Reply Hello from JO63NK de Dietmar!{0
DL6AP-7 PE1NTN 09/11 09:11:42z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy!{3
F4GVO PE1NTN 09/11 03:14:57z Reply Hello my friend, you're are 599 in JN38JK
DL6AP-7 PE1NTN 09/08 07:59:00z Reply Hello from JO50 de Andy!{0