N3FCX-4 messages

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N2XJS-9 N3FCX-4 02/16 12:37:47z Reply AA:Thx for contact, driving can't reply 73
N3FCX-4 N2XJS-9 02/16 12:28:29z Send another OK{14
N3FCX-4 N2XJS-9 02/16 12:24:00z Send another TONY HAVE A GUD TRIP DAN{13
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/16 02:08:37z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 1 attempts remaining{39
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/16 02:08:36z Send another H tt{12
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/16 02:07:36z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{38
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/16 02:07:36z Send another SP 612{11
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/16 02:04:42z Send another rej37
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/16 02:04:36z Reply Login [612]:{37
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/16 02:04:36z Send another SP tt{10
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/15 14:31:51z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 0 attempts remaining{682
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/15 14:18:16z Send another SP N3FCX-10{9
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/15 12:19:51z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 1 attempts remaining{678
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/15 12:19:51z Send another ? 524{6
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/15 12:17:54z Reply SP, SMS, L, R#, K#, Y#, F#, P, G, A, I, PR, B (? + cmd for more){677
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/15 12:17:53z Send another H{5
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/15 12:17:08z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{676
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/15 12:17:07z Send another 524{4
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/15 12:16:32z Reply Login [524]:{675
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/15 12:16:32z Send another N3FCX SP ? H{3
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/14 15:21:52z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 1 attempts remaining{590
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/14 15:06:51z Send another N3FCX SP{2
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/14 13:44:15z Reply Login [653]:{576
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/14 13:30:18z Send another N3FCX SP{0
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/14 13:29:17z Send another N3FCX SP{1
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 02/13 22:58:01z Send another FB ON THE PACTOR CONNECTIONS{99
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 02/12 21:47:16z Reply Login [325]:{456
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/12 21:33:16z Send another N3FCX SP{97
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 02/12 21:32:16z Send another N3FCX SP{98
TA5AHO-4 N3FCX-4 02/11 18:12:09z Reply Thank you DANIEL{2752
TA5AHO-4 N3FCX-4 02/11 18:11:05z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via ISS{2751
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/10 17:31:50z Reply Overcast temp 41{12
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/09 22:38:12z Reply Rainy day here tomorrow.{10
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 02/09 22:19:53z Send another TREE GUYS TMMW TEMP 47 VIA ISS{95
K4KDR-6 N3FCX-4 02/09 22:19:21z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/09 20:32:02z Reply Watching XFL football. Halftime now.{09
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/09 16:03:27z Reply When it's on lol!!!{08
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 02/09 15:58:58z Send another 220 ROCKS{89
N3FCX-4 KD2RCQ 02/09 15:57:39z Send another GD DANNY VIA ISS{88
N3FCX-4 KD2RCQ 02/09 15:50:17z Send another GD DANNY VIA ISS{86
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 02/09 14:47:22z Send another YA !!!!{82
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/09 14:44:41z Reply Nice living in the tropics lol!{07
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 02/09 14:42:43z Send another OK ON SNOW TEMP 40 SUNNY{81
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/09 14:37:13z Reply Snow stopping. 1 inch. Temp 23{06
N2XJS-12 N3FCX-4 02/08 02:51:52z Reply 19deg heading down in mrng catch u on 20a 73{45
N3FCX-4 N2XJS-12 02/07 23:15:03z Send another TEMP 37 STILL WINDY{80
N2XJS-12 N3FCX-4 02/07 22:56:31z Reply Copy 19deg 5in snow 73{44
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/07 22:27:31z Reply Down to 26 the wind is drying things up.{02
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 02/07 22:07:30z Send another TEMP 37 STILL WINDY{79
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/07 21:06:32z Reply Very windy. Temp dropping 28{00
W8LG N3FCX-4 02/07 17:24:46z Reply Good copy from Kopperston, WV. 73 via ISS
N3FCX-4 N2XJS-12 02/07 17:24:25z Send another WX CLDY TEMP 41 VIA ISS{78
TA5AHO-4 N3FCX-4 02/06 21:10:24z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via APRS{1417
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/06 21:09:57z Reply {98
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/06 21:09:52z Reply Heavy fog too.{97
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 02/06 21:07:54z Send another FB 43 LIGHT RAIN{76
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 02/06 20:30:12z Reply Ok I'll check it out.{95
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 02/06 19:53:03z Send another SENT U A PACTOR MGS {75
N3FCX-4 N2XJS-12 02/05 10:19:23z Send another SAW MOBILE VIDEO FB{71
N3FCX-4 KD2RCQ 02/05 10:13:33z Send another RECEIVED MGS DANNY FB{70
N2XJS-12 N3FCX-4 02/04 11:26:46z Reply Gd mrng 34dgs 73{35
N3FCX-4 N2XJS-9 02/03 12:23:46z Send another HAVE A GUD TRIP{64
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 01/31 10:35:00z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{1550
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 01/31 10:35:00z Send another H 162{60
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 01/31 10:33:36z Reply Login [162]:{1549
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 01/31 10:33:35z Send another ? APRS{59
TA5AHO-4 N3FCX-4 01/25 21:22:20z Reply Greetings from TURKEY{94
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/23 17:18:14z Reply 37 here. Mostly cloudy.{55
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 01/23 17:04:54z Send another TEMP 44{55
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 01/23 12:27:40z Reply Login [314]:{1134
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 01/23 12:27:39z Send another N3FCX H L{54
N3FCX-4 N2XJS-12 01/23 12:19:06z Send another OK ON 14 WE DROPED TO 22{53
N3FCX-4 N2XJS-9 01/23 12:15:12z Send another TONY HAVE A SAFE TRIP{52
N2XJS-12 N3FCX-4 01/23 09:52:06z Reply GD MRNG 14 DEGS IN MTNS{23
N3FCX-4 N2XJS-9 01/22 13:17:47z Send another TONY HAVE A SAFE TRIP{51
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 01/22 10:32:12z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 1 attempts remaining{1026
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 01/22 10:32:11z Send another N3FCX 463{50
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 01/22 10:29:55z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{1025
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 01/22 10:29:54z Send another 463{49
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 01/22 10:28:39z Reply Login [463]:{1024
N3FCX-4 WLNK-1 01/22 10:28:39z Send another N3FCX H L{48
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/21 19:01:18z Reply 29 and overcast{49
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 01/20 19:32:49z Send another INSTALL 4100 WEEK STILL TIRED !!!{47
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/20 19:32:25z Reply LOL!!!{44
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/20 19:24:56z Reply You could track Addy...{43
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 01/20 19:24:23z Send another INSTALL PLUS ANT NO WAY{46
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/20 19:17:43z Reply Another Knwd 710G for the mobile?{42
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 01/20 19:14:36z Send another WHO KNOWS ???{45
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/20 18:38:14z Reply Time to buy new radios!!!{41
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 01/20 18:36:48z Send another THEIR IN AC{44
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/20 17:11:47z Reply Did Addy get to AC?{40
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/20 12:53:33z Reply Good Morning Will! About to write you an email.{96
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 01/20 12:00:14z Send another OK{43
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/20 11:59:14z Reply Test{95
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/20 11:58:23z Reply Test{94
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 01/20 00:25:26z Send another TEMP 31 LOW TONIGHT 22 VIA ISS{42
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 01/19 21:02:36z Send another UI-VIEW OK{40
WB2LMV N3FCX-4 01/19 19:20:43z Reply UI-View32 working like a charm!{85
WLNK-1 N3FCX-4 01/19 18:44:12z Reply Login [146]:{882
N3FCX-4 WB2LMV 01/19 18:40:27z Send another SHOVELING DON'T OVER DO IT !!!{39