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APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 19:54:16z Reply W0DFU:LIST
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 19:52:37z Reply W0DFU:NET CHBCK IN
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 19:11:29z Reply KI4AQD-7:hello from tennessee
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 18:23:30z Reply KB9LBP-10:Hello Everyone from KB9LBP in Alabama 73
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 14:55:43z Reply DX1CC-1:Gandang gabi 73 Imus City 26 dc PK04LI
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 14:52:55z Reply DW1OTT-6:check in Imus City, Cavite, 73 God bless
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 14:15:54z Reply KV4S-2:hello from birmingham, AL
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 13:02:55z Reply TI3IES-9:TI3IES from Costa Rica, 73
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 12:38:46z Reply DU2GBC-5:checking-in 73 mabuhay
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 12:00:57z Reply K8JTT-7:Hello from Brownstown,MI de K8JTT
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 07:15:36z Reply KM6MCH-5:Hello from Southern California DE KM6MCH DM04wa
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 05:02:32z Reply N7SIX-10:Mabuhay! Hello hams! #APRSPh 73
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 03:42:38z Reply TG5ALY-14:Greetings everyone from Guatemala
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 03:42:10z Reply TG5ALY-14:Check-in from Guatemala
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 03:37:03z Reply CQ [space] msg to reply.LIST for recipients.LAST/LAST10 for history
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 03:37:01z Reply TI2BSH:Greetings from San José CR EJ79wv v. RED Pura Vida
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 00:27:48z Reply Ur also checked in! Stby for mesgs. Net resets 0000Z. aprsph.net
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/20 00:27:46z Reply No other checkins yet. You are first in today's log.
N4DJC-7 APRSPH 03/20 00:27:40z Send another CQ de Jerry EM84{053E0
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:27:01z Reply 5.03-19 2323Z N4DJC-7:in from South Carolina *
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:26:58z Reply 4.03-19 2212Z DU1AJ-9:GUD MORNING CHECKIN 73 *
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:26:56z Reply 3.03-19 2131Z KV4S-2:hello from Birmingham, AL!
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:26:53z Reply 2.03-19 1612Z N4WGM-7:FM18XS Maryland
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:26:51z Reply 1.03-19 1551Z DU2XXR-9:Hope ur enjoying APRS, Steve
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:26:49z Reply CQ[space]msg reply,LIST for recipients,HELP cmds. Info:aprsph.net
N4DJC-7 APRSPH 03/19 23:26:37z Send another LAST{AD1BA
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:25:56z Reply CQ[space]msg to join/chat. LAST for msg log. Info: aprsph.net
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:25:54z Reply 3/3:4S-2,DU1AJ-9,N4DJC-7,
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:25:51z Reply 2/3:YD0BCX-9,DU6DKL,DW3EBG-6,DW3EBG-3,KB9LBP-10,DW1IRF-4,N4WGM-7,KV
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:25:49z Reply 0319 1/3:W4SOE-5,TI2BSH,N7SIX-10,K8JTT-7,TI3IES-9,DX1CC-1,DU2XXR-9,
N4DJC-7 APRSPH 03/19 23:25:44z Send another LIST{6BB85
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:24:05z Reply Stdby for CQ msgs. Net renews @0000Z. aprsph.net for info.
APRSPH N4DJC-7 03/19 23:24:03z Reply RR N4DJC-7.CQ[spc]msg.LAST view history.LIST for recipients
N4DJC-7 APRSPH 03/19 23:23:58z Send another Checking in from South Carolina{E3A42
N4DJC-7 KB2M-4 03/19 23:02:33z Send another 73 de Jerry EM84{2E6A1
N4DJC-7 KE4AZZ-3 03/19 23:00:49z Send another 73 from EM84{6CB29
N4DJC-7 SMSGTE 03/19 17:36:28z Send another @8646427359 test{6959A
WXBOT N4DJC-7 03/19 15:53:46z Reply Northlake SC. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Monday,Sunny High 55{BW
N4DJC-7 WXBOT 03/19 15:53:39z Send another Tomorrow{6F953
WXBOT N4DJC-7 03/19 15:51:32z Reply Northlake SC. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Sunny High 52{BT
N4DJC-7 WXBOT 03/19 15:51:25z Send another today{17DAE
W7BAZ N4DJC-7 03/18 23:53:29z Reply Hello from EN73 {89
N4DJC-7 N1RCN 03/18 23:51:52z Send another 73 EM84{82983
N1RCN N4DJC-7 03/18 23:48:55z Reply Good Evening from EL87
N4DJC-7 KO4HKX-9 03/17 19:17:58z Send another Hey Patrick have a nice weekend. Jerry{4CBCB
KI5MFF-4 N4DJC-7 03/16 17:43:54z Reply Have a great day! 73!{FFB13
N4DJC-7 ANSRVR 03/16 01:43:22z Send another U HOTG{8D178
K2MBL-10 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:40:46z Reply N:HOTG testing
W7DTH-9 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:38:35z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73 W7DTH
PU1EPM-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:29:50z Reply N:HOTG happy by Paulo from Vitoria ES Brazil
K4LEN-1 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:28:30z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Lawrenceburg, TN
W3TXG-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:16:03z Reply N:HOTG lets go 400!Greetings from Pittsburgh, PA USA
AE8C-5 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:13:53z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday
9W2FYM-5 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:11:58z Reply N:HOTG check in for #aprsthursday net de 9W2FYM from West Malaysia
AE6LJ N4DJC-7 03/16 01:11:56z Reply N:HOTG WAIT don't start APRSThurs w/o me!
N2MAK-9 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:04:16z Reply N:HOTG My 1st #APRSTHURSDAY 73 N2MAK
NC4EB-6 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:03:42z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRS Thursday from NC4EB
KC5AV-2 N4DJC-7 03/16 01:00:38z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday de kc5av EM22tm
GW0TQM-9 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:56:55z Reply N:HOTG 73 de Carl IO83 th-d74e #aprsthursday
N3JF-9 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:53:10z Reply N:HOTG Live!
N3ZLL N4DJC-7 03/16 00:52:00z Reply N:HOTG Hello World #APRSTHURSDAY 73 N3ZLL
KY4TA-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:48:02z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY FM07
DW9JRA-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:45:10z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY. De DW9JRA from Davao Philippines
VA6GAC-9 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:44:54z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday Happy Day! From Calgary AB CAN
W9AUV-8 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:40:17z Reply N:HOTG EN51tu
VE6BR-9 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:40:04z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from Okotoks,Alberta,Canada 73
KM6GUO-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:39:54z Reply N:HOTG greeting
K4CIH-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:37:58z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #APRSTHURSDAY! 73 K4CIH
9W2XVM-5 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:37:35z Reply N:HOTG : Happy #aprsthursday and have a nice day
KM6GUO-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:36:08z Reply N:HOTG california
KD5PCK-5 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:35:36z Reply N:HOTG happy Thursday.
N5NDC-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:31:46z Reply N:HOTG #APRSthursday 73 de N5NDC in East Texas
N4EJM-6 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:27:04z Reply N:HOTG Follow N4EJM on Twitter, IG & Mastodon. (via DMR) 73
TG5ALY-14 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:23:53z Reply N:HOTG My position 145815N/912520W
N7ZJL-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:23:27z Reply N:HOTG hello from OR
TG5ALY-14 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:20:56z Reply N:HOTG My position
K7XYG-9 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:20:35z Reply QSL 73 DE K7XYG Phoenix YAESU FTM-400 #yaesugang{54
N3JF-3 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:20:21z Reply N:HOTG Live and direct from SoCal, it's #APRSThursday!
TG5ALY-14 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:20:13z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from Guatemala
KC8OWL-7 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:19:08z Reply thank you for helping us reach 400+checkins this week! 73 kc8owl{15
M0NPQ-9 N4DJC-7 03/16 00:18:46z Reply rej 
ANSRVR N4DJC-7 03/16 00:18:40z Reply N:HOTG 49 Messages Sent
N4DJC-7 KF5THB-7 03/16 00:18:40z Send another N:HOTG APRS Thursday from South Carolina
N4DJC-7 ANSRVR 03/16 00:18:40z Send another cq hotg APRS Thursday from South Carolina{ED262
N4OVQ-7 N4DJC-7 03/15 13:10:30z Reply Hey{33
N4DJC-7 N4OVQ-7 03/15 13:07:19z Send another Doing okay?{67223
N4DJC-7 N4OVQ-7 03/15 13:05:24z Send another Hey{D9AF6
ANSRVR N4DJC-7 03/09 02:23:23z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group
N4DJC-7 ANSRVR 03/09 02:23:22z Send another U hotg{A00B4
KI5WMN-4 N4DJC-7 03/09 02:18:54z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Net 73s de KI5WMN Laredo Tx USA
GRYLCP-12 N4DJC-7 03/09 02:18:44z Reply N:HOTG AB1PH Don Walpole MA via RF
NC6J-7 N4DJC-7 03/09 02:08:52z Reply N:HOTG happy aprs thursday
N6QP-7 N4DJC-7 03/09 02:07:04z Reply N:HOTG check in get on the map
KB5BDR-5 N4DJC-7 03/09 01:59:00z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday 73 kb5bdr
N6SGT-11 N4DJC-7 03/09 01:53:14z Reply N:HOTG APRS Thursday de N6SGT
KB2HSH N4DJC-7 03/09 01:49:53z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday de KB2HSH
G4WLC N4DJC-7 03/09 01:48:29z Reply N:HOTG 73 de Forest Of Dean
VE3OZW-3 N4DJC-7 03/09 01:46:31z Reply N:HOTG check me in from Mildmay Ontario Canada
KE0CSL-1 N4DJC-7 03/09 01:45:20z Reply N:HOTG Check in from Nebraska!
TI3IES-9 N4DJC-7 03/09 01:45:19z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Costa Rica via DMR