N2UFM-1 messages

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N2UFM-1 ALL 10/22 17:59:53z Send another Hello from N2UFM-1 via ISS
KE4AZZ-6 N2UFM-1 10/13 16:04:58z Reply QSL de KE4AZZ EL87 73{56
N4JXP-7 N2UFM-1 10/13 16:04:46z Reply QSL in EM50 de Jon N4JXP{13
N2UFM-1 ALL 10/13 16:04:26z Send another Good Afternoon from N2UFM-1 via ISS
N2UFL-7 N2UFM-1 10/10 17:54:01z Reply do you see me{2
N2UFL-7 N2UFM-1 10/10 17:43:42z Reply hi tom{1
N2UFM-1 N2UFL-1 10/10 16:41:43z Send another Hi Buddy....BOSTON WINS!!!!.....BOSTON WINS!!!
VE3XID N2UFM-1 10/04 17:49:44z Reply Got your msg via WB2ZII-15 to ISS, Thomas. 73 de Jim in Cornwall ON{78
VE3XID N2UFM-1 10/04 17:41:49z Reply Got your msg via ISS to APRS-Is, Thomas. 73 de Jim in Cornwall ON{77
N2UFM-1 ALL 10/04 17:28:31z Send another Hello de N2UFM-1 via ISS