N6RFM messages

fromtotime message
VA3NNA N6RFM 02/15 21:47:51z Reply TU for QSO, Best 73
N6RFM VE2MRS 02/13 23:34:06z Send another HI from FN41iq. 73, de Bob N6RFM
N6RFM W4TBD 02/13 23:32:01z Send another TKS QSL from FN41iq. 73, de Bob N6RFM
9Y4D-3 N6RFM 02/07 04:13:58z Reply please note 9y4 iis fk90
9Y4D-3 N6RFM 02/07 04:11:56z Reply glad to gate you
9Y4D-3 N6RFM 02/07 04:11:21z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
9Y4D-3 N6RFM 02/07 04:09:47z Reply hello from trinidad
9Y4D-3 N6RFM 02/07 04:08:26z Reply SEE YOU ON ANOTHER PASS
NQ9P N6RFM 02/02 23:33:04z Reply Howdy, from Pana Schools Radio Club in Central Illinois.
N6RFM NQ9P 02/01 22:43:53z Send another Hello All. Bob in RI