N8JR messages

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W7EFS N8JR 04/01 02:49:48z Reply ?APRSP
N8JR Heard 03/31 03:12:53z Send another K7MT-6,W4TBD-6,W9QO,K0KOC-7,WA9BNZ,WA0D-5,AA8KY{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/30 02:22:35z Send another AA8KY,W4TBD-6{UISS54}
WG0A N8JR 03/30 02:21:16z Reply Hello N8JR. 73
K7MT-6 N8JR 03/29 04:47:36z Reply TESTING UISS & ORB & ORBITRON AUTO TX
N8JR BLNQSL1/2 03/29 03:11:34z Send another K7MT-6,KF0BMD-11,KF0BMD-6,KF0BMD-9,K0KOC-7,VE3PMK,K1WY,KC5ILO-7,
N8JR BLNQSL2/2 03/29 03:11:28z Send another N0LRG,N9JTE,AA8KY,KQ4CDU-7,KE4AZZ,KA8YES-6,W9QO{UISS54}
K7MT-6 N8JR 03/29 03:10:13z Reply RR HAVE A NICE EVENING IN MN..
K7MT-6 N8JR 03/29 03:08:49z Reply GE PAUL FM BILL IN HELENA, MT
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/29 01:36:28z Send another KC5ILO-7,KE0ASQ-15,N0LRG,AA9DR-7,KA8YES-6,KC8ZUM-7,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/29 01:33:22z Send another KC5ILO-7,KE0ASQ-15,N0LRG{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/27 04:50:54z Send another K7MT-6,KB9VIC-9,K0KOC-7,W4TBD-6,WA0D-5,KC5ILO-7,W9QO,KA8YES-6{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/27 04:47:16z Send another K7MT-6,KB9VIC-9,K0KOC-7,W4TBD-6,WA0D-5{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/27 04:46:44z Send another K7MT-6,KB9VIC-9,K0KOC-7,W4TBD-6{UISS54}
KD8BIL N8JR 03/27 01:34:54z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
N8JR Heard 03/26 03:59:31z Send another KM4BJZ-7,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/26 03:59:30z Send another K7MT-6,KF0BMD-9,K1WY,WA0D-5,KQ4CDU-7,W4TBD-6,KE4AZZ-6,
N8JR Heard 03/26 03:57:39z Send another K7MT-6,KF0BMD-9,K1WY,WA0D-5,KQ4CDU-7{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/26 02:25:10z Send another K1WY,K0KOC-7,AC3SS-14,KE4AZZ-6,AC2KU-1,KB9VIC-9{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/26 02:21:08z Send another K7MT-6,W0JW-6,KQ4CDU-7,KD9QOG{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/26 02:20:29z Send another K7MT-6,W0JW-6{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/25 04:45:11z Send another K7MT-6,KG7WOC,K0KOC-7,AC3SS-14{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/24 04:07:51z Send another K1WY{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/24 03:59:09z Send another KC9YTT,KC5ILO-7,KQ4CDU-7,W9QO,WA0D-5,W4TBD-6,WA4SXM-6,
N8JR Heard 03/24 03:57:54z Send another KC9YTT,KC5ILO-7,KQ4CDU-7{UISS54}
KC9YTT N8JR 03/24 03:57:49z Reply You are 599 in Williamsfield Illinois! 73'
W4TBD-6 N8JR 03/24 02:24:15z Reply 73 de W4TBD got your message
N8JR Heard 03/24 02:21:58z Send another AA8KY,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/24 02:21:55z Send another KG7WOC,KB9VIC-9,N9JTE,K1WY,KC9YTT,WA0D-5,N0JLD,KC5ILO-7,
N8JR Heard 03/23 03:13:42z Send another KA8YES-6,WA4SXM-6,VE2ENW-9,AA8KY,W9QO,AC2KU-1,N1NCB-1{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/23 03:13:40z Send another KJ7BPN-7,KF7YEM,KB9VIC-9,K7MT-6,W4TBD-6,K1WY,K0KOC-7,N0KBA,
K4KDR-6 N8JR 03/22 03:59:42z Reply QSL - 73!!
N8JR Heard 03/22 03:58:32z Send another K0KOC-7{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/22 02:18:30z Send another K7MT-6,N9JTE,KB9VIC-9,AA9DR-7{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/21 06:25:14z Send another W9QO,AA8KY{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/21 06:24:43z Send another VE7FED-12,K7MT-6,W4TBD-6,K1WY,K0KOC-7,KA8YES-6,K3CO,KB9VIC-9,
N8JR Heard 03/21 06:20:03z Send another VE7FED-12,K7MT-6,W4TBD-6{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/21 03:10:30z Send another AC2KU-1,KA8YES-6{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/21 03:09:18z Send another AC2KU-1{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/21 03:09:05z Send another K7MT-6,KB9VIC-9,W4TBD-6,KQ4CDU-7,AA8KY,K1WY,K0KOC-7,W9QO,
N8JR Heard 03/21 03:07:10z Send another K7MT-6,KB9VIC-9,W4TBD-6,KQ4CDU-7,AA8KY,K1WY{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/20 07:12:28z Send another KQ4CDU-7,WA4SXM-6,KA8YES-6,AA8KY{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/20 07:12:26z Send another N6RVI-6,KB9VIC-9,K7MT-6,W4TBD-6,K0KOC-7,W9QO,WA0D-5,K1WY,
N8JR Heard 03/20 07:07:35z Send another N6RVI-6,KB9VIC-9,K7MT-6{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/20 02:21:15z Send another W0JW-6,AA9DR-7,KQ4CDU-7,K0KOC-7,NY2DS-7,K1WY{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/20 02:21:12z Send another KW7IBE-1,KF0BMD-9,KC9YTT,K7MT-6,W4TBD-6,KB9VIC-9,W0RFP-7,
N8JR Heard 03/20 02:17:00z Send another KW7IBE-1,KF0BMD-9,KC9YTT,K7MT-6,W4TBD-6,KB9VIC-9{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/19 04:44:20z Send another KB9VIC-9,W0JW-6,W4TBD-6,K0KOC-7,W9QO,K1WY{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/19 04:41:56z Send another KB9VIC-9,W0JW-6,W4TBD-6{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/19 03:05:40z Send another KE8VLL,K1WY{UISS54}
N8JR Heard 03/19 03:05:38z Send another KB7ADL,KC7JB,W0RFP-7,N9JTE,W4TBD-6,KB9VIC-9,W0JW-6,AA8KY,
N8JR Heard 03/19 03:03:49z Send another KB7ADL,KC7JB,W0RFP-7,N9JTE{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/18 08:44:00z Send another KB9VIC-9,K7MT-6,N6RVI-6{UISS54}
DB0LUH-1 N8JR 03/17 07:53:56z Reply rejUISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/17 07:53:56z Send another N0LRG,W4TBD-6,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/15 07:58:27z Send another W4TBD-6,WA0D-5,K0KOC-7,KA8YES-6,W9QO,K7CPT-9,N3ZLL,KB9VIC-9{UISS54}
K0KOC-7 N8JR 03/14 07:07:31z Reply rejQ
N8JR BLNQSL2/2 03/14 07:07:30z Send another N1NCB-1{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/2 03/14 07:07:28z Send another K7MT-6,KB9VIC-9,K1WY,KA8YES-6,W9QO,K0KOC-7,W4TBD-6,AA8KY,
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/14 07:06:15z Send another K7MT-6,KB9VIC-9,K1WY,KA8YES-6,W9QO,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/14 07:04:38z Send another K7MT-6,KB9VIC-9{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/14 05:24:49z Send another KB9VIC-9,K7MT-6{UISS54}
N8JR BLN 03/14 03:54:56z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.4
N8JR BLNQSL2/2 03/14 03:51:49z Send another W4TBD-6,AC3SS-14,K1WY,AA8KY,KA8YES-6{UISS54}
AA8KY N8JR 03/14 02:13:18z Reply Alive here too{72
WA2FHJ N8JR 03/14 02:12:29z Reply Live OP FN13 PSE Call
N8JR BLNQSL2/2 03/13 09:32:13z Send another K1WY,KA8YES-6,KB9VIC-9,W9QO{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/2 03/13 09:32:10z Send another K7MT-6,KF0BMD-6,KF0BMD-9,W4TBD-6,K0KOC-7,AC3SS-14,WA0D-5,
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/13 07:54:46z Send another KA8YES-6,K1WY,VA2KK,K0KOC-7,W4TBD-6{UISS54}
WA2FHJ N8JR 03/13 03:03:36z Reply Hi from Doug FN13
N8JR BLNQSL1/2 03/13 02:58:34z Send another KE4AZZ,XE2OCM,WA0D-5,VE3PMK,W4TBD-6,K0KOC-7,KE4AZZ-3,
N3COB N8JR 03/13 01:25:24z Reply Greetings from Silver Spring, Maryland / FM19
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/12 08:40:50z Send another WA0D-5,W9QO,K0KOC-7,W4TBD-6{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/11 09:31:35z Send another KB5AAM,K0KOC-7,WA0D-5,K1WY,KA8YES-6,W9QO{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/11 09:27:00z Send another KB5AAM,K0KOC-7,WA0D-5{UISS54}
K4KDR-6 N8JR 03/11 07:54:12z Reply 73 from FM17
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/11 07:52:08z Send another KF0BMD-11,K1WY,KA8YES-6,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/11 07:50:40z Send another KF0BMD-11,K1WY{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/11 06:17:47z Send another KB6LTY-3,K1WY,K0KOC-7{UISS54}
KB6LTY-3 N8JR 03/11 06:10:45z Reply TNX 73 CHRISTY KB6LTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 N8JR 03/11 06:09:23z Reply HELLO 73 CHRISTY DM14
N5VJV-1 N8JR 03/11 02:56:54z Reply Hello From Bob in New Orleans EM40 73
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/10 11:51:34z Send another KB9VIC-9,WA0D-5,W4AEJ{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL1/1 03/10 11:51:14z Send another KB9VIC-9,WA0D-5{UISS54}
N8JR BLNQSL2/2 03/10 03:45:38z Send another KE4AZZ,K1WY,KC5ILO-7,KB7ADL{UISS54}
N3ZLL N8JR 03/10 02:11:30z Reply Hello from Maryland FM29
K4KDR-6 N8JR 03/10 02:10:38z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es