N0RC-9 messages

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N0RC-9 KC0BS-10 04/24 22:43:34z Send another hi{68
N0RC-9 KE0GHU-12 04/21 16:30:50z Send another hi{67
N0RC-9 KD0NBO-9 04/21 16:30:48z Send another hi{66
N0RC-9 KD0YUJ 04/20 22:22:07z Send another hi{65
N0RC-9 KD0YUJ 04/20 16:35:50z Send another AA:QSL. I'm driving. Will reply when safe.
N0RC-9 KE0RIE 04/20 16:31:10z Send another hi{64
N0RC-9 SMSGTE 04/20 10:21:38z Send another #help{63
SMSGTE N0RC-9 04/20 10:18:37z Reply The command help does not exist{C8717
N0RC-9 NX2P-7 04/20 10:18:27z Send another hi{62
N0RC-9 KE0MNY 04/20 10:15:23z Send another ur beacon rate seems high{61
N0RC-9 KE0OWX 02/25 22:57:01z Send another life's tough. it's a lot tougher when you're dumb{2
KE0OWX N0RC-9 02/25 22:56:11z Reply that should say finally{0
KE0OWX N0RC-9 02/25 22:50:03z Reply final{5
N0RC-9 KE0OWX 02/25 22:27:25z Send another way to go{1