PC1L-2 messages

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ISS PC1L-2 05/01 08:09:48z Reply SSW^30 SE LOS 5m10s{WM}
ISS PC1L-2 05/01 08:06:02z Reply WSW^23 SSW^30 SE LOS 6m26s{WL}
ISS PC1L-2 05/01 08:02:17z Reply W^19 SSW^30 SE LOS 7m{WK}
EA6XQ-15 PC1L-2 05/01 07:59:23z Reply 73 desde JM19lh
ISS PC1L-2 05/01 07:58:31z Reply W^13 SSW^30 SE LOS 7m47s{WJ}
PC1L-2 ISS 05/01 07:57:23z Send another PC1L JO20UU{77
PC1L-2 F4AHV-3 05/01 07:57:00z Send another GREETINGS FR MAASTRICHT{76
PC1L-2 ISS 05/01 07:56:07z Send another PC1L JO20UU{75
PC1L-2 EA6XQ-15 05/01 07:55:40z Send another GREETINGS FR MAASTRICHT{74
PC1L-2 EA4GMY 05/01 07:55:04z Send another GREETINGS FR MASTRICHT{73
PC1L-2 ISS 05/01 07:54:46z Send another PC1L JO20UU{72
EA1BA PC1L-2 05/01 07:53:46z Reply EA1BA 73 via ISS Javier IN73xi{54
ISS PC1L-2 04/29 08:05:35z Reply SSE^44 ESE LOS 4m41s{PZ}
ISS PC1L-2 04/29 08:01:50z Reply WSW^46 SSW^57 ESE LOS 6m4s{PY}
ISS PC1L-2 04/29 07:58:05z Reply W^34 SSW^57 ESE LOS 6m36s{PX}
PC1L-2 ISS 04/29 07:56:14z Send another PC1L JO20UU{71
PC1L-2 ISS 04/29 07:54:51z Send another PC1L JO20UU{69
PC1L-2 NA1SS 04/29 07:54:35z Send another TEST{68
2E1EBX-6 PC1L-2 04/29 07:53:56z Reply Thanks for the contact 73 de Les{21
PC1L-2 2E1EBX-6 04/29 07:53:35z Send another 73 PC1L JO20UU{67
PC1L-2 NA1SS 04/29 07:53:06z Send another PC1L JO20UU{66
ISS PC1L-2 04/28 08:56:15z Reply SSE^22 SE LOS 3m36s{WS}
ISS PC1L-2 04/28 08:52:30z Reply S^38 SE LOS 4m48s{WR}
ISS PC1L-2 04/28 08:48:45z Reply SSW^42 SE LOS 5m20s{WQ}
YO8RBY PC1L-2 04/28 08:46:58z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>eqsl.cc
ISS PC1L-2 04/28 08:45:00z Reply W^24 SSW^42 SE LOS 6m57s{WP}
PC1L-2 ISS 04/28 08:44:35z Send another PC1L JO20UU{65
PC1L-2 ISS 04/28 08:43:23z Send another PC1L JO20UU{63
EA6XQ-15 PC1L-2 04/28 08:43:06z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
PC1L-2 EA6XQ-15 04/28 08:43:06z Send another 73 fr MAASTRICHT JO20UU{62
PC1L-2 IK7FMQ 04/28 08:41:43z Send another 73 FR MAASTRICHT JO20UU{61
PC1L-2 ISS 04/28 08:41:14z Send another PC1L JO20UU{60
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 09:46:47z Reply SSW^29 SE LOS 4m44s{FP}
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 09:43:01z Reply SW^30 SSW^30 SE LOS 5m33s{FO}
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 09:39:15z Reply WSW^26 SSW^30 SE LOS 6m7s{FN}
EC4TR PC1L-2 04/27 09:34:47z Reply 73 Luis EC4TR IN80er{30
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 09:32:47z Reply WSW^20 SSW^30 SE LOS 6m53s{FM}
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 09:31:41z Reply W^15 SSW^30 SE LOS 7m26s{FL}
PC1L-2 ISS 04/27 09:30:38z Send another PC1L JO20UU{59
PC1L-2 ISS 04/27 09:30:22z Send another TEST JO20UU{57
PC1L-2 SP7CHR-6 04/27 09:30:19z Send another 73 PC1L{58
PC1L-2 ISS 04/27 09:29:14z Send another PC1L JO20UU{56
PC1L-2 ISS 04/27 09:28:29z Send another PC1L JO20UU{55
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 08:15:35z Reply Please Beacon Position{FK}
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 08:11:50z Reply Please Beacon Position{FJ}
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 08:08:05z Reply Please Beacon Position{FI}
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 08:04:19z Reply Please Beacon Position{FH}
F5SN-9 PC1L-2 04/27 08:04:14z Reply Tks, 73 from Serge
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 08:00:33z Reply Please Beacon Position{FG}
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 07:56:48z Reply Please Beacon Position{FF}
PC1L-2 SM3XLY-9 04/27 07:54:27z Send another 73 PC1L{53
PC1L-2 ISS 04/27 07:53:49z Send another PC1L JO20UU{52
PC1L-2 G6JVY-9 04/27 07:53:22z Send another 73 PC1L{51
ISS PC1L-2 04/27 07:53:05z Reply Please Beacon Position{FE}
PC1L-2 ISS 04/27 07:52:56z Send another PC1L JO20UU{50
PC1L-2 G8VVY-11 04/27 07:52:40z Send another 73 PC1L{49
PC1L-2 ISS 04/27 07:51:43z Send another PC1L JO20UU{48
PC1L-2 F4AHV-3 04/27 07:50:47z Send another 73 PC1L{47
PC1L-2 F5SN-9 04/27 07:50:32z Send another 73 PC1L{46
PC1L-2 ISS 04/27 07:49:50z Send another PC1L JO20UU{45