N0RC-5 messages

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K0ION N0RC-5 05/16 12:34:51z Reply AA:GM, GA OR GE!
K0ION N0RC-5 05/16 12:29:41z Reply rr{MB}
N0RC-5 K0ION 05/16 12:29:24z Send another Thanks {145
K0ION N0RC-5 05/16 12:29:04z Reply 7.090{MA}
N0RC-5 K0ION 05/16 12:27:23z Send another What is the frequency {144
N0RC-5 K0ION 05/16 12:27:10z Send another Ok thanks {143
K0ION N0RC-5 05/16 12:26:54z Reply Just for u to monitor the ops.{LZ}
N0RC-5 K0ION 05/16 12:26:01z Send another I see. Probably won't make it today {142
N0RC-5 K1AF-9 05/15 21:52:49z Send another HACK THE PLANET!{2
N0RC-5 K1AF-9 05/15 21:17:28z Send another Hi{1
N0RC-5 W0MAB 04/27 21:51:15z Send another And the person you're with {3
N0RC-5 W0MAB 04/27 21:51:04z Send another Check your mic{2
N0RC-5 W0SS-9 04/19 17:08:44z Send another 146.760- 88.5Hz tone{2
N0RC-5 W0SS-9 04/19 17:08:10z Send another Back inside now {1