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W1JT N1IQI 01/14 22:03:05z Reply Got the "test" Loren...no problems{75
N1IQI W1JT 01/14 15:35:59z Send another test{84
W1JT N1IQI 01/01 02:04:29z Reply The same to you Loren...HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ME AND ELAYNE{49
N1IQI W1JT 01/01 01:30:16z Send another HAPPY NWE YEAR!!!!!{83
KC1HHO-1 N1IQI 12/30 18:58:56z Reply are you watching Patriots game?{2
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/30 14:13:53z Send another Good Morning Greg...{82
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 12/29 20:29:49z Reply new aprs user KC1CIC cool{13
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 19:01:14z Send another can always put it in the attic{81
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 18:57:49z Send another AND RADIO{80
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 18:54:24z Send another will have to get you another antenna for APRS{79
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 18:52:19z Send another Now we can have some fun he he{78
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 18:52:12z Send another have you on the map{77
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 18:51:23z Send another on the map weeee{76
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 18:49:55z Send another now i got ya{75
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 18:45:19z Send another I see you have it setup and running{73
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 18:35:21z Send another I DO NOT SEE YOU ON THE MAP{72
N1IQI KC1CIC 12/29 18:33:37z Send another HELLO GREG{71
KC1CIC N1IQI 12/29 17:37:59z Reply Hello from Greg{6
KC1HHO-1 N1IQI 12/29 01:38:46z Reply dont forget when you want to put up a new antenna lt me know{1
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 12/28 20:24:07z Reply always here to help just let me know where & when{07
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 12/28 20:17:47z Send another But looking to put up a vertical{70
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 12/28 20:16:50z Send another Antenna is a three element beam.{69
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 12/28 20:16:05z Send another I am running UI view on a old windows 98 computer..{68
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 12/28 20:15:50z Send another that is fine you are doing great on APRS!!!{67
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 12/28 20:12:59z Reply doing what I can with what I have a lot of fun{06
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 12/28 19:34:59z Send another GOOD TO SEE YOU UP AND RUNNING{66
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 12/28 19:33:35z Reply good to see APRS back on!{05
W1JT-9 N1IQI 12/27 13:00:37z Reply good morning{93
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 12/27 12:18:28z Reply good to see APRS back on!{04
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 12/27 12:04:34z Reply good to see APRS back on!{03
WA1BEE N1IQI 12/27 00:49:29z Reply Hope you had a good Christmas Allen {1
W1JT N1IQI 12/26 20:59:37z Reply Happy New Year!!{19
W1JT N1IQI 12/26 20:59:24z Reply time to respond...thanks for your kind words{18
W1JT N1IQI 12/26 20:56:15z Reply Got your message in the car too but didn't have {17
W1JT N1IQI 12/26 20:56:05z Reply we spent time with family.{16
W1JT N1IQI 12/26 20:56:00z Reply together and then opened presents. In the afternoon {15
W1JT N1IQI 12/26 20:54:51z Reply a very nice Christmas...Elayne and I had a nice breakfast{14
W1JT N1IQI 12/26 20:54:42z Reply Hi Loren, good to hear from you again. Yes, we had{13
N1IQI W1JT 12/26 13:37:19z Send another Hope you and elayne had a good christmas.{65
N1IQI W1JT 12/26 13:36:35z Send another yesterday had gone to my granddaughters for dinner{64
N1IQI W1JT 12/26 13:35:53z Send another Good morning jim sorry wasn'thome{63
W1JT N1IQI 12/25 01:48:55z Reply Not my favorite job!{12
W1JT N1IQI 12/25 01:47:46z Reply I just got done wrapping presents.....{11
W1JT N1IQI 12/25 01:41:47z Reply Nice to see you on APRS{10
W1JT N1IQI 12/25 01:41:20z Reply I hope Santa Claus is VERY GOOD to you!{09
W1JT N1IQI 12/25 01:40:09z Reply Merry Christmas to you and your wife Loren!{08
W1JT N1IQI 12/25 01:37:59z Reply wondering how you are doing.{07
W1JT N1IQI 12/25 01:35:46z Reply Believe it or not I was just thinking about you and {06
N1IQI W1JT 12/25 01:29:14z Send another mERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Elayne{62
K4KDR-6 N1IQI 12/08 18:01:16z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es