PD0MNI messages

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IZ5ILX PD0MNI 10/03 20:26:25z Reply TNX FOR QSO 73
PD0MNI Heard 10/03 20:26:14z Send another G0GOO,IZ5ILX,F5SN
IZ5ILX PD0MNI 10/03 20:26:10z Reply QSL, 73 via ISS info : iz5ilx@amsat.it
PD0MNI Heard 10/02 21:18:58z Send another M0KKA-7,PD3HF,ON4HF-6
IK7UFX PD0MNI 09/30 21:25:44z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - info: ik7ufx@alice.it [UISS]{01
IK7UFX PD0MNI 09/30 21:25:40z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - info: ik7ufx@alice.it [UISS]{00
PD0MNI Heard 09/27 20:51:15z Send another IZ1JPS,EI8ETB,OE6PWE,DL4BX,DL5MGZ-9,G7UZN,LA3QMA-8,PE1NTN
PD0MNI Heard 09/27 20:49:12z Send another IZ1JPS,EI8ETB,OE6PWE,DL4BX,DL5MGZ-9,G7UZN
PD0MNI Heard 09/27 20:49:02z Send another IZ1JPS,EI8ETB,OE6PWE,DL4BX,DL5MGZ-9
PD0MNI Heard 09/27 20:48:49z Send another IZ1JPS,EI8ETB,OE6PWE
PD0MNI Heard 09/26 21:41:03z Send another ON4BCV,G7MRI,G7HCE-7
II0IAA PD0MNI 09/25 20:58:20z Reply QSO II0IAAR/5 Special Call - AWARD-www.amsat.it
IZ5ILX PD0MNI 09/25 20:58:13z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
DL6WAB PD0MNI 09/09 05:27:05z Reply 59 and 73 de DL6WAB
PD0MNI Heard 09/04 08:06:43z Send another YO8RAA-5,DK4PE,HB9CYA,YO8RAA-2,YO8RAA-3
PD0MNI Heard 08/28 09:21:57z Send another G4BBH,DK4PE,TA1BM
PD0MNI Heard 08/28 09:21:13z Send another G4BBH,DK4PE
PD0MNI Heard 08/28 07:44:28z Send another PD2RLD-8,TA1BM,ON4KRW-6
SK0QO PD0MNI 08/27 10:12:39z Reply Greetings from clubstation SK0QO pse qsl via bureau
PD0MNI Heard 08/27 10:12:19z Send another MW6IML-7,YO8RAA-3
PD0MNI Heard 08/27 08:37:40z Send another F5HHO-9,ON3MD,IZ7XIQ,M0KKA-7,DL2AKT,YU7RD,G4BBH,DK4PE,DO9KAS
PD0MNI Heard 08/27 08:36:12z Send another F5HHO-9,ON3MD,IZ7XIQ,M0KKA-7,DL2AKT,YU7RD,G4BBH
PD0MNI Heard 08/27 08:34:48z Send another F5HHO-9,ON3MD,IZ7XIQ
PD0MNI Heard 08/25 10:20:51z Send another M0NPT,G8RZZ-9,SK0QO,PE1NTN
PD0MNI Heard 08/24 12:51:04z Send another G4BBH,F5SN,M0CHW-7,EI7IG,IZ1BOH,TA1BM,IK1COA-2,UY2RA,HB9CYA,YO8RAA-5,
PD0MNI Heard 08/24 12:49:28z Send another G4BBH,F5SN,M0CHW-7,EI7IG,IZ1BOH
PD0MNI Heard 08/24 11:13:39z Send another HB9CYA,SK0QO,IW2DMO
PD0MNI Heard 08/24 11:12:49z Send another HB9CYA
PD0MNI Heard 08/19 15:36:22z Send another M0NRT,EA4GSX-9,EA7AHA,EA1BA,G4BBH,DO1RRW,HB3YGP
PD0MNI Heard 08/19 13:58:38z Send another HB3YGP,M0CHW-7,G4VXE,G4BBH,M0NRT,EA6XQ-10
PD0MNI Heard 08/19 13:57:14z Send another HB3YGP,M0CHW-7
PD0MNI Heard 08/18 13:15:18z Send another PE1NTN,IR0UGN-1
PD0MNI Heard 08/15 14:13:32z Send another G4BBH,ON3MD,G4BCA-7