KW4TOM messages

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K5DNA KW4TOM 04/16 13:01:39z Reply 73s from EM35{79
N1RCN KW4TOM 04/16 13:01:28z Reply Good Morning from EL87!
AI9IN-7 KW4TOM 04/15 13:59:15z Reply Hi de EM79{31
KW4TOM KP4RGD-B 04/08 13:33:14z Send another Hi Raul!{5U}
KW4TOM KP4RGD-N 04/08 13:32:15z Send another Hi Raul! Saw you on the beach and wanted to say hello.{5T}
KW4TOM KE6MYV-1 04/04 14:24:32z Send another Morning!{5S}VD
KE6MYV-1 KW4TOM 04/04 13:56:25z Reply Good morning Tom{VD}
KW4TOM-9 KW4TOM 02/20 21:36:42z Reply On my way home{66