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ON4BN-5 ALL 01/19 23:03:48z Send another Hi from Jurgen to ALL via Sat (on4bn@jubeco.be)
ON4BN-5 ALL 01/19 18:13:18z Send another Hi from Jurgen&Willy to ALL via Sat (on4bn@jubeco.be)
ON4BN-5 ALL 01/18 23:51:17z Send another Hi from Jurgen&Willy to ALL via ISS (on4bn@jubeco.be)
ISS ON4BN-5 01/17 23:03:12z Reply Please Beacon Position{MV}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/17 21:26:57z Reply Please Beacon Position{MU}
ON4BN-5 ISS 01/17 21:26:56z Send another hi from jurgen(ON) and willy(OE) via ISS
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 23:51:23z Reply Please Beacon Position{LZ}
ON4BN-5 ISS 01/14 23:51:19z Send another Hi from Jurgen (ON) and Willy (OE) via ISS
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 02:25:49z Reply SE^32 ESE LOS 4m5s{LV}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 02:22:36z Reply SSE^46 ESE LOS 4m42s{LU}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 02:18:18z Reply W^24 SSW^58 ESE LOS 7m12s{LT}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 02:14:33z Reply W^7 SSW^58 ESE LOS 9m9s{LS}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 02:10:47z Reply WNW^4 SSW^58 ESE LOS 9m47s{LR}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 00:53:51z Reply E^7 E LOS 1m40s{LQ}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 00:50:06z Reply E^14 E LOS 2m41s{LP}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 00:48:30z Reply E^20 E LOS 3m15s{LO}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 00:46:21z Reply E^33 E LOS 4m5s{LN}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/14 00:42:36z Reply ENE^65 E LOS 5m3s{LM}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 23:20:53z Reply ENE^8 ENE LOS 1m44s{LL}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 23:17:08z Reply E^17 ENE LOS 3m1s{LK}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 23:13:23z Reply E^26 ENE LOS 3m44s{LJ}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 23:09:37z Reply E^47 ENE LOS 4m40s{LI}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 23:06:25z Reply SW^53 SSE^67 ENE LOS 6m{LH}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 23:02:07z Reply WSW^25 SSE^67 ENE LOS 7m12s{LG}
ON4BN-5 ISS 01/13 23:01:03z Send another Hi from Jurgen and Willy via ISS
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 23:00:31z Reply WSW^10 SSE^67 ENE LOS 8m42s{LF}
ON4BN ON4BN-5 01/13 23:00:22z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
ON4BN-5 ON4BN 01/13 23:00:22z Send another 527.9km S Hello from Jurgen JO21QB on4bn@jubeco.be ISS(Sat/Pacsat){YI}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 21:34:19z Reply Please Beacon Position{LE}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 21:30:35z Reply Please Beacon Position{LD}
ISS ON4BN-5 01/13 21:26:49z Reply Please Beacon Position{LC}
ON4BN-5 ON4BN 01/13 21:21:50z Send another hi from Jurgen via ISS
ON4BN-5 ON4BN 01/12 22:12:05z Send another 73s de ON4BN via ISS
ON7KEI-9 ON4BN-5 01/07 11:49:47z Reply thx{3
ON4BN-5 ON7KEI-6 01/07 11:46:25z Send another hallo{YC}
ON7KEI-9 ON4BN-5 01/07 11:45:44z Reply 73{2
WHO-IS ON4BN-5 01/07 11:37:09z Reply A/Eddy Vaesen/Belgium{YW}FZ
ON4BN-5 WHO-IS 01/07 11:37:09z Send another ON7KEI{FZ}
ON4BN-5 ON7KEI-9 01/07 11:36:25z Send another good morning via APRSIS32{FY}
ANSRVR ON4BN-5 01/06 22:58:41z Reply No Memberships
CQSRVR ON4BN-5 01/06 22:58:41z Reply No active groups.{OE}CZ
ON4BN-5 CQSRVR 01/06 22:58:41z Send another L{CZ}
ON4BN-5 ANSRVR 01/06 22:58:41z Send another L{CY}