N3UPY-9 messages

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N3UPY-9 KA8YES 02/19 14:22:47z Send another got you at 75 miles{19
N1PEB-6 N3UPY-9 02/15 23:27:22z Reply N1PEB FN42 in MA. QSL?{3
NS3L-3 N3UPY-9 02/15 00:17:58z Reply Ur 59 - Nazareth, Pa. FN20HQ 73
KC4LE N3UPY-9 02/15 00:17:06z Reply hi from Red EM63
N3UPY-9 KA8YES 02/12 18:36:40z Send another test{17
VA3NNA N3UPY-9 02/09 20:35:40z Reply UR 599 in FN03ks ONTARIO QSL?
W8KRF-6 N3UPY-9 02/07 20:44:09z Reply UR 59 in Cleveland OH EN91ck 73
KA8YES-6 N3UPY-9 02/07 02:27:23z Reply Got your message, Thanks for the QSO
N3UPY-9 BLNQSL3/3 02/07 02:14:10z Send another KC8BEW-9,KE3I
N3UPY-9 BLNQSL2/3 02/07 02:14:10z Send another KA8YEZ-3,AB8KT-2,K7SOB-13,WA3WZR-1,N8MIN-7,N3FB-2,N8GD,KC8WX-1,
N3UPY-5 N3UPY-9 02/06 04:23:54z Reply Hello!
KD8SKZ N3UPY-9 02/05 17:45:20z Reply ?APRST{T0001
KC3AWP-10 N3UPY-9 01/30 01:37:57z Reply ignoring someone is rude lol{QA}
KC3AWP-10 N3UPY-9 01/30 01:29:33z Reply howdy{PZ}
N3UPY-9 N3QBI 01/12 19:19:59z Send another test test reply{14
N3UPY-9 W8KRF-1 01/03 04:17:50z Send another do you know how to use these radios to properly work iss?{11
N3UPY N3UPY-9 01/02 23:37:30z Reply test test blah blah blah yadda yadda 11111
N3UPY-9 KA8YES 12/31 01:09:17z Send another well i put the iss in my digi pathwhen i go to bed ill set freq{10
N3UPY-9 KA8YES 12/30 00:42:48z Send another im looking how to make one now{09
KA8YES N3UPY-9 12/30 00:38:56z Reply i have two egg beaters
N3UPY-9 KA8YES 12/30 00:33:04z Send another yeah not much i can do about it right now{08
KA8YES N3UPY-9 12/30 00:28:26z Reply thats a horrible ant for that.....
N3UPY-9 KA8YES 12/30 00:27:49z Send another i didnt hear a peep from the 84. still not sure what im doing lol{07
KA8YES N3UPY-9 12/30 00:23:29z Reply now you need to operate SATS
N3UPY-9 KA8YES 12/30 00:23:05z Send another now im cooking. cant believe i didnt think of that sooner{06
KA8YES N3UPY-9 12/29 22:55:27z Reply can you switch freq on there?
KA8YES N3UPY-9 12/29 22:53:23z Reply using 10 element yagi with HT 1 WATT
N3UPY-9 KA8YES 12/29 22:52:53z Send another are you using the low power radio?{04
N3UPY-9 KA8YES 12/29 22:51:42z Send another I got one msg{03
KA8YES N3UPY-9 12/29 22:49:49z Reply how are you?
KA8YES N3UPY-9 12/29 22:41:05z Reply QSL and 73
N3UPY N3UPY-9 12/29 22:10:16z Reply test test blah blah blah yadda yadda
N3UPY N3UPY-9 12/29 21:47:13z Reply test
N3UPY-9 WLNK-1 12/29 18:37:06z Send another SP NEUPY88@GMAIL.COM TEST {01
N3UPY-9 WLNK-1 12/29 18:36:34z Send another testmessage to: NEUPY88@GMAIL.COM. Send /EX when complete.{02
WLNK-1 N3UPY-9 12/29 18:34:11z Reply New message to: NEUPY88@GMAIL.COM. Send /EX when complete.{207