ON4CKT messages

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IK7UFX ON4CKT 09/03 10:36:34z Reply 73' Via ISS de IK7UFX Vito - ik7ufx@alice.it [UISS]{00
MW6IML-7 ON4CKT 08/27 10:12:28z Reply Greeting's from Snowdonia{59
JR0MOE-5 ON4CKT 08/19 06:46:09z Reply R MES. TNX!{2
AD0WG ON4CKT 08/17 11:38:34z Reply Greetings from from Roger in Colorado USA !
ON4CKT AD0WG 08/17 04:08:00z Send another tnx and fine to read you on the sreen. 73's{69
ON4CKT AD0WG 08/17 04:05:44z Send another hello from on4ckt rudy Bulgaria{68
WHO-IS ON4CKT 08/17 04:04:56z Reply AD0WG/E/ROGER S HASSELL/CO/United States{120
ON4CKT WHO-IS 08/17 04:04:55z Send another ad0wg{67
JR4DHK-8 ON4CKT 08/12 12:02:02z Reply GM/GA/GE O2desu!{7
WHO-IS ON4CKT 08/12 11:58:03z Reply JR4DHK/MASAHIKO YAMAMOTO/Japan{386
ON4CKT WHO-IS 08/12 11:58:03z Send another jr4dhk{48
JR4DHK-8 ON4CKT 08/12 11:57:23z Reply AA:Tnx Msg now driving with guest!(silent mode)
ON4CKT JR4DHK-8 08/12 11:56:59z Send another hello from on4ckt rudy in Bulgaria{47
ON4CKT WHO-IS 08/12 11:55:14z Send another w4uc{46
WHO-IS ON4CKT 08/12 11:54:47z Reply W4URC was not found!{384
ON4CKT WHO-IS 08/12 11:54:47z Send another w4urc{45
ON4CKT WH 08/01 17:35:19z Send another sm7lne{59
WHO-IS ON4CKT 08/01 17:34:44z Reply SM7LNJ/1/PETER LUNDBERG/Sweden{531
ON4CKT WHO-IS 08/01 17:34:43z Send another sm7lnj{60
ON4CKT SM7LNJ 08/01 17:33:47z Send another hello is there now arrora?{58
WLNK-1 ON4CKT 08/01 17:33:00z Reply SP, SMS, L, R#, K#, Y#, F#, P, G, A, I, PR, B (? + cmd for more){1150
ON4CKT WLNK-1 08/01 17:32:59z Send another ?{57
WHO-IS ON4CKT 08/01 17:30:35z Reply K9CPA/E/MITCHELL S SCHOENBERG/VA/United States{530
ON4CKT WHO-IS 08/01 17:30:35z Send another k9cpa{56
ON4CKT OH1EEZ 08/01 17:28:17z Send another test ok in Belgium. 73's ON4CKT Rudy{55
ON4CKT K0EVH-7 08/01 17:27:39z Send another test ok in Belgium. 73's ON4CKT Rudy{54
ISS ON4CKT 08/01 17:27:01z Reply Please Beacon Position{CY}
ON4CKT ISS 08/01 17:27:00z Send another ?{53
ISS ON4CKT 07/23 18:34:46z Reply Please Beacon Position{XZ}
ON4CKT ISS 07/23 18:34:46z Send another ?{10
ON4CKT N5XET-5 07/23 18:32:35z Send another test ok in Belgium. 73's ON4CKT Rudy{9