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WD9EWK N6RSX 02/18 19:01:37z Reply Hi! DM22 in AZ {1
KC7MG-9 N6RSX 02/12 19:26:53z Reply ACK Thanks
KC7MG-9 N6RSX 02/12 19:26:18z Reply greetings from Az DM42
K7TAB-7 N6RSX 02/12 19:26:09z Reply Chris DM43 QSL?{27
H0UND N6RSX 02/12 19:25:59z Reply WOOF! DM43 in AZ {2
W8LR N6RSX 02/11 20:24:36z Reply 599 Via ISS de W8LR Jerry EM79TM{27
WD9EWK N6RSX 02/11 20:19:50z Reply TNX for call. DM33/43 in AZ {4
N6RSX WD9EWK 02/11 20:19:09z Send another Greetings Patrick from OC
N6RSX KK6QMS 01/21 05:52:08z Send another prob 2 ft of snow 73s
KK6QMS N6RSX 01/21 05:51:50z Reply 73 from Venice Beach, CA
KB9ENS-5 N6RSX 01/16 15:17:02z Reply Good Morning from Hawthorne. Off to work{XX}
KB9ENS-5 N6RSX 01/16 15:14:11z Reply Good Morning from Hawthorne. Off to work{XX}2
KB9ENS-5 N6RSX 01/16 15:10:31z Reply Good Morning from Hawthorne. Off to work{XX}/
N6RSX CQ 01/16 07:03:37z Send another Greetings from OC- warm bodies respond!
N6RSX WD9EWK-9 01/15 06:13:58z Send another greetings from OC
WD9EWK-9 N6RSX 01/08 18:51:19z Reply TNX/73! {2
N6RSX WD9EWK-9 01/08 18:51:08z Send another QSL see you next time Patrick
WD9EWK-9 N6RSX 12/19 01:50:04z Reply TNX for call. DM43 here. QSL{5
N6RSX WD9EWK-9 12/19 01:49:50z Send another Greetings Patrick