N3UPY-9 messages

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N3UPY-9 KC3AWP-9 07/19 00:11:35z Send another i wish i could make that sound{32
K4KDR-6 N3UPY-9 07/18 04:00:44z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KB2M-4 N3UPY-9 07/14 12:24:52z Reply HI FM29{5
N3UPY-9 KC3AWP-9 07/11 20:15:13z Send another id like to and findout about my tyt{31
KC3AWP-9 N3UPY-9 07/11 19:55:04z Reply i understand hopfuly see u there. if not im sure ill see u around{27
N3UPY-9 KC3AWP-9 07/11 19:53:21z Send another i always try just dont work well with work{30
KC3AWP-9 N3UPY-9 07/11 19:50:30z Reply you coming to meeting next tuesday?{26
N3UPY-9 KC3AWP-9 07/11 19:50:11z Send another im just getting back to town{28
N3UPY-9 KC3AWP-9 07/11 19:48:14z Send another lol thanks{29
N3UPY-9 KC3AWP-9 07/11 19:47:25z Send another sup{27
KC3AWP-9 N3UPY-9 07/11 19:47:19z Reply welcome back home! lol{25
KC3AWP-9 N3UPY-9 07/11 19:44:36z Reply running errands headding home now{24
KC3AWP-9 N3UPY-9 07/11 19:43:16z Reply yo!{23
KC4LE N3UPY-9 06/20 15:29:07z Reply hi from Red EM63
VE3XID N3UPY-9 06/16 23:56:15z Reply Hello Shawn... 400{86
N3UPY-9 N1NHT-14 06/15 08:23:23z Send another 73 DE N3UPY{26