PC1L-2 messages

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TA5AHO-4 PC1L-2 10/27 23:18:57z Reply Greetings From TURKEY TA5AHO{QO}
ISS PC1L-2 10/27 09:24:14z Reply SSE^20 SE LOS 3m40s{NR}
ISS PC1L-2 10/27 09:20:28z Reply SW^29 SSW^29 SE LOS 5m20s{NQ}
ISS PC1L-2 10/27 09:16:43z Reply SW^27 SSW^29 SE LOS 5m45s{NP}
PC1L-2 G0GOO 10/27 09:15:02z Send another {82
PC1L-2 G0GOO 10/27 09:14:31z Send another 73 Leo Maastricht{81
PC1L-2 ISS 10/27 09:13:14z Send another T 2 JO20UU{79
PC1L-2 NA1SS 10/27 09:13:04z Send another PC1L JO20UU{78
ISS PC1L-2 10/27 09:12:56z Reply W^13 SSW^29 SE LOS 7m43s{NO}
PC1L-2 ISS 10/27 09:11:09z Send another T 1 JO20UU{76
PC1L-2 G0GOO 10/27 09:10:22z Send another 73 PC1L Maastricht{74
G0GOO PC1L-2 10/27 09:09:23z Reply QSL . 73 . Barrie
ISS PC1L-2 10/24 08:32:36z Reply E^39 E LOS 4m20s{LP}
ISS PC1L-2 10/24 08:28:51z Reply NNW^80 N^81 E LOS 5m32s{LO}
ISS PC1L-2 10/24 08:25:05z Reply WNW^40 N^81 E LOS 6m32s{LN}
PC1L-2 RV4CQ-6 10/24 08:23:47z Send another Good Morning{68
PC1L-2 RV4CQ-6 10/24 08:23:38z Send another 2785 km to JO20UU{67
ISS PC1L-2 10/24 08:21:20z Reply Please Beacon Position{LM}
PC1L-2 ISS 10/24 08:21:09z Send another test JO20UU{66
PC1L-2 OF5FI 10/24 08:20:33z Send another 1883 km to JO20UU{65
PC1L-2 ISS 10/24 08:19:57z Send another test JO20UU{64
PC1L-2 OF5FI 10/24 08:19:24z Send another Good Morning fr Maastricht{63
PC1L-2 ISS 10/24 08:18:56z Send another test JO20UU{62
PC1L-2 DK8JH-7 10/24 08:18:37z Send another Guten Morgen{60
G7HCE-7 PC1L-2 10/24 08:17:50z Reply Hi de David IO80gr - QSL?{4
PC1L-2 ISS 10/24 08:17:33z Send another JO20UU test {58
G7HCE-7 PC1L-2 10/24 08:16:59z Reply AA:73's de David
PC1L-2 G7HCE-7 10/24 08:16:56z Send another Goodmorning{57
PC1L-2 2E1FET 10/24 08:16:47z Send another {56
PC1L-2 2E1FET 10/24 08:16:21z Send another Goodmorning fr Maastricht{55
ISS PC1L-2 10/23 09:25:50z Reply ESE^8 ESE LOS 1m49s{LC}
ISS PC1L-2 10/23 09:22:05z Reply ESE^12 ESE LOS 2m21s{LB}
ISS PC1L-2 10/23 09:18:19z Reply ESE^26 ESE LOS 3m43s{LA}
ISS PC1L-2 10/23 09:14:34z Reply W^17 WSW^87 ESE LOS 8m{KZ}
SV2CPH PC1L-2 10/23 09:13:14z Reply TEST{82
PC1L-2 SV2CPH 10/23 09:10:57z Send another {53
PC1L-2 ISS 10/23 09:10:54z Send another PC1L JO20UU{54
ISS PC1L-2 10/23 09:10:49z Reply W^9 WSW^87 ESE LOS 8m57s{KY}
PC1L-2 SV2CPH 10/23 09:10:32z Send another TEST{52
PC1L-2 ISS 10/23 09:10:22z Send another T 3{51
PC1L-2 ISS 10/23 09:09:01z Send another PC1L JO20UU{50
ISS PC1L-2 10/23 09:07:04z Reply W^6 WSW^87 ESE LOS 9m27s{KX}
PC1L-2 G7HCE-7 10/23 09:05:53z Send another {49
PC1L-2 G7HCE-7 10/23 09:05:30z Send another Good morning fr PC1L Maastricht{48
PC1L-2 ISS 10/23 09:04:43z Send another T 2{47
PC1L-2 ISS 10/23 09:03:46z Send another T 1{46
PC1L-2 ISS 10/23 09:03:17z Send another PC1L JO20UU{45
PD1JHG-7 PC1L-2 10/16 15:02:28z Reply Qsl maastricht! Haalo van de goede kant v zuid limburg{2
PD1JHG-7 PC1L-2 10/16 15:02:28z Reply Hello from the netherlands, jota station heerlen. 73s{1
PD1JHG-7 PC1L-2 10/16 11:38:39z Reply qsl om, 73s de pd1jhg
ISS PC1L-2 10/16 11:38:14z Reply E^19 E LOS 3m11s{MB}
ISS PC1L-2 10/16 11:34:29z Reply E^38 E LOS 4m18s{MA}
ISS PC1L-2 10/16 11:30:43z Reply Please Beacon Position{LZ}
ISS PC1L-2 10/16 11:26:57z Reply Please Beacon Position{LY}
PC1L-2 ISS 10/16 11:26:20z Send another T2 JO20UU{43
IK5JRZ PC1L-2 10/16 11:25:27z Reply qsl?
PC1L-2 ISS 10/16 11:25:13z Send another {42
PC1L-2 ISS 10/16 11:24:40z Send another T1 JO20UU{41
PC1L-2 PD1JHG-7 10/16 11:24:13z Send another {40
PC1L-2 PD1JHG-7 10/16 11:23:48z Send another 73 pc1l mAASTRICHT{39
M0CFV PC1L-2 10/16 11:23:26z Reply QSL in IO91um - QSL ?
PC1L-2 ISS 10/16 11:23:12z Send another PC1L JO20UU{38
ISS PC1L-2 10/16 08:13:28z Reply S^26 SSE^30 ENE LOS 6m4s{LX}
PC1L-2 IU0OQO 10/16 08:10:28z Send another JO20UU 1130 KM{33
PC1L-2 F4ACU-7 10/15 13:50:35z Send another {27
PC1L-2 F4ACU-7 10/15 13:50:10z Send another see you agn on the sats{26
PC1L-2 F4ACU-7 10/15 13:48:31z Send another 73 Leo{25
PC1L-2 F4ACU-7 10/15 13:46:37z Send another {24
PC1L-2 F4ACU-7 10/15 13:46:28z Send another 73 PC1L Maastricht{23
PC1L-2 PD5RT 10/15 13:45:53z Send another {22
PC1L-2 PD5RT 10/15 13:45:29z Send another nu wordt het iets drukker{21
ISS PC1L-2 10/15 12:27:36z Reply ESE^10 ESE LOS 2m5s{DE}
ISS PC1L-2 10/15 12:23:51z Reply ESE^13 ESE LOS 2m29s{DD}
ISS PC1L-2 10/15 12:20:06z Reply ESE^18 ESE LOS 3m1s{DC}
ISS PC1L-2 10/15 12:16:21z Reply ESE^34 ESE LOS 4m5s{DB}
PC1L-2 ISS 10/15 12:14:35z Send another T 3 JO20UU{20
PC1L-2 ISS 10/15 12:13:39z Send another T 2 JO20UU{18
PC1L-2 ISS 10/15 12:12:35z Send another T 1 JO20UU{14
PC1L-2 PD5RT 10/15 12:10:01z Send another {13
ISS PC1L-2 10/14 13:15:26z Reply ESE^24 ESE LOS 3m36s{BM}
ISS PC1L-2 10/14 13:11:40z Reply ESE^34 ESE LOS 4m9s{BL}
ISS PC1L-2 10/14 13:07:55z Reply SW^71 SSW^75 ESE LOS 5m39s{BK}
ISS PC1L-2 10/14 13:04:08z Reply W^33 SSW^75 ESE LOS 6m48s{BJ}
ISS PC1L-2 10/14 13:00:21z Reply W^25 SSW^75 ESE LOS 7m14s{BI}
PC1L-2 ISS 10/14 13:00:13z Send another {08
PC1L-2 ISS 10/14 12:59:39z Send another T 2 JO20UU{07
PC1L-2 2E0HDV 10/14 12:58:18z Send another {05
PC1L-2 ISS 10/14 12:58:10z Send another T 1 JO20UU{06
PC1L-2 2E0HDV 10/14 12:57:37z Send another yr signals in JO20UU{04
PC1L-2 ISS 10/14 12:57:00z Send another {03
ISS PC1L-2 10/14 11:28:29z Reply ENE^41 E LOS 4m24s{BH}
ISS PC1L-2 10/14 11:24:44z Reply WNW^59 NNW^76 E LOS 5m58s{BG}
PC1L-2 ISS 10/14 11:22:32z Send another T 1 JO20UU{01
PC1L-2 ISS 10/14 11:20:58z Send another PC1L JO20UU{00
PC1L-2 HP9PVI 10/14 09:46:05z Send another {94
HB9PVI-15 PC1L-2 10/14 09:44:02z Reply 73 ernst{14
ISS PC1L-2 10/13 12:21:17z Reply E^7 E LOS 1m38s{AV}
ISS PC1L-2 10/13 12:17:32z Reply E^25 E LOS 3m40s{AU}
ISS PC1L-2 10/13 12:13:47z Reply E^33 E LOS 4m5s{AT}
PC1L-2 ISS 10/13 12:12:26z Send another PC1L J20UU{90