PA5JB-6 messages

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G0TYM-6 PA5JB-6 09/17 22:04:14z Reply hi{75
PA3DEF-1 PA5JB-6 09/11 18:54:33z Reply Test 123 , Hoi Jos ben benieuwd of je dit berichtje ontvangt?{87EE3
PD2AVE-6 PA5JB-6 09/08 22:46:24z Reply heard you in jo22fd - de Arend
IW7DOL PA5JB-6 09/07 21:57:33z Reply 73 QSL? de IW7DOL
EA3DNC PA5JB-6 09/06 06:03:53z Reply 599 JN01 73 Daniel
CT1EBQ PA5JB-6 09/06 04:25:03z Reply 73, QSL ask {EBQ50
CT1EBQ PA5JB-6 09/06 04:24:18z Reply Hi from IM58gr PT, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ43
CT1EBQ PA5JB-6 08/31 07:40:27z Reply Hi from IM58gr PT, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ45
F1EZC PA5JB-6 08/31 07:40:25z Reply 73 dear OM to F1EZC
CT1EBQ PA5JB-6 08/31 07:40:23z Reply Gretings PA5JB-6 loud and clear from Cascais, PT {EBQ45