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N3FCX KA1UDX-1 01/10 20:41:49z Send another Path - KA1UDX-1>APU25N,WI3Z-1,WIDE1,K3TU,WIDE2*
KA1UDX-1 N3FCX 01/10 20:41:43z Reply ?APRST
N3FCX K8JMH 01/03 15:49:33z Send another what do u hv the cpy on iss or winlink ?????
K8JMH N3FCX 01/03 14:48:32z Reply I have a copyon U de K8JMH {41
N3FCX NE3R-7 01/02 17:51:30z Send another Tnx de Dan fm29iv
NE3R-7 N3FCX 01/02 17:43:08z Reply Nice to see you via the ISS{12
N3FCX N1OSJ-7 12/31 19:36:33z Send another Happy New Years de dan
WB2LMV N3FCX 12/30 00:20:55z Reply I hate high winds!!!{GL}
N3FCX WB2LMV 12/30 00:11:53z Send another Ok on the 6 ins forecast for winds between 40 es 50 mph
WB2LMV N3FCX 12/29 22:48:40z Reply We got about 6 inches.{GI}
N3FCX WB2LMV 12/29 19:52:00z Send another rain has stoped temp 44
WB2LMV N3FCX 12/29 16:36:54z Reply Still snowing - Temp 29 degrees.{GH}
N3FCX N3FCX-10 12/23 20:25:30z Send another Test 12/23/16
N3FCX KA8YES-6 12/23 17:17:40z Send another Nice to see u on the Iss ur I-gate doing a great job de dan
KA8YES-6 N3FCX 12/23 15:05:41z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
N3FCX WB2LMV-3 12/07 22:03:22z Send another Ok on getting me direct fb
N3FCX K4KDR-6 12/05 02:00:46z Send another Hope to cu aga on the Iss de Dan fm29iv
N3FCX K3WS-1 12/05 01:59:36z Send another Hi de Dan fm29iv
KE3LB N3FCX 12/04 23:56:40z Reply thanks 73:)
KE3LB N3FCX 12/04 23:31:53z Reply FN21fl pse call 73 via ISS
K4KDR-6 N3FCX 12/02 22:01:18z Reply Heard you via ISS-UHF in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N3FCX N3FCX-3 11/30 20:30:57z Send another Test 11/29/16
N3FCX K4KDR-6 11/28 01:48:56z Send another Tnx for the report de the Iss Dan fm29iv 🚀
WB2LMV N3FCX 11/24 23:01:03z Reply Could you view the snow video?{AX}