N0RC-9 messages

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N0RC-9 K0ION 06/17 11:49:05z Send another i think thats how it works{38
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/17 11:44:45z Send another that works{37
K0ION N0RC-9 06/17 11:35:51z Reply U es I r geolocated. And sum digis r internet capable.{MS}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/17 11:32:05z Send another oh?{36
K0ION N0RC-9 06/17 11:31:14z Reply I think Reverse I-gating comes into play here.{MR}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/17 11:28:26z Send another gm{35
K0ION N0RC-9 06/17 11:28:10z Reply GM{MQ}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/15 17:00:53z Send another gm{34
W0SS-9 N0RC-9 06/14 21:35:49z Reply Hey{04
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/14 21:34:37z Send another ga{33
W0SS-9 N0RC-9 06/14 21:33:57z Reply hi{03
N0RC-9 W0SS-9 06/14 21:33:34z Send another hi{32
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/14 11:36:02z Send another gm{31
K0ION N0RC-9 06/14 11:31:57z Reply AA:GM, GA OR GE!
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/14 11:31:25z Send another gm31
KF0QQR-2 N0RC-9 06/13 21:45:02z Reply ga{M0001
N0RC-9 K1AF-9 06/13 21:25:47z Send another hi{30
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/13 21:04:56z Send another ga{29
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/13 11:36:08z Send another gm{28
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/12 21:36:11z Send another ga{27
K0ION N0RC-9 06/12 21:36:06z Reply WHOA! It got thru!!!{LO}
K0ION N0RC-9 06/12 21:35:10z Reply GA{LN}
K0ION N0RC-9 06/12 11:51:49z Reply Lack of ACKS.{LM}
K0ION N0RC-9 06/12 11:51:08z Reply GM{LL}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/11 22:20:35z Send another huh?{25
K0ION N0RC-9 06/11 22:19:35z Reply Ur off ur feed today.{DG}
N0RC-9 WE3MAY-9 06/11 21:37:14z Send another 73{24
WE3MAY-9 N0RC-9 06/11 21:35:49z Reply Roger roger.I am great, thx!Thx for the QSO.73s my friend.{60
N0RC-9 WE3MAY-9 06/11 21:32:10z Send another hi good you?{23
WE3MAY-9 N0RC-9 06/11 21:31:11z Reply Hi, how are you?{57
K0ION N0RC-9 06/11 15:03:34z Reply Ur late today.{DF}
K0ION N0RC-9 06/10 12:34:38z Reply rr{BA}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/10 12:34:14z Send another oklets try again{22
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/10 12:20:35z Send another forgot my reflow oven{21
K0ION N0RC-9 06/10 12:20:03z Reply Viavi has none??{AZ}
N0RC-9 ON4CKT 06/10 12:19:31z Send another hi{20
K0ION N0RC-9 06/10 12:16:45z Reply lol{AY}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/10 12:15:21z Send another gm agn{19
K0ION N0RC-9 06/10 11:29:04z Reply It IS GM!{AX}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/10 11:21:03z Send another gm{18
K0ION N0RC-9 06/08 17:04:33z Reply GA{KL}
ON4CKT N0RC-9 06/07 11:31:10z Reply More info about my station see Https://www.qsl.net/on4ckt{45
ON4CKT N0RC-9 06/07 11:30:51z Reply hello from D44/ON4CKT Cabo verde Boa Vista{43
K0ION N0RC-9 06/07 11:30:06z Reply yesterday wasn't bad. Much lower humidity.{MM}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/07 11:28:38z Send another gonna be hot{17
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/07 11:24:31z Send another gm{14
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/07 11:23:31z Send another g{16
K0ION N0RC-9 06/07 11:23:23z Reply GM. One of those shud werk! hi hi{ML}
K1AF-9 N0RC-9 06/04 21:23:11z Reply woot !{02
N0RC-9 K1AF-9 06/04 21:17:04z Send another pcord is going to expamd the mesh{13
K1AF-9 N0RC-9 06/04 21:14:30z Reply Hey{01
N0RC-9 K1AF-9 06/04 21:13:23z Send another hi{12
K0ION N0RC-9 06/04 11:18:17z Reply JOCO-Budget Open House: Monticello Library{EW}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/04 11:17:41z Send another gm{11
K0ION N0RC-9 06/04 11:13:23z Reply GM{EV}
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/03 21:09:31z Send another ga{10
K0ION N0RC-9 06/03 21:08:10z Reply GA{MS}
N0RC-9 ON4CKT 06/03 11:38:13z Send another good 2 get unexpected msg on my drive{9
ON4CKT N0RC-9 06/03 11:35:39z Reply ok TNX for contact 73s{40
N0RC-9 ON4CKT 06/03 11:35:25z Send another rr tnx 73{8
ON4CKT N0RC-9 06/03 11:34:43z Reply Hi nice to see you here in the screen{39
N0RC-9 ON4CKT 06/03 11:32:02z Send another hi{7
ON4CKT N0RC-9 06/03 11:31:54z Reply More info about my station see Https://www.qsl.net/on4ckt{35
ON4CKT N0RC-9 06/03 11:31:05z Reply hello from D44/ON4CKT Cabo verde Boa Vista{34
N0RC-9 W0SS-5 06/03 11:29:42z Send another hi{6
N0RC-9 K0ION 06/03 11:27:29z Send another gm{5
W0SS-5 N0RC-9 06/01 16:12:37z Reply Hello{3184A
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/31 11:45:23z Send another how abt now?{4
K0ION N0RC-9 05/31 11:45:09z Reply yup{VX}
K0ION N0RC-9 05/31 11:42:54z Reply There u r!{VW}
K0ION N0RC-9 05/31 11:40:40z Reply GM. Ur not on the map yet!{VV}
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/31 11:40:05z Send another gm{3
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/30 11:28:21z Send another gm{2
K0ION N0RC-9 05/29 11:54:06z Reply 73{DH}
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/29 11:52:56z Send another 73{1
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/29 11:50:07z Send another might go chase wx balloon if close{0
K0ION N0RC-9 05/29 11:49:50z Reply rr{DG}
K0ION N0RC-9 05/29 11:27:13z Reply It's Alice Cooper time-SKOOL'S OUT.{DF}
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/29 11:26:33z Send another running the grandma express{99
K0ION N0RC-9 05/29 11:24:01z Reply GM, early bird!{DE}
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/29 11:23:32z Send another gm{98
N0RC-9 W0SS-9 05/28 23:28:04z Send another hi{97
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/28 21:15:11z Send another ga{96
K0ION N0RC-9 05/28 12:06:46z Reply GM{PO}
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/28 11:22:40z Send another gm{95
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/27 22:04:00z Send another 73{94
K0ION N0RC-9 05/27 22:03:22z Reply 73{ZL}
K0ION N0RC-9 05/27 22:02:51z Reply Your wife and daughter may like the Gardens!{ZK}
K0ION N0RC-9 05/27 22:00:52z Reply Next to Lauritzen Gardens Botanical Center{ZJ}
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/27 21:59:30z Send another oh ill have to go see it next trip{93
K0ION N0RC-9 05/27 21:58:24z Reply This one is a static display.{ZI}
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/27 21:57:19z Send another dient know it was there{92
K0ION N0RC-9 05/27 21:56:40z Reply Kenefic Park. Adjacent to the Gardens!{ZH}
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/27 21:55:27z Send another no should have{91
K0ION N0RC-9 05/27 21:54:30z Reply U didn't chek out Union Pacific Big Boy?{ZG}
K0ION N0RC-9 05/27 21:53:03z Reply ga{ZF}
N0RC-9 K0ION 05/27 21:52:35z Send another ga{90
K0ION N0RC-9 05/27 21:51:46z Reply test{ZE}
N0RC-9 W0SS-9 05/23 20:15:55z Send another hi{89
N0RC-9 KC0FGX 05/23 20:15:28z Send another ga{88