N3FCX messages

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N3FCX KA1UDX-1 06/17 19:40:24z Send another Msg received for winlink 145.010 MHz de dan
N3FCX KA1UDX-1 06/16 19:42:48z Send another DX: BARNGT 39.45.65N 74.15.57W 56.4 miles 100 15:29
KA1UDX-1 N3FCX 06/16 19:42:47z Reply ?DX
N3FCX KA1UDX-1 06/16 19:42:10z Send another UI-View32 V2.03
KA1UDX-1 N3FCX 06/16 19:42:08z Reply ?APRSS
N3FCX K2ARK 06/02 15:27:39z Send another Hi Anthony de Dan hv a safe trip
N3FCX WB2LMV 05/27 02:20:41z Send another great on hb9
WB2LMV N3FCX 05/27 01:30:53z Reply I also have HB9ZF{PM}
N3FCX WB2LMV 05/27 00:39:04z Send another Ok on n9 k4kpn-10 heard me
WB2LMV N3FCX 05/26 23:11:25z Reply I got n9zge{PL}
N3FCX WB2LMV 05/26 22:21:28z Send another One night did not get active till 8:30
WB2LMV N3FCX 05/26 21:45:29z Reply Ok on 6:00...5:45 now and zero.{PK}
N3FCX WB2LMV 05/26 21:34:23z Send another should pick up acativey abt 6:oo
WB2LMV N3FCX 05/26 19:36:42z Reply 30 on all day. So far nothing.{PJ}
N3FCX WB2LMV 05/26 19:23:21z Send another Fb i'llhv 30 on abt 5:00 today
WB2LMV N3FCX 05/26 11:52:20z Reply I'm back on 30 meters. No sid.{PI}
WB2LMV N3FCX 05/25 23:49:39z Reply Got your message FB.{JE}
N3FCX WD4KAV 04/23 21:32:20z Send another glenn will help u gud man on aprs de dan
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/23 18:31:55z Reply learn{OV}
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/23 18:31:53z Reply Good Morning. Just got APRSIS working properly yesterday.Lots to+{OU}
N3FCX WD4KAV 04/23 15:28:55z Send another Hi de Dan was talking to wb2lmv we connect every morning
WB2LMV N3FCX 04/20 14:32:54z Reply No ISS today.{XN}
K8DBD N3FCX 04/19 03:47:11z Reply hello{43
KB1PVH-6 N3FCX 04/18 21:24:21z Reply PLEASE REDUCE BEACONS
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/18 20:25:17z Reply getting "acks" when sending messages via APRSIS. {GG}
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/18 20:13:24z Reply Glen... WB2LMV and I are trying to figure out why we are not+{GF}
WD4KAV N3FCX 04/18 19:53:26z Reply testing for "acks"{GE}
WB2LMV N3FCX 04/18 19:45:38z Reply Test.{CV}
N3FCX N2UFL 04/18 18:08:45z Send another HI SAM DE DAN VIA ISS{69
N3FCX WU2M 04/17 22:34:44z Send another Hi de Dan fm29iv
WU2M N3FCX 04/17 22:16:52z Reply Hello All. From WU2M Op:Rocco FN23tb
N3FCX AB3AP 04/17 17:25:56z Send another HI DE DAN VIA ISS{59
N3FCX AB3AP 04/17 17:25:02z Send another HI DE DAN VIA ISS{60
N3FCX K4KDR-6 04/16 18:42:59z Send another hi de the iss location 10 miles s/w of phila. pa. de dan
N3FCX N1RCN 04/16 18:41:22z Send another gud to see u on the iss de dan fm29iv
K4KDR-6 N3FCX 04/16 16:41:36z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N1RCN N3FCX 04/16 16:38:48z Reply 73 via ISS de n1rcn el 87 n1rcn@amsat.org