PD0MNI messages

fromtotime message
PD0MNI Heard 04/10 15:28:40z Send another PE1NTN
PD0MNI Heard 03/20 21:58:24z Send another IU2DMI
PD0MNI Heard 03/19 22:49:47z Send another PD0RLX,OE6PWE
MW0RSS-6 PD0MNI 02/21 18:35:10z Reply QSL and 73 via satellite
PD0MNI RS0ISS 02/18 09:51:51z Send another 73 All From Mario The Netherlands
PD0MNI Heard 02/14 13:18:33z Send another G4BBH-6
PD0MNI Heard 02/14 11:43:04z Send another OE6PWE,G4BBH-6
PD0MNI Heard 02/14 11:42:14z Send another OE6PWE