ON7KEI messages

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PC1L-2 ON7KEI 05/25 18:46:41z Reply 73 PC1L{35
ON7KEI BLN 05/15 12:32:16z Send another 73 from Belgium
OE6SDG ON7KEI 04/24 07:25:13z Reply 73 from Guido Steiermark{CE}
ON4BN ON7KEI 04/23 06:33:19z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS - op:Jurgen
ON7KEI Heard 04/21 12:55:29z Send another ON4BN
EA1BA ON7KEI 04/11 11:29:18z Reply 73 EA1BA op Javier{37
CT1EJC ON7KEI 04/08 11:56:51z Reply on7kei{29}
ON7KEI Heard 04/06 17:04:02z Send another ON0RCL-2,ON4AVM-11,ON0LN-10,ON2LVC,PD0WAG,DL7ATR-2{UISS54}
ON7KEI Heard 04/06 17:04:02z Send another ON7LDS-2,ON6SX,PI1GPS-10,ON7DE,PE1FTV-10,ON4AGP-9,ON8DOE,
ON7KEI Heard 04/06 17:04:01z Send another ON0ANT-10,PI1ETL,PI1ETL-10,DB0KX-2,DB0SDA,PA3TA-10,PI1SHB,
ON7KEI ON7LDS-2 04/06 17:03:35z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
ON4BN ON7KEI 04/06 13:30:47z Reply Hi to ON7KEI via sat
ON4BN ON7KEI 03/31 19:44:04z Reply Hi to you via sat
ON4BN-1 ON7KEI 03/31 18:12:04z Reply Hi from Belgium ON4BN{45
ON4BN ON7KEI 03/31 18:10:48z Reply 73s de ON4BN/Jurgen JO21QB
PB0P-7 ON7KEI 03/28 18:25:20z Reply plaum@xs4all.nl{0