PD3HF messages

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PD3HF EI9GGB 10/11 09:53:13z Send another QSL. 73
EA3RO PD3HF 10/07 19:10:23z Reply Hello from JN11DW, 73!
2W0SEU-7 PD3HF 10/07 16:53:57z Reply Good evening, 73s de Malc{16
IK7UFX PD3HF 10/07 15:20:01z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - info: ik7ufx@alice.it [UISS]{02
EA2DXT PD3HF 10/07 15:19:17z Reply 73{C
CT1EIF PD3HF 10/07 15:17:16z Reply Hi from Moura, Portugal, via ISS, 73
G7HCE-7 PD3HF 10/07 12:10:12z Reply TNX QSO 73 IO80 via PSAT{1
PD3HF G7HCE-7 10/07 12:09:45z Send another Hi there! :)
G7HCE-7 PD3HF 10/07 12:08:58z Reply Hi from Exeter{0
PD3HF DO5MST-7 10/06 19:26:44z Send another Pse QSL via eQSL. 73!
PD3HF 2W0SEU 10/06 17:49:20z Send another Good evening :)
2W0SEU-7 PD3HF 10/06 17:48:34z Reply Good evening, 73s de Malc{9
PD3HF DL6WAB 10/06 16:14:20z Send another TnX :)
PD3HF ALL 10/06 16:13:40z Send another QSL via eQSL! 73!
M0TFO PD3HF 10/06 16:13:27z Reply hi 73
YO8RAA PD3HF 10/06 09:40:00z Reply tnx, 73 from YO
IR0UGN-1 PD3HF 10/05 14:59:58z Reply 73 de IZ0QWM - Inet to RF iGate is closed
PD0MNI PD3HF 10/03 20:26:50z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
2W0SEU-7 PD3HF 10/03 18:47:55z Reply Good evening,73s de Malc{92
DL6WAB PD3HF 10/02 18:05:47z Reply 59 QSL 73 de DL6WAB
2W0SEU-7 PD3HF 10/02 18:04:00z Reply Good evening,73s de Malc{75
PD3HF Heard 09/29 23:55:20z Send another PE1NTN,EA4GII-9,EA3RO{UISS54}
PD3HF Heard 09/29 23:54:41z Send another PE1NTN,EA4GII-9{UISS54}
IZ5ILX PD3HF 09/29 22:16:25z Reply TNX FOR QSO 73
IZ5ILX PD3HF 09/29 20:41:43z Reply QSL, 73 via ISS info : iz5ilx@amsat.it
M0KKA-7 PD3HF 09/29 20:41:25z Reply HI DE Cris IO91 73's{36
PD3HF SAT 09/29 19:18:44z Send another
PD3HF SAT 09/26 00:15:40z Send another Testing once again.
PD3HF Heard 09/25 15:13:58z Send another PA3GKF-7,DB0SDA,DL3DCW-9,DK5ON-9,PI1SGM-2,PD1JW-9,DO5NE,
PD3HF SAT 09/24 23:25:47z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.1