M0TFO messages

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DF1VB M0TFO 10/17 14:43:37z Reply cq via ISS df1vb@gmx.de
IR0UGN-1 M0TFO 10/17 14:41:21z Reply 73 de IZ0QWM - Inet to RF iGate is closed
M0TFO IS0EBO-4 10/17 14:39:19z Send another Good afternoon 73 de M0TFO IO81TI
EA3RO M0TFO 10/07 19:09:40z Reply Hello from JN11DW, 73!
2W0SEU-7 M0TFO 10/07 16:53:54z Reply Good evening, 73s de Malc{15
IZ1JPS M0TFO 10/06 21:02:54z Reply QSL 73 VIA ISS CIAO ROB{53
M0TFO M0SKM 10/06 19:25:05z Send another good evening 73 de M0TFO IO81TI
M0TFO DL6WAB 10/06 16:15:31z Send another good afternoon 73
M0TFO EMAIL 10/06 16:14:02z Send another robpegs@hotmail.com
M0TFO EA3RO 10/06 16:12:19z Send another hi 73
M0TFO M0NPT 10/06 14:21:53z Send another how do you copy? Abdel, best 73
M0TFO M0GQS 10/06 13:40:08z Send another test
2W0SEU-7 M0TFO 10/03 18:48:59z Reply Good evening,73s de Malc{90
M0TFO SAT 10/02 22:54:10z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
M0TFO MB7UP 10/01 21:40:24z Send another ?APRST