ON4BCV messages

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EA6XQ-10 ON4BCV 12/02 18:38:15z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
EI7BFB ON4BCV 11/29 19:37:23z Reply Hello from Dublin Ireland
ON7KEI-9 ON4BCV 11/28 22:09:30z Reply 73{67
ON4BCV BLNQSL1/1 11/28 22:07:19z Send another EI7BFB,ON7KEI-9,PD0MNI,F5SN,F8FFP-10
ON4BCV BLNQSL1/1 11/28 22:05:12z Send another EI7BFB,ON7KEI-9,PD0MNI
ON4BCV BLNQSL2/2 11/27 19:49:58z Send another DO5MST,PD0RLX,OZ1MAS,YO8RAA-3
ON4BCV BLNQSL1/2 11/27 19:48:08z Send another F8FFP-10,EI7BFB,IK1COA-2,OE6PWE,EI8ETB,OE5RPP,IZ1JPS,IR0UGN-1,
EI8ETB ON4BCV 11/27 19:45:18z Reply Hello from EI8ETB Cork IO51SU Via ISS
ON4BCV BLNQSL1/1 11/27 19:44:13z Send another F8FFP-10,EI7BFB
F8FFP-10 ON4BCV 11/26 21:29:44z Reply 73'z à bientôt
ON4BCV BLNQSL1/1 11/26 20:39:20z Send another EA6XQ-10,EI8ETB,F8FFP-10,PD3HF,G0GOO,EA7IQT,OE6PWE,OZ1MAS
OZ1MAS ON4BCV 11/26 12:59:06z Reply Hi here from Denmark
ON4BCV BLNQSL1/1 11/26 00:44:15z Send another IS0EBO-4,PE1NTN,OZ1MAS,OE6PWE
S53AK ON4BCV 11/23 20:08:25z Reply TNX 73 Lojze
ON4BCV BLNQSL1/2 11/23 20:05:09z Send another EA4GII-9,IW2ETV-7,IW1RIM,G7UZN,IK1COA-2,IZ1JPS,IR0UGN-1,IU2DMI,
EA4GII-9 ON4BCV 11/23 20:01:46z Reply 73-51 vía ISS
ON4BCV BLNQSL1/3 11/22 20:57:32z Send another EA1AML-2,F8FFP-10,EA6WQ-8,EA4GSX,IW2ETV-7,OZ1MAS,IU2DMI,IZ1JPS,
ON4BCV EA6WQ-8 11/22 20:56:48z Send another Hello from ON4BCV JO21JI
EA1AML-2 ON4BCV 11/22 20:54:48z Reply HELLO 73
F1FFS-9 ON4BCV 11/21 21:51:44z Reply 73{0
IZ2KIW ON4BCV 11/21 21:48:48z Reply QSL and 73 op. Simone Greeting from ITALY
TA1BM ON4BCV 10/08 21:02:45z Reply tnx via iss 73
ON4BCV BLNQSL1/1 10/08 20:52:49z Send another EA1AML-2
TA1BM ON4BCV 10/05 19:11:35z Reply tnx 73 qsl eqsl.via iss
TA1BM ON4BCV 10/05 19:10:56z Reply 73 from Istanbul via iss
IZ5ILX ON4BCV 10/04 21:12:34z Reply TNX FOR QSO 73
IZ5ILX ON4BCV 10/04 21:11:44z Reply QSL, 73 via ISS info : iz5ilx@amsat.it