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LY1JG PE1AZX 12/05 13:51:50z Send another Hi, QSL via ISS! KO14VW 73!
PE1AZX LY1JG 12/05 13:44:18z Reply 73 from PE1AZX !{46
LY1JG DJ1NI 12/05 12:19:42z Send another QSL via ISS! KO14VW 73
DJ1NI LY1JG 12/05 12:05:33z Reply 599 in JO32XG QSL
LY1JG LY3YY 12/05 06:10:52z Send another Labas, matome tave virs baltijos juros 73!{UB}
LY1JG LY5SD-5 12/04 17:16:56z Send another Stebim tave :D{RS}
LY1JG LY5AT-7 12/04 16:21:49z Send another Hi, matom, matom{RR}
LY1JG LY4LK 12/04 16:17:59z Send another Gavau tavo aprs paket{RQ}
M0NPQ-9 LY1JG 12/04 15:11:06z Reply AA:Hi,73
LY1JG M0NPQ-9 12/04 15:11:00z Send another QTH KO14VW :){RP}
LY1JG M0NPQ-9 12/04 15:09:16z Send another supper!{RO}
LY1JG M0NPQ-9 12/04 15:08:35z Send another QSL via APRS 73!{RN}
M0NPQ-9 LY1JG 12/04 15:08:24z Reply viskas dirba puikiai ,73{48
LY1JG M0NPQ-9 12/04 15:07:37z Send another QSL :D{RM}
M0NPQ-9 LY1JG 12/04 15:05:24z Reply qrz{47
F1IGI-6 LY1JG 12/04 14:32:27z Reply QSL JN18CQ
F1IGI-6 LY1JG 12/04 14:28:28z Reply qsl?
DH4DAN LY1JG 12/01 15:20:19z Reply Nice signal via ISS! QSL?
SA0BSV LY1JG 12/01 15:20:08z Reply Hello from Sweden, jo89xb Twitter: @willie_blom
LY1JG IU2MCH 12/01 13:51:39z Send another QSL via ISS! 73{WK}
LY1JG SV2RR 12/01 13:46:00z Send another QSL via ISS!B,SP7CHR-6{15
IU2MCH LY1JG 12/01 13:44:22z Reply 73 QSL?
LY1JG LYP1R-9 11/30 21:17:52z Send another What we have is what we have :D Yes{ZY}
LYP1R-9 LY1JG 11/30 13:26:09z Reply You still read me, LY1JG ?{3
LY1JG RS0ISS 11/30 13:05:16z Send another QSL via ISS!{ZX}
LYP1R-9 LY1JG 11/30 12:49:52z Reply Aprs scene seems small in kaunas{2
LY1JG LYP1R-9 11/30 12:22:29z Send another Hello LYP1R and Welcom!{ZW}
LYP1R-9 LY1JG 11/30 12:14:32z Reply Hello ly1jg :){1
LY1JG IZ1MHY 11/29 18:32:20z Send another QSL via ISS!
IZ1MHY LY1JG 11/29 18:30:56z Reply Hi, 599 JN54AC via International Space Station - 73 Andrea IZ1MHY
WHO-IS LY1JG 11/29 17:33:07z Reply A/Julius Grigaliauskas/LT/Lithuania{VE}YN
LY1JG WHO-IS 11/29 17:33:07z Send another LY4LK{YN}
PE1AZX LY1JG 11/28 17:41:45z Reply 73 from PE1AZX !{22
LY1JG SA0BSV 11/28 14:39:36z Send another QSL via ISS! 73{EO}
TA5AHO-4 LY1JG 11/27 12:06:48z Reply Hello from TURKIYE{38
TA5AHO-4 LY1JG 11/27 12:04:37z Reply Hello from TURKIYE{33
ES4RM LY1JG 11/26 14:33:54z Reply Hello de ES4RM
ES4RM LY1JG 11/26 14:32:22z Reply ES4RM KO49AL QSL?
WHO-IS LY1JG 11/25 12:42:50z Reply Giedrius null/Lithuania{GR}UW
LY1JG WHO-IS 11/25 12:42:49z Send another LY1JG{UW}
LY1JG IU3MEY 11/24 16:21:25z Send another QSL via ISS! 73{OO}
LY1JG IK7FMQ 11/23 20:29:03z Send another QSL via ISS! 73
IK7FMQ LY1JG 11/23 18:36:50z Reply 73 QSL ?
DH4DAN LY1JG 11/23 18:32:23z Reply 73 + QSL from Joerg -
LY1JG LY5JR-1 11/23 17:58:32z Send another ok, lygtai viskas veikia :){FD}
LY1JG LY5SD 10/21 12:56:46z Send another Labas{15
LY5JR-1 LY1JG 10/21 05:00:22z Reply labas ryta s{04
LY5JR-1 LY1JG 10/19 05:43:10z Reply jau namo{03
LY1JG 9H1FF 10/17 07:22:34z Send another QSL via ISS!{14
LY5JR-1 LY1JG 10/17 05:11:29z Reply be garso sende{02
LY1JG LY5JR-1 10/15 06:31:03z Send another suprasta! {22
LY1JG LY5JR-1 10/14 16:12:33z Send another AA:QSL.73 DE Giedrius in KO14VW, Lithuania, Kaunas
LY5JR-1 LY1JG 10/14 16:11:49z Reply 1teleg0parasiau{01
LY1JG LY5JR 10/14 16:07:14z Send another kokia soti pirkai?{21
LY1JG IU3MEY 10/12 09:52:00z Send another QSL via ISS!{20
LY1JG IK7FMQ 10/12 09:46:10z Send another QSL via ISS!{19
IK7FMQ LY1JG 10/12 09:45:50z Reply 73 QSL 59 ciaoooo
IK7FMQ LY1JG 10/12 09:45:37z Reply QSL, UR IN MY LOG 100%, 73 GB GL
LY1JG IK7FMQ 10/12 09:45:21z Send another QSL via ISS!{18
IK6GZM LY1JG 10/09 15:27:25z Reply 73! QSL?
PD0WAG LY1JG 10/09 13:56:29z Reply QSL 73{23
PE1AZX LY1JG 10/09 13:45:55z Reply 73 from PE1AZX !{96
R8ACW-11 LY1JG 10/05 13:57:18z Reply QSL{9
SP7CHR-6 LY1JG 10/05 13:50:36z Reply Greetings from SP QSL ?
IU3MEY LY1JG 10/03 15:22:09z Reply qsl? '73
OE6CGD-7 LY1JG 10/01 19:49:26z Reply Hi, heard you in JN76 via ISS 73 de Gerhard
OE6CGD-7 LY1JG 09/30 20:03:13z Reply TXH 73
LY1JG CT1EBQ 09/30 18:39:57z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
OE6CGD-7 LY1JG 09/30 17:51:24z Reply 73 and QSL{32
CT1EBQ LY1JG 09/30 17:45:33z Reply Hi from IM58gr PT, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ11
CT1EBQ LY1JG 09/30 17:45:23z Reply LY1JG de CT1EBQ you are crystal clear in IM58gr {EBQ11
CT1EBQ LY1JG 09/30 17:45:18z Reply Gretings LY1JG loud and clear from Cascais, PT {EBQ11
G0GOO LY1JG 09/30 17:44:45z Reply Heard you in IO93jk
HB9EYZ LY1JG 09/26 17:46:50z Reply QSL - vy 73
G0RTM LY1JG 09/26 17:46:25z Reply Hi de Peter in Kendal IO84ph -,73