OE6CGD-7 messages

fromtotime message
OE6CGD-7 LY1JG 09/30 20:03:13z Send another TXH 73
LY1JG OE6CGD-7 09/30 18:39:29z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
OE6CGD-7 LY1JG 09/30 17:51:24z Send another 73 and QSL{32
OE6CGD-7 OE6PWE 09/30 17:50:58z Send another 73 and QSL{31
OE6CGD-7 SP7CHR-6 09/30 17:50:07z Send another 73 and QSL{30
OE6CGD-7 SP7CHR-6 09/30 17:47:45z Send another 73 and QSL{26
OE6CGD-7 ON4BN 09/26 19:29:05z Send another 73 and QSL{19
SV2CPH OE6CGD-7 09/26 17:49:43z Reply 73 and QSL{18
OE6CGD-7 SV2CPH-4 09/26 17:49:23z Send another 73 and QSL{16
OE6CGD-7 PD0RLX 09/26 17:48:51z Send another 73 and QSL{15
OE6CGD-7 IK7FMQ 09/24 07:18:33z Send another Hi, also heard you via ISS
PE1AZX OE6CGD-7 09/20 19:27:00z Reply Got you on ISS !{02
PC1L-2 OE6CGD-7 09/20 17:48:17z Reply 73 PC1L{94
CT1EBQ OE6CGD-7 08/30 03:30:32z Reply CQ via ISS QSL? 73 de Ricardo {EBQ16
CT1EBQ OE6CGD-7 08/30 03:30:28z Reply Hi from IM58gr PT, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ16
IK7FMQ OE6CGD-7 08/29 06:00:50z Reply 73 QSL ?
YO8RBY OE6CGD-7 08/20 06:51:15z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>eqsl.cc