ON7KEI-9 messages

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ON4BN ON7KEI-9 04/20 11:49:55z Reply Hello via Space from Jurgen ON4BN JO21qb on4bn@jubeco.be
ON7KEI-9 G0RNU 04/18 20:13:14z Send another 73{86
G0RNU ON7KEI-9 04/18 10:19:34z Reply HI There and Best 73s Via the ISS
ON7KEI-9 G0RNU 04/18 10:19:19z Send another 73{85
PC1L-2 ON7KEI-9 04/17 11:09:04z Reply Hi yr txt orb 16582 73 PC1L JO20UU Maastricht{41
ON7KEI-9 ON8JJ-14 04/08 03:17:26z Send another gm 73{84
ON7KEI-9 ON4BN 04/05 20:43:38z Send another 73{83
ON4BN ON7KEI-9 04/05 20:41:07z Reply Hello All. 73's de ON4BN - JO21qb
ON7KEI-9 ON4BN-10 04/05 20:41:06z Send another 73{82
ON4BN-10 ON7KEI-9 04/05 20:40:48z Reply hi{29
ON4BN-9 ON7KEI-9 03/29 13:31:11z Reply 2067{62
ON4BN-9 ON7KEI-9 03/29 13:31:08z Reply gm{61
ON7KEI-9 ON4BN 03/19 21:44:53z Send another Ok{80
ON4BN ON7KEI-9 03/19 21:36:47z Reply Hello All.
ON7KEI-9 ON3MR-9 03/18 12:02:57z Send another 73{78
ON7KEI-9 ON8JJ-14 02/28 04:08:15z Send another gm 73{77
ON4BN ON7KEI-9 02/26 14:16:53z Reply Hello All. ON4BN - JO21QB
ON4BN ON7KEI-9 02/19 12:17:17z Reply i{7
ON4BN ON7KEI-9 02/19 10:37:47z Reply hi{6