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ISS ON4CKT 07/23 18:34:46z Reply Please Beacon Position{XZ}
ON4CKT ISS 07/23 18:34:46z Send another ?{10
ON4CKT N5XET-5 07/23 18:32:35z Send another test ok in Belgium. 73's ON4CKT Rudy{9
ON7KB ON4CKT 07/11 15:32:17z Reply QRV AT HOME
ON4CKT ON7KB 07/11 15:32:16z Send another ?APRSS
G7HCE-7 ON4CKT 07/02 11:43:27z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{1
G7HCE-7 ON4CKT 07/02 11:43:24z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{0
ON4CKT VK4GO 06/25 14:50:26z Send another Greeting and thanks 73's
VK4GO ON4CKT 06/17 06:58:19z Reply ?APRST
VK4GO ON4CKT 06/17 06:57:26z Reply standby Rudy{83
WHO-IS ON4CKT 06/17 06:56:32z Reply VK4GO/A/Art van.Esch/Australia{1289
ON4CKT WHO-IS 06/17 06:56:32z Send another vk4go{14
ON4CKT VK4GO 06/17 06:56:10z Send another hello from on4ckt Rudy in Belgium{13
ISS ON4CKT 06/17 06:55:16z Reply AOS 3h22m (1017z) SE^7{ZP}
ON4CKT ISS 06/17 06:55:16z Send another ?{12
ISS ON4CKT 06/17 06:54:44z Reply AOS 3h22m (1017z) SE^7{ZO}
ON4CKT ISS 06/17 06:54:44z Send another ?{11
VK2FA-9 ON4CKT 06/13 10:07:19z Reply 73 Rudy from Grahame vk2fa {2
VK2FA-9 ON4CKT 06/13 10:07:18z Reply thank you, we are testing to send messages to the outernet service.{1
ON4CKT BLN0 06/05 10:10:39z Send another ?{18
JF5LTR-9 ON4CKT 06/05 10:07:05z Reply AA:thanks for your message!
ON4CKT JF5LTR-9 06/05 10:06:58z Send another hello fine to read you on the screen{17
JF5LTR-9 ON4CKT 06/05 10:06:22z Reply Hello!{40
VK7HSE-5 ON4CKT 06/05 10:05:00z Reply AA:Autoreply- No one is at the keyboard{02}16
ON4CKT VK7HSE-5 06/05 10:04:58z Send another test on in Punta Cana frim ON4CKT/A Rudy{16
ON4CKT JF5LTR-9 06/05 10:03:23z Send another hello from on4ckt rudy in punta cana{15
WHO-IS ON4CKT 06/05 10:02:41z Reply JF5LTR was not found!{536
ON4CKT WHO-IS 06/05 10:02:40z Send another jf5ltr{14
ISS ON4CKT 06/04 09:52:08z Reply AOS 8h12m (1804z) SE^7{HA}
ON4CKT ISS 06/04 09:52:07z Send another ?{57
WLNK-1 ON4CKT 06/03 09:59:24z Reply 06/03/2017 09:59:24 No messages{832
ON4CKT WLNK-1 06/03 09:59:24z Send another l{56
ISS ON4CKT 06/03 09:55:46z Reply AOS 8h59m (1855z) SE^18{GL}
ON4CKT ISS 06/03 09:55:45z Send another ?{55
W4NWT-1 ON4CKT 06/02 10:11:07z Reply 73'S{5
ON4CKT WLNK-1 06/02 10:09:00z Send another l{38
ON4CKT W4NWT-1 06/02 10:09:00z Send another tnx you too 73{36
ON4CKT WLNK-1 06/02 10:07:29z Send another l{37
HB9CGH-13 ON4CKT 06/02 10:04:46z Reply 73 de Manfred{YK}
ON4CKT HB9CGH-13 06/02 10:04:12z Send another hello from on4ckt rudy in punta cana{35
W4NWT-1 ON4CKT 06/02 10:03:43z Reply Have a blessed day!{4
ON4CKT WLNK-1 06/02 10:01:36z Send another l{34
ON4CKT WLNK-1 06/02 10:00:37z Send another test test /EX{33
WLNK-1 ON4CKT 06/02 09:59:53z Reply New message to: on4ckt@winlink.org. Send /EX when complete.{770
ON4CKT WLNK-1 06/02 09:59:52z Send another sp on4ckt test{32
ON4CKT W4NWT-1 06/02 09:59:40z Send another fine to read you on the screen{28
WLNK-1 ON4CKT 06/02 09:59:21z Reply Invalid message request: on4ckt{769
ON4CKT WLNK-1 06/02 09:59:21z Send another sp on4ckt{31
WLNK-1 ON4CKT 06/02 09:58:43z Reply SP, SMS, L, R#, K#, Y#, F#, P, G, A, I, PR, B (? + cmd for more){768
ON4CKT WLNK-1 06/02 09:58:43z Send another ?{30
WLNK-1 ON4CKT 06/02 09:58:18z Reply 06/02/2017 09:58:18 No messages{767
ON4CKT WLNK-1 06/02 09:58:18z Send another l{29
W4NWT-1 ON4CKT 06/02 09:54:42z Reply Good Morning{3
ON4CKT W4NWT-1 06/02 09:53:40z Send another good morning also from ON4CKT in Punta Cana{27
ISS ON4CKT 06/02 09:51:06z Reply AOS 9h55m (1946z) SE^47{GF}
ISS ON4CKT 06/01 19:39:53z Reply AOS 58m47s SW NW^58 NE 11m{GD}
ON4CKT ISS 06/01 19:39:53z Send another ?{28
ISS ON4CKT 06/01 19:39:01z Reply AOS 59m39s SW NW^58 NE 11m{GC}
ON4CKT ISS 06/01 19:39:01z Send another ?{27
ISS ON4CKT 06/01 19:37:33z Reply AOS 1h01m (2038z) NW^58{GB}
ON4CKT ISS 06/01 19:37:32z Send another ?{26
ISS ON4CKT 06/01 19:36:53z Reply Please Beacon Position{GA}
ON4CKT ISS 06/01 19:36:53z Send another ?{25
ISS ON4CKT 06/01 19:36:14z Reply Please Beacon Position{FZ}
ON4CKT ISS 06/01 19:36:14z Send another ?{24
ISS ON4CKT 06/01 19:35:53z Reply Please Beacon Position{FY}
ON4CKT ISS 06/01 19:35:53z Send another ?{23
WHO-IS ON4CKT 05/24 09:38:03z Reply ON4CKT/Rudy Fontenoy/Belgium{845
ON4CKT WHO-IS 05/24 09:38:03z Send another on4ckt{62
JR0MOE-5 ON4CKT 05/24 03:32:00z Reply R MES. TNX!{2
ON4CKT AL 05/22 12:41:12z Send another my mail on4ckt@ telenet.be{21
ON4CKT ALL 05/22 12:40:44z Send another hello l am looking for the app U2APRS who sen me a link{20
ON4CKT ALL 05/21 12:18:37z Send another my mail are on4ckt@ telenet.be{24
ON4CKT ALL 05/21 12:18:00z Send another who can send me a link to the app U2 APRS{23
JE4YKP-2 ON4CKT 05/18 18:07:57z Reply rej71
ON4CKT JE4YKP-2 05/18 18:07:52z Send another hello from ON4CKT Rudy in Belgium.{71
JE4YKP-2 ON4CKT 05/18 18:07:29z Reply rej70
ON4CKT ALL 05/18 18:07:27z Send another my mail on4ckt@ telenet.be{70
JE4YKP-2 ON4CKT 05/18 18:06:24z Reply rej69
ON4CKT ALL 05/18 18:06:22z Send another hello l am looking for the app U2APRS who sen me a link{69