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N3FCX WD4KAV 04/23 21:32:20z Send another glenn will help u gud man on aprs de dan
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/23 18:31:55z Reply learn{OV}
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/23 18:31:53z Reply Good Morning. Just got APRSIS working properly yesterday.Lots to+{OU}
N3FCX WD4KAV 04/23 15:28:55z Send another Hi de Dan was talking to wb2lmv we connect every morning
WB2LMV N3FCX 04/20 14:32:54z Reply No ISS today.{XN}
K8DBD N3FCX 04/19 03:47:11z Reply hello{43
KB1PVH-6 N3FCX 04/18 21:24:21z Reply PLEASE REDUCE BEACONS
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/18 20:25:17z Reply getting "acks" when sending messages via APRSIS. {GG}
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/18 20:13:24z Reply Glen... WB2LMV and I are trying to figure out why we are not+{GF}
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/18 19:53:26z Reply testing for "acks"{GE}
WB2LMV N3FCX 04/18 19:45:38z Reply Test.{CV}
N3FCX N2UFL 04/18 18:08:45z Send another HI SAM DE DAN VIA ISS{69
WU2M N3FCX 04/17 22:16:52z Reply Hello All. From WU2M Op:Rocco FN23tb
N3FCX AB3AP 04/17 17:25:56z Send another HI DE DAN VIA ISS{59
N3FCX AB3AP 04/17 17:25:02z Send another HI DE DAN VIA ISS{60
N3FCX K4KDR-6 04/16 18:42:59z Send another hi de the iss location 10 miles s/w of phila. pa. de dan
N3FCX N1RCN 04/16 18:41:22z Send another gud to see u on the iss de dan fm29iv
N1RCN N3FCX 04/16 16:38:48z Reply 73 via ISS de n1rcn el 87 n1rcn@amsat.org
N3FCX K4KDR-6 04/15 17:49:34z Send another Gud to see u on the Iss de dan
WB2LMV N3FCX 04/15 02:11:27z Reply thanks Dan!{AG}
K4KDR-6 N3FCX 04/15 00:56:28z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N3FCX WB2LMV-3 04/15 00:55:06z Send another GUD TO SEE UR GATE UP AGA DE DAN{53
N3FCX WB2LMV-3 04/15 00:54:42z Send another GUD TO SEE UR GATE UP AGA DE DAN{51
N3FCX AB1OC 04/13 21:08:36z Send another tnx for 5/9 de dan fm29iv
AB1OC N3FCX 04/13 20:56:18z Reply UR 599 FN42er FN42er Hollis, NH USA OP Fred DE AB1OC
N3FCX N2UFL 04/12 21:49:08z Send another HI SAM DE DAN VIA ISS{48
N3FCX N2UFL 04/12 13:30:04z Send another Sam we hv to get on a rpt and go over this stuff!!!!!!
N2UFL N3FCX 04/12 02:01:15z Reply Ok I will you have to tell me how I can work them ISS{QV}
N3FCX N2UFL 04/12 02:00:41z Send another Ok Sam sounds gud just worked Iss tell mark I sai hi
N2UFL N3FCX 04/12 01:18:30z Reply chat on a repeater some time{QT}
N2UFL N3FCX 04/12 01:18:27z Reply Hi me too I could use some help with this program. Maybe we could+{QS}
N3FCX N2UFL 04/11 22:20:09z Send another Gud to hear de u Sam just wish I cud reach u on simplex dan
N3FCX N3TSZ 04/10 18:43:35z Send another HI PATRICK HPE TO SEE U ON D-STAR VIA ISS{43
N3FCX N3TSZ 04/08 23:45:01z Send another Gud cpy on u Patrick de Dan
N3TSZ N3FCX 04/08 12:36:59z Reply I am trying APRS messaging for the first time.{HW}
K3RLD-1 N3FCX 04/05 21:25:54z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{95
N3FCX KF4FC 04/04 20:47:32z Send another Hi de Dan fm29iv
KF4FC N3FCX 04/04 20:43:30z Reply DE KF4FC FM08
K3RLD-1 N3FCX 04/02 21:30:26z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{86
K3RLD-1 N3FCX 04/02 21:29:26z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{87
N3FCX N2UFL 03/28 23:35:31z Send another HI SAM VIA ISS DE DAN{27
N3FCX N2UFL 03/28 23:34:38z Send another HI SAM VIA ISS DE DAN{26
N3FCX K3RLD-1 03/28 11:45:21z Send another Gud to see u on Iss aga de Dan fm29iv
K3RLD-1 N3FCX 03/28 00:27:20z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{77
N3FCX N2UFL 03/27 02:33:43z Send another don't worry we'll get u squared away sam de dan
N2UFL N3FCX 03/27 02:21:57z Reply Ok I will but how do I set it up{YZ}
N3FCX KF4FC 03/27 02:20:11z Send another Gud to see u on the bird de Dan fm29iv
N3FCX N2UFL 03/27 02:18:09z Send another On the pass if u use winlink use a sidd of N3fcx-10 cul sam
N3FCX N2UFL 03/27 02:16:15z Send another 24/7 tmmw will try to get a msg through the Iss all depends
N3FCX N2UFL 03/27 02:14:44z Send another Winlink u can reach me on 145.010 also both stations are up
N3FCX N2UFL 03/27 02:13:01z Send another No problem sam will send u all the files tmmw if u hv
N2UFL N3FCX 03/27 01:26:50z Reply Thanks Dan{JA}
N2UFL N3FCX 03/27 01:26:43z Reply Email address sfd434@yahoo.com{IZ}
N2UFL N3FCX 03/27 01:26:08z Reply different prg{IY}
N2UFL N3FCX 03/27 01:26:07z Reply give me a Cmd propmt to reset the PK232.. I want to try a+{IX}
N2UFL N3FCX 03/27 01:26:05z Reply software and Trea term as a termial program The Terea term won`t+{IW}
N2UFL N3FCX 03/27 01:26:05z Reply a new one this one is back in the 90`s I am running AEA PK232+{IV}
N2UFL N3FCX 03/27 01:26:04z Reply into host mode so I can use regular packet ...it an old PK232 not+{IU}
N2UFL N3FCX 03/27 01:26:02z Reply Dan The problem is that I can not get the PK232 out of KIss mod+{IT}
N3FCX N2UFL 03/27 00:59:10z Send another if u hv winlink u can send mgs on 145.010 also de dan
N3FCX N2UFL 03/27 00:57:25z Send another fb tnx for msg tell mark i'll will listen for him on simplex
N2UFL N3FCX 03/26 22:03:09z Reply Hi Mark sends his Regards he will catch up to you on 390 soon.{EV}
N3FCX KC5ILO-7 03/19 11:33:13z Send another HI DE DAN FM29IV{10