N3FCX messages

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N3FCX KA1UDX-1 08/13 00:29:13z Send another Path - KA1UDX-1>APU25N,TCPIP*
N3FCX WB2LMV 08/07 23:06:35z Send another So far 0.68 just drizzle out their now
WB2LMV N3FCX 08/07 20:49:55z Reply Not much rain. Light rain off and on.{KK}
N3FCX KA1UDX-1 08/05 08:23:19z Send another DX: BARNGT 39.45.65N 74.15.57W 56.4 miles 100 03:30
N3FCX KA1UDX-1 07/31 14:17:37z Send another Path - KA1UDX-1>APU25N,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1*
KA1UDX-1 N3FCX 07/31 14:17:35z Reply ?APRST
WB2LMV N3FCX 07/24 22:11:31z Reply FB on getting the power back on so quickly!{DQ}
N3FCX WB2LMV 07/24 16:49:49z Send another ok on the gud report !!!!!!!!!
WB2LMV N3FCX 07/24 15:00:02z Reply Got a good report. A1C 6.6{DP}
WB2LMV N3FCX 07/24 14:59:25z Reply No more 30 for now.{DO}
WB2LMV N3FCX 07/24 12:13:01z Reply Switched from 30 mtrs back to 2 mtrs. 30 is dead I'm giving up.{DN}
N3FCX KA1UDX-1 06/17 19:40:24z Send another Msg received for winlink 145.010 MHz de dan
N3FCX KA1UDX-1 06/16 19:42:48z Send another DX: BARNGT 39.45.65N 74.15.57W 56.4 miles 100 15:29
KA1UDX-1 N3FCX 06/16 19:42:47z Reply ?DX
N3FCX KA1UDX-1 06/16 19:42:10z Send another UI-View32 V2.03
KA1UDX-1 N3FCX 06/16 19:42:08z Reply ?APRSS