NA1SS messages

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K5DCC-7 NA1SS 10/27 17:39:14z Reply Hello de Denny in NW ARKANSAS{5
KD2OJQ-7 NA1SS 10/27 16:05:22z Reply KD2OJQ@GMAIL.FMO3, 73{1
K5DCC-7 NA1SS 10/27 15:57:09z Reply Hello de Denny in NW ARKANSAS{0
KF0BMD-7 NA1SS 10/27 15:56:39z Reply 8 Data Bits Rcvd Parity Bit 0 ISS QSL 73's @Denver{26
K7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/27 12:39:52z Reply Thanks from DN17 QSL{74
KD7WPQ-03 NA1SS 10/27 08:32:38z Reply Received?{NA}
WA6RAH NA1SS 10/27 01:53:51z Reply Am new at this and just exploring. Liam/WA6RAH{UO}
TA5AHO-4 NA1SS 10/27 01:51:08z Reply test{NY}
YD2KJC-1 NA1SS 10/26 16:55:17z Reply What my status on your display ? :){ET}
K7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/25 17:28:53z Reply BUZZ! LOOK AN ALIEN!{69
K7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/25 14:16:47z Reply Thanks from DN17 QSL{67
K7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/25 14:15:40z Reply BUZZ! LOOK AN ALIEN!{65
PC1L-2 NA1SS 10/25 11:23:27z Reply 73 PC1L{86
IK6GZM NA1SS 10/25 09:49:18z Reply 73 e qsl via lotw!
CT2FYQ NA1SS 10/25 09:43:16z Reply 50 watt Base X300 antenna
CO7YP NA1SS 10/24 18:29:09z Reply Hi all ISS ,QSL via LOTW or QRZ.COM
XE3N-1 NA1SS 10/24 18:28:57z Reply Hello via ISS, 73's !!
CO7YP NA1SS 10/24 18:28:27z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.2
KD2OJQ-7 NA1SS 10/24 16:54:08z Reply Heard FMO3 MYRTLE BEACH,SC{12
KD2OJQ-7 NA1SS 10/24 16:54:02z Reply GOOD JOB YOU ARE DOING{11
K7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/24 15:03:05z Reply BUZZ! LOOK AN ALIEN!{54
K7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/24 13:26:39z Reply K7ORZ@YAHOO.COM 73 DN17{51
K5DCC-7 NA1SS 10/24 11:51:40z Reply Hello de Denny in NW ARKANSAS{1
IZ3GTH NA1SS 10/24 10:36:04z Reply 73 de iz3gth
KG4ZLB NA1SS 10/23 19:14:45z Reply Hi from EL96ao in SW Florida{30
KD2OJQ-7 NA1SS 10/23 17:37:00z Reply Heard FMO3 MYRTLE BEACH,SC{0
K7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/23 12:38:45z Reply I hear you in Idaho QSL{48
K7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/23 12:38:43z Reply K7ORZ@YAHOO.COM 73 DN17{47
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/23 11:05:49z Reply Heard in FM18iw de KM4HRR{53
DL3RCE NA1SS 10/21 08:07:40z Reply heard on4bn,sv3cix,ea2auk,oe6pwe,pd0rlx,iw3iaa,pd5rt,pe1ntn{03
DL3RCE NA1SS 10/21 08:06:35z Reply heard on4bn,sv3cix,ea2auk,oe6pwe,pd0rlx,iw3iaa,pd5rt,pe1ntn{02
DL3RCE NA1SS 10/21 08:06:00z Reply heard on4bn,sv3cix,ea2auk,oe6pwe,pd0rlx,iw3iaa,pd5rt,pe1ntn{01
SA0BSV NA1SS 10/21 08:05:44z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
KJ7MOE-7 NA1SS 10/20 19:55:24z Reply QSL B.Murphy 73{7
K5DCC-7 NA1SS 10/20 13:27:10z Reply CQ de Denny in Harrison AR EM36{7
ON4BN NA1SS 10/20 10:29:01z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS - op:Jurgen
VA7BWX-9 NA1SS 10/20 02:52:16z Reply Next Pass{2
VA7BWX-9 NA1SS 10/20 01:28:25z Reply test{1
N3XOL-7 NA1SS 10/19 23:26:22z Reply N3XOL{01
HK2LS-6 NA1SS 10/19 21:30:28z Reply 73s from COlombia{JO}
HK2LS-6 NA1SS 10/19 20:22:35z Reply How are you?{YT}
KD2OJQ-7 NA1SS 10/19 19:14:03z Reply HAVE A GOOD DAY FM03{11
K5DCC-7 NA1SS 10/19 19:06:22z Reply QSL de EM36 {8
8P5AB NA1SS 10/19 16:58:39z Reply Hello{WQ}
WB7VUF-7 NA1SS 10/19 15:48:58z Reply :Live OP!So.Or. WB7VUF CN82{2
VE3SXY NA1SS 10/18 22:49:30z Reply GOOD DAY NA1SS. Hope you had a good weekend{BO}
W0DIE-7 NA1SS 10/18 17:00:47z Reply Lol{1
KJ7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/17 17:24:54z Reply Thanks from DN17 QSL{43
PY2YES-10 NA1SS 10/17 15:27:09z Reply hello from GG76{3
PY2YES-10 NA1SS 10/17 15:23:42z Reply please send me a qsl {2
PY2YES-10 NA1SS 10/17 15:19:03z Reply good afternoon{1
KD2OJQ-7 NA1SS 10/17 12:37:23z Reply KD2OJQ@GMAIL.FMO3, 73{3
KD2OJQ-7 NA1SS 10/17 12:36:07z Reply Heard FMO3 MYRTLE BEACH,SC{4
KD2OJQ-7 NA1SS 10/16 21:38:48z Reply Heard FMO3 MYRTLE BEACH,SC{3
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/16 19:57:30z Reply Heard in FM18iw de KM4HRR{90
NA1SS IU3MEY 10/16 15:45:09z Send another si lo leggo
NA1SS IU3MEY 10/16 15:43:57z Send another Ciao Emiliano DIMMI SE RICEVI QUESTO MSG INVIATO DAL WEB
IU3MEY NA1SS 10/16 15:18:53z Reply hi all pse report QSL and 73 via
VK5HDT-4 NA1SS 10/16 14:24:24z Reply CQ VIA SAT{38
VK5HDT-4 NA1SS 10/16 14:24:24z Reply CQ VIA SAT{37
VK5HDT-4 NA1SS 10/16 14:23:16z Reply ?APRSP
KE4AZZ NA1SS 10/16 13:35:18z Reply 73{2b}
W8KRF-6 NA1SS 10/16 13:27:27z Reply QSL 73 via ISS
KE4AZZ NA1SS 10/16 01:41:30z Reply de ke4azz{2Y}
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/15 21:12:30z Reply 73{74
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/15 21:07:08z Reply 73 de KM4HRR{69
EA7KE-7 NA1SS 10/15 16:08:18z Reply 73{12
N1RCN-6 NA1SS 10/15 12:34:57z Reply good morning!
VK5HDT-4 NA1SS 10/15 11:56:15z Reply CQ VIA SAT{24
VK5HDT-4 NA1SS 10/15 11:54:22z Reply CQ VIA SAT{22
SV2CPH-1 NA1SS 10/15 08:04:23z Reply 73{42
PY5LF-7 NA1SS 10/14 23:51:01z Reply HELLO FROM GG54{39
KJ7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/14 23:03:39z Reply KJ7ORZ@YAHOO.COM 73 DN17{24
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/14 21:33:59z Reply Hello from KM4HRR Reston,VA {43
AL6P-10 NA1SS 10/14 21:25:41z Reply Heard you at BP51cc.{YH}
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/14 19:56:10z Reply Hello from KM4HRR Reston,VA {22
M0HHF NA1SS 10/14 18:09:28z Reply HI fm M0HHF IO93MF{0
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/14 15:00:39z Reply Hello from KM4HRR Reston,VA {4
IZ4UFB NA1SS 10/14 13:45:30z Reply , 73 from Italy
PY5LF-7 NA1SS 10/14 00:51:03z Reply HELLO FROM GG54{35
PY5LF-7 NA1SS 10/14 00:51:03z Reply HELLO FROM GG54{34
PY5LF-7 NA1SS 10/14 00:15:46z Reply HELLO FROM GG54{32
KJ7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/13 22:12:32z Reply I hear you in Idaho QSL?{17
KJ7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/13 20:36:27z Reply KJ7ORZ@YAHOO.COM 73 DN17{12
KJ7ORZ-7 NA1SS 10/13 20:35:00z Reply I hear you in Idaho QSL?{10
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/13 14:13:58z Reply Heard in FM18iw de KM4HRR{81
2E0HSY-7 NA1SS 10/13 11:13:28z Reply 73 de Jonny{19
N6VMG NA1SS 10/12 22:05:34z Reply bdad{01
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/12 21:31:24z Reply Hello from KM4HRR Reston,VA {67
KM4HRR-7 NA1SS 10/12 21:30:46z Reply Hello from KM4HRR Reston,VA {68
KD9RLC-7 NA1SS 10/12 16:09:53z Reply KD9RLC@ATT.NET{17
KG5EUX-2 NA1SS 10/12 16:05:38z Reply hello{LS}
KD9RLC-7 NA1SS 10/12 15:54:08z Reply Howdy, from EN61{13
KD9RLC-7 NA1SS 10/12 15:54:06z Reply Howdy, from EN61{06
KD9RLC-7 NA1SS 10/12 15:52:28z Reply Howdy, from EN61{98
KD9RLC-7 NA1SS 10/12 15:52:20z Reply Howdy, from EN61{96
KD9RLC-7 NA1SS 10/12 15:52:01z Reply Howdy, from EN61{93
KD9RLC-7 NA1SS 10/12 15:51:17z Reply{84
KD9RLC-7 NA1SS 10/12 15:50:41z Reply Howdy, from EN61{77
KD9RLC-7 NA1SS 10/12 15:50:41z Reply Howdy, from EN61{76