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PD5RT PE2CJ-10 10/21 09:39:43z Send another Ja komt aan 73s
PE2CJ-10 PD5RT 10/21 09:03:58z Reply Test of dit bericht aankomt...{53
IK5JRZ PD5RT 10/12 08:50:38z Reply 73 qsl
IK5JRZ PD5RT 10/11 14:29:29z Reply qsl?
DO2ZZ PD5RT 10/06 14:05:47z Reply you're welcome, 73{02
PD5RT KC1HHO-7 10/06 13:59:50z Send another Thanks for the report, very nice DX for VHF, 73's René.
DO2ZZ PD5RT 10/06 13:54:33z Reply Thanks for the report, 73's.{01
PD5RT SP9DLM-6 10/06 13:49:35z Send another Thanks for the report, 73's.
DO2ZZ PD5RT 08/28 08:20:10z Reply heard via iss
DL3RCE PD5RT 08/28 08:19:37z Reply hesrd by dl3rce{41
G0BHX PD5RT 08/24 09:50:11z Reply Heard you via ISS in Levedale, IO82wr