NX1Q-7 messages

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WC4FM-15 NX1Q-7 03/27 00:34:25z Reply sent weather update over wiresx u get it?{29
KP4MV-6 NX1Q-7 03/21 21:26:28z Reply FK68 73 {1
N1RCN NX1Q-7 03/21 21:24:45z Reply Hello from EL87
NX1Q-7 WC4FM-2 03/19 01:34:52z Send another GOT IT LOOKING GOOD ON THE ISS ROSTER
W7BAZ NX1Q-7 03/19 01:26:10z Reply Hello from EN73 {92
KD4CHW-3 NX1Q-7 03/06 19:57:53z Reply you are hard to reach up there.{00003
KD4CHW-3 NX1Q-7 03/06 19:56:47z Reply howdy{00002
KD4CHW-3 NX1Q-7 03/06 18:54:22z Reply I see ya!{00001
NX1Q-7 WC4FM-2 02/01 19:40:25z Send another gm leonard{32
NX1Q-7 W4CVY 02/01 19:39:09z Send another hi from nx1q{31
NX1Q-7 K7CPT-7 02/01 19:16:55z Send another Hello bry de nx1q{30
WC4FM-2 NX1Q-7 01/31 00:31:37z Reply its important to have a digi when you own yaesu radios{QF}
WC4FM-2 NX1Q-7 01/31 00:29:09z Reply digi is the work horse for the hts{QE}
WC4FM-2 NX1Q-7 01/31 00:28:44z Reply got this message{QD}
NX1Q-7 WC4FM-2 01/31 00:26:59z Send another hi test{29
KD4CHW-7 NX1Q-7 01/30 22:53:16z Reply ur cel svc down?{84
NX1Q-7 KD4CHW-7 01/30 22:31:09z Send another ok. {28
REPEAT NX1Q-7 01/30 20:18:19z Reply W4BOC 145.4500- T107.2 9.0mi N{305
REPEAT NX1Q-7 01/30 20:18:19z Reply KI4FVI 146.7150- T146.2 7.4mi SE{304
REPEAT NX1Q-7 01/30 20:18:19z Reply KJ4KPY 145.1700- T146.2 4.5mi SSE{303
NX1Q-7 REPEAT 01/30 20:18:18z Send another n 3{27
NX1Q-7 KD4CHW-9 01/30 20:16:19z Send another yikes!{26
NX1Q-7 KD4CHW-9 01/26 21:20:31z Send another boo boo{25
KD4CHW-9 NX1Q-7 01/26 21:19:33z Reply boo!{43
WC4FM-2 NX1Q-7 01/25 23:10:48z Reply whats goin on its a little late but I got your message{EJ}
NX1Q-7 NX1Q-1 01/25 18:54:38z Send another hello{23
NX1Q-7 KD4CHW-9 01/25 18:43:03z Send another speeder{22
NX1Q-7 WC4FM-2 01/25 17:33:16z Send another Hi{21
WC4FM-2 NX1Q-7 01/25 17:32:47z Reply AA:Will reply soon thanks from WC4FM