PD0MNI messages

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PD0MNI Heard 08/15 14:13:32z Send another G4BBH,ON3MD,G4BCA-7
DL6WAB PD0MNI 08/14 15:07:06z Reply 59 and 73 de DL6WAB
PD0MNI Heard 08/14 15:06:59z Send another HB3YGP,PE1NTN,DL6WAB,OZ1MAS
PD0MNI Heard 08/14 15:05:56z Send another HB3YGP
PD0MNI Heard 08/12 16:52:01z Send another G4BBH,PE1NTN,IZ2LWA,IK1COA-2,PD0RLX,IN3EIQ,OZ1MAS
PD0MNI Heard 08/12 16:51:46z Send another G4BBH,PE1NTN,IZ2LWA,IK1COA-2,PD0RLX,IN3EIQ
PD0MNI Heard 08/12 16:51:05z Send another G4BBH,PE1NTN,IZ2LWA,IK1COA-2
PD0MNI Heard 08/12 16:50:38z Send another G4BBH
PD0MNI Heard 08/11 14:31:16z Send another IW2DMO,YU7RD,DK4PE,PE1NTN,HA8UJ
PD0MNI Heard 08/10 18:36:28z Send another EI8ETB,G0GOO,G0LCQ-7,DL1HXB-8,OZ1MAS,PD0RLX,OE5RPP,F8FFP-4,IW2DMO
PD0MNI Heard 08/10 18:35:14z Send another EI8ETB,G0GOO,G0LCQ-7,DL1HXB-8,OZ1MAS
PD0MNI EI8ETB 08/10 18:34:15z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
PD0MNI Heard 08/10 15:23:21z Send another IK1COA-2,IW2DMO,EA6XQ-10,HB3YGP,DH2PG,PD0RLX
PD0MNI Heard 07/07 09:02:41z Send another F6FCD,EA6XQ-10
PD0MNI Heard 07/07 09:02:02z Send another F6FCD
PD0MNI Heard 07/06 08:18:29z Send another ON4KRW-6,IZ1BOH,IR0UGN-1,DL5MGZ-9,YU7RD,PD0RLX
PD0MNI Heard 07/06 08:18:01z Send another ON4KRW-6,IZ1BOH,IR0UGN-1,DL5MGZ-9
PD0MNI Heard 07/06 08:16:22z Send another ON4KRW-6,IZ1BOH
PD0MNI Heard 07/01 09:26:22z Send another PD0RLX,F6FCD,OE6PWE,YU7RD,GB1SS,PE1NTN,DL7VTX-1,IK1COA-2
YU7RD PD0MNI 07/01 09:25:32z Reply All the best to you de Vlado.
PD0MNI Heard 07/01 09:24:41z Send another PD0RLX,F6FCD,OE6PWE
PD0MNI Heard 06/30 10:18:09z Send another DL6WAB,ON4HF-6,PE1NTN,OE3BUB-6,PD0RLX,IW2DMO
PD0MNI Heard 06/30 10:17:50z Send another DL6WAB,ON4HF-6,PE1NTN,OE3BUB-6,PD0RLX
DL6WAB PD0MNI 06/30 10:17:40z Reply 59 QSL 73 de DL6WAB
PD0MNI Heard 06/30 10:16:45z Send another DL6WAB
PD0MNI Heard 06/29 11:10:40z Send another IR0UGN-1
PD0MNI Heard 06/29 11:09:38z Send another EA1CHG-6,F6FCD,ON7KEI-9,IK1COA-2,IZ2FER-6,PE1NTN
PD0MNI Heard 06/29 11:08:24z Send another EA1CHG-6,F6FCD
DO7NN-9 PD0MNI 06/28 10:26:14z Reply HELLO DE DO7NN LOC JO53fg cfm via ISS{99
PD0MNI Heard 06/28 10:25:40z Send another OE3BUB-6,YO8RAA-2,ON4KRW-6,DL6WAB,PE1NTN
PD0MNI Heard 06/28 10:25:28z Send another OE3BUB-6,YO8RAA-2,ON4KRW-6,DL6WAB
PD0MNI Heard 06/25 11:25:56z Send another G7HCE-7,YO8RAA,F6DFB,YO8RAA-2,M0AEU,PE1NTN,IK1COA-2,YO8RAA-6
PD0MNI Heard 06/25 11:24:59z Send another G7HCE-7,YO8RAA,F6DFB,YO8RAA-2
PD0MNI Heard 06/25 09:49:43z Send another OE3BUB-6,F6DFB
PD0MNI Heard 06/25 09:49:18z Send another OE3BUB-6