N1HQL-9 messages

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N1NCB-1 N1HQL-9 07/12 14:24:19z Reply Just found msg fn53 Brunswick Me catch u next pass 73
N1HQL-9 K0KOC-7 07/08 05:55:19z Send another 73 from Malden MA{0
K4KDR-6 N1HQL-9 07/08 05:54:41z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N1HQL-9 N1NCB-1 07/04 07:35:43z Send another Hi from gs FN42KK! {0
KE0VPR-7 N1HQL-9 06/09 23:34:24z Reply rgr that! need hotspot,no dstar repeater here :({3
N1HQL-9 KE0VPR-7 06/09 23:24:41z Send another re d-star see Don Arnold's videos on youtube{6
KE0VPR-7 N1HQL-9 06/09 23:01:51z Reply this is very cool! D-Star is next puzzle!{1
KE0VPR-7 N1HQL-9 06/09 23:00:05z Reply AA:I will reply as soon as I can Thank you!
KE0VPR-7 N1HQL-9 06/09 23:00:05z Reply 73 from Colorado Springs!{0
N1HQL-9 KE0VPR-7 06/09 22:58:19z Send another that seems to have worked!{5
N1HQL-9 KE0VPR-7 06/09 22:30:16z Send another 73 from Malden MA{4
WXBOT N1HQL-9 06/09 22:26:15z Reply ing Clouds Low 55{HU
WXBOT N1HQL-9 06/09 22:26:10z Reply 6 Miles S Blue Mound KS. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Decreas{HT
N1HQL-9 WXBOT 06/09 22:26:02z Send another n1hql{3
SMSGTE N1HQL-9 06/09 22:24:47z Reply @6174074935 Ok{M3241
WXBOT N1HQL-9 06/09 22:15:01z Reply ing Clouds Low 55{HS
WXBOT N1HQL-9 06/09 22:14:56z Reply 6 Miles S Blue Mound KS. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Decreas{HR
N1HQL-9 WXBOT 06/09 22:14:49z Send another n1hql{2
N1HQL-9 KE0VPR-7 06/09 22:11:09z Send another 73 from Malden MA{1
SMSGTE N1HQL-9 06/09 22:08:33z Reply @6174074935 Sounds good{M3239
N1HQL-9 SMSGTE 06/09 22:07:55z Send another @6174074935 at home{0
CQSRVR N1HQL-9 05/28 03:42:56z Reply No text in message.{1197
N1HQL-9 CQSRVR 05/28 03:42:56z Send another CQ chat?{3
CQSRVR N1HQL-9 05/28 03:39:06z Reply No active groups.{1196
N1HQL-9 CQSRVR 05/28 03:39:06z Send another ?{2
CQSRVR N1HQL-9 05/28 03:32:03z Reply No active groups.{1195
N1HQL-9 CQSRVR 05/28 03:32:03z Send another ?{0