ON1AJ messages

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ON1AJ ON4BN 04/07 12:30:36z Send another QSL and 73{13
ON1AJ DL1EFH 04/04 15:04:42z Send another Hello to. Good sunday andc73
ON4BN ON1AJ 04/03 20:23:55z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
DL1EFH ON1AJ 04/03 19:49:37z Reply Hello OM, {GH}
ON1AJ ON6SX 03/23 21:26:13z Send another to all 73 {07
ON1AJ ON1AJ 03/23 21:16:18z Send another AA:73de on1aj
ON1AJ ON1AJ 03/23 21:16:02z Send another to all 73 {06
ON1AJ F4IED-12 03/20 22:46:16z Send another 59in jO20lt{04
ON1AJ F4IED-12 03/20 22:44:02z Send another 59in {03