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WHO-IS ON4CKT 12/05 18:11:30z Reply EA6WQ/Tom Orzaez/Spain{630
ON4CKT WHO-IS 12/05 18:11:30z Send another ea6wq{35
ON4CKT WLNK-1 12/05 18:10:46z Send another ?{34
ON4CKT WLNK-1 12/05 18:10:19z Send another l{33
ON4CKT WLNK-1 12/05 18:09:55z Send another l{32
WLNK-1 ON4CKT 12/05 18:09:46z Reply Callsign account (ON4CKT) does not exist.{26
WLNK-1 ON4CKT 12/05 18:09:19z Reply Callsign account (ON4CKT) does not exist.{25
WLNK-1 ON4CKT 12/05 18:08:55z Reply Callsign account (ON4CKT) does not exist.{24
ON4CKT APRSCACHE 12/02 19:23:12z Send another ?{87
KI6PPU-5 ON4CKT 12/02 19:19:26z Reply u also Rudy :){3
ON4CKT KI6PPU-5 12/02 19:17:47z Send another 73,s Tim !{86
WHO-IS ON4CKT 12/02 19:16:59z Reply KI6PPU/T/Tim S Green/CA/United States{275
ON4CKT WHO-IS 12/02 19:16:58z Send another ki6ppu{85
KI6PPU-5 ON4CKT 12/02 19:16:57z Reply u too{2
ON4CKT KI6PPU-5 12/02 19:16:18z Send another 73's and have a nice day{84
KI6PPU-5 ON4CKT 12/02 19:15:47z Reply great{1
ON4CKT KI6PPU-5 12/02 19:14:40z Send another test ok in Belgium. 73's ON4CKT Rudy{83
ISS ON4CKT 12/02 19:13:28z Reply Please Beacon Position{WV}
ON4CKT ISS 12/02 19:13:27z Send another ?{82
ISS ON4CKT 11/08 07:59:52z Reply AOS 3h31m (1131z) NE^33{YD}
ON4CKT ISS 11/08 07:59:51z Send another ?{41
ISS ON4CKT 11/06 08:03:07z Reply AOS 3h36m (1139z) NE^11{XN}
ON4CKT ISS 11/06 08:03:06z Send another ?{48
ON4CKT W7BOX-7 11/01 18:47:11z Send another test ok in Belgium. 73's ON4CKT Rudy{42
ON4CKT N7RTH-7 11/01 18:45:18z Send another test ok in Belgium. 73's ON4CKT Rudy{41
ON4CKT KJ4ERJ-S1 11/01 18:45:06z Send another hello from on4ckt Rudy in Belgium{40
PU5MFI-5 ON4CKT 10/17 23:41:31z Reply ola boa noite{3
ON4CKT JA5FDG-7 10/08 17:48:03z Send another nice to meet you to. greetings 73's ON4CKT Rudy
DO1JKS-7 ON4CKT 10/08 16:05:15z Reply r ur stn infopse QSL 73 cu{27