ON7KEI messages

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CT1EBQ ON7KEI 04/16 10:05:42z Reply Gretings from Portugal, de Ricardo
9H1FF ON7KEI 04/14 08:27:54z Reply Greetings from Malta de Fred - Stay Safe
DO2ZZ ON7KEI 04/13 14:04:47z Reply DO2ZZ heard you via ISS
IK7UFX ON7KEI 04/11 15:40:33z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX JN80DW - ik7ufx@alice.it [UISS]{05
EA1FDQ-6 ON7KEI 04/10 16:30:33z Reply Heard you via ISS in IN52QK QSL?
ON4QI ON7KEI 04/10 16:29:22z Reply 73 de Roberto
ON4BN ON7KEI 04/08 17:58:25z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS (jurgen)
2E1EBX-6 ON7KEI 04/08 16:25:41z Reply Hi from the UK JO02fw 73 de Les {21
IT9AOI-7 ON7KEI 04/08 13:12:27z Reply qsl excange?
EA7P ON7KEI 04/07 18:51:10z Reply 73 via ISS
EA3BAX ON7KEI 04/07 18:47:56z Reply jn11jq
ON4BN ON7KEI 04/05 13:58:34z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
IK5JRZ ON7KEI 04/04 19:35:29z Reply qsl?
IW7DOL ON7KEI 04/04 11:32:42z Reply 73 QSL?
EB1AO ON7KEI 04/03 15:29:20z Reply RX OK -- 73s Via SAT EB1AO IN52 eb1ao.jose@gmail.com
F5BQV ON7KEI 04/03 15:29:20z Reply 73s de Pierre from West France IN87sn
DL6KBG-10 ON7KEI 03/22 23:24:29z Reply JO71CF 73 Oliver QSL?
SA0BSV ON7KEI 03/22 20:12:30z Reply Hello from Sweden via ISS
ON7KEI Heard 03/22 20:12:08z Send another ON4BN,ON7BRT,DL6KBG-10