N5JEP-7 messages

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W8LR N5JEP-7 02/15 16:53:12z Reply 599 Via ISS de W8LR Jerry EM79TM{98
N5JEP-7 KC5ILO-6 02/09 03:54:12z Send another HI{67
N5JEP-7 K5MJD-9 01/25 17:42:41z Send another HI{65
VE4NSA N5JEP-7 01/02 19:18:08z Reply Have a great day!
N5YSQ N5JEP-7 12/30 22:24:13z Reply 55 gal barrel of want to, with thimble full of CAN DO.. not good.{DR}
N5YSQ N5JEP-7 12/30 22:22:11z Reply No ack.. so normal communications not work..{DQ}
N5YSQ N5JEP-7 12/30 22:19:31z Reply Why constant emission on 145.390..?{DP}