N8WHV-9 messages

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N8WHV-9 SMSGTE-RP 03/23 02:40:38z Send another from iss{1
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/18 09:01:21z Reply @ST Was that sent via 'Omaha. Was that sent through a satellite u{M6578
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/18 02:53:37z Reply Message to st delivered{C6570
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE 03/18 02:52:58z Send another @st? sent via cat alarm happy b-day{2
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/09 12:12:56z Reply @TM U can have the dog bowl for Abby.{M5788
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/09 11:12:36z Reply @TM Morning{M5780
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/08 22:25:26z Reply @TM Gladys saw a picture of u on belindas facebook from borderline {M5755
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/08 17:38:34z Reply @TM U ok?{M5717
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/08 17:09:39z Reply @TM Church was good!{M5714
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/08 13:46:00z Reply @TM Morning{M5693
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/08 04:25:17z Reply @TM Call,me{M5668
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE-RP 03/07 22:49:51z Send another home{1
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE 03/07 22:46:46z Send another #mapme @rp?{1
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE 03/07 22:45:56z Send another @RP? home{2
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE 03/07 08:37:14z Send another #mapme @RP?{1
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE 03/07 08:32:20z Send another #mapme @RP?{2
SMSGTE N8WHV-9 03/07 08:05:02z Reply Message to rp delivered{C5606
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE 03/07 08:04:53z Send another @RP? test{2
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE 03/07 08:00:44z Send another @rp? test{1
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE-TM 03/07 02:33:55z Send another back home{1
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE-TM 02/14 00:34:54z Send another all is ok{1
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE-RP 02/13 18:09:38z Send another ok{1
N8WHV-9 SMSGTE-RP 02/12 05:14:40z Send another test{1