N6DAN-7 messages

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K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/23 18:32:30z Reply ok i go{5
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/23 18:32:23z Reply solor pannels{2
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/23 18:32:04z Reply do you know lylac sat{4
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/23 18:31:12z Reply no power{3
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/23 18:29:09z Reply well not workin ,,, its to weak{3
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/23 18:27:56z Reply i hear it, {2
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/23 18:25:22z Reply hi dan, {1
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/23 04:47:21z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{58
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/23 04:47:21z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{57
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/23 04:47:21z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{59
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/23 02:59:17z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{56
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/23 02:19:52z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{55
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/19 18:47:01z Reply tp possat{2
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/17 21:38:44z Reply i wish the iss was back on{7
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/17 21:38:35z Reply ya see ya{8
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/17 21:38:03z Reply very week sat{6
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/17 21:36:50z Reply hard to decode this sat unless its over head{5
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/17 21:36:11z Reply only sats in north east works regular,,,{4
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/17 21:36:04z Reply wast of time,,,,,seems{3
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/17 21:35:05z Reply well west sats have no recever, over the ocean{2
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/14 22:46:10z Reply hay we got in! {1
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/14 19:40:33z Reply have a goood day{2
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/14 19:40:20z Reply ya, owell next pass{1
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/12 22:16:47z Reply hi again dan{1
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/11 21:18:45z Reply see you next pass{1
K6MOX N6DAN-7 02/11 21:03:26z Reply hi dan{1
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/05 20:21:40z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{53
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/05 20:19:26z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{52
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/05 15:58:56z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{51
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/05 15:58:52z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{50
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/04 07:27:06z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{48
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/04 07:27:03z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{49
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/04 07:06:57z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{47
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/04 02:44:03z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{45
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/04 02:43:00z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{46
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/04 01:32:21z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{42
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/04 01:32:17z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{41
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/04 01:31:10z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{44
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/03 19:26:34z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{31
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/03 19:25:29z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{33
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 02/03 19:25:23z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{32
KB6IGK N6DAN-7 02/03 02:54:29z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL? {3
K6MOX N6DAN-7 01/31 19:56:45z Reply hi dan{1
K6MOX N6DAN-7 01/30 20:33:19z Reply feels just like luck it all{2
KB6IGK N6DAN-7 01/27 05:35:30z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL? {2
KB6IGK N6DAN-7 01/27 05:34:20z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL? {0
KB6IGK N6DAN-7 01/27 05:33:40z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL? {1
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 01/24 00:47:17z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{30
WD9EWK N6DAN-7 01/23 23:10:29z Reply Hi! DM04 in CA {1
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 01/15 04:14:45z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{29
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 01/15 03:04:52z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{28
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 01/15 02:32:03z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{27
KE6BLR-8 N6DAN-7 01/15 02:30:37z Reply HomebrewRotor,35W{26