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KS9O K7RMZ-10 09/29 19:11:52z Send another hello neighbor! just saw your aprs beacon. 73{0
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:44:35z Reply Sure am. You take care too Matt. Happy Sunday. 73{2R}98
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:40:55z Reply Thanks for answing my CQ Matt. Have a great Sunday. Msg anytime.73{2P}98
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:40:52z Send another my radio is always on.feel free to drop me a line! 73!{99
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:37:09z Send another software- a tnc interface to my radio and some store&forward stuff{95
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:37:03z Send another need to run some errands.nice chatting! hope ur staying sane&hlthy!{98
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:35:33z Reply Thanks for answing my CQ Matt. Have a great Sunday. Msg anytime.73{2P}97
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:32:31z Reply Your project sounds handy, especially for when there is no internet{2O}97
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:29:13z Send another domino, cool!{97
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:27:53z Send another so you can retrieve messages even if your radio was turned off{96
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:26:24z Reply It generated live KML for GE. Never made it off the bench tho.{2N}97
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:23:52z Reply Never made it off the bench. But it generated live KML files for GE{2L}95
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:21:36z Reply Nice. Wile back I wrote script for baloon POSREPS on domino 16{2K}95
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:18:17z Reply Srry. Forgot you're on hand-mike keys. Yes, keyboard is nice.{2J}94
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:18:00z Send another nice! much easier with a keyboard!{94
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:16:46z Send another aprs is very cool. been working on writing some software for it{93
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:16:21z Reply What kind of software are you working on?{2I}93
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:15:35z Reply I run direwolf, and connect xastir to it. I let Xastir do beaconing{2H}93
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:13:49z Reply Nice! My rig set up as portable "go" kit. Old Dell LT, USB GPS,etc{2G}92
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:13:29z Send another started with a baofeng & a mobilinkd before that{92
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:11:56z Send another base station with this rig. i use a th-d74 while mobile. {91
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:11:17z Reply Been ham since 2012, but mostly HF. Love APRS tho. Very versatile.{2F}91
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:10:06z Send another im loving the fall weather already! have u been doing aprs long?{90
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:09:35z Reply Still "new" to APRS. Trying to meet at many folks as possible.{2E}90
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:05:36z Reply You set up for mobile, or are u a base station?{2D}89
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 18:04:40z Reply Cool. NTMY Matt. High ovcst and 16C here. No rain yet. Nice rig{2C}89
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 18:03:56z Send another lovely day here! using a tm-d710 & typing on hand mic. name is matt{89
VE7WAX-7 KS9O 09/27 17:59:26z Reply Hi there. Doug here. UV5R, old laptop, Debian and Xastir. How's wx?{2B}88
KS9O VE7WAX-7 09/27 17:58:51z Send another 73 DE KS9O CN87 Seattle{88
KS9O AI7Z-10 09/22 04:19:50z Send another hello{87
K2KHA KS9O 09/19 03:35:43z Reply same. but was listening to aprs {25
KS9O K2KHA 09/19 03:32:26z Send another i heard nothing{86
K2KHA KS9O 09/19 03:25:51z Reply iss?{24
KS9O K2KHA 09/16 07:04:56z Send another 73 DE KS9O CN87 Seattle{85
KS9O K2KHA 09/14 22:54:48z Send another have you ever eaten poutine?{84
K2KHA KS9O 09/14 19:01:28z Reply aqi is over 9000 rn{22
KS9O K2KHA 09/13 01:55:05z Send another steel beams cant melt jet fuel{83
K2KHA KS9O 09/13 00:43:04z Reply oh s%#/ no what happened?{20
KS9O K2KHA 09/13 00:39:58z Send another no! how about wilford brimley?{82
K2KHA KS9O 09/13 00:37:39z Reply did you hear about the smoke!?{19
KS9O K2KHA 09/13 00:31:25z Send another yes{81
K2KHA KS9O 09/12 22:40:28z Reply does this work?{13
KS9O AI7Z-6 09/12 20:19:00z Send another can u check the ai7z-10 radio? i believe it is malfunctioning{80
KS9O K7III-7 09/12 19:28:45z Send another test{79
KS9O KJ7NVA 09/12 18:09:57z Send another ahoy!{78
KS9O KJ7DHB-7 09/11 23:14:25z Send another saw you in the neighborhood!{77
KS9O KJ7DHB-7 09/11 23:13:31z Send another 73 DE KS9O{76
KS9O K7III-7 09/11 22:00:53z Send another lol{75
K7III-7 KS9O 09/11 20:54:18z Reply QRM 59+{38
KJ7NVA KS9O 09/11 17:22:18z Reply blueberry or raspberry{26
KJ7NVA KS9O 09/11 17:16:57z Reply good morning to you{25
KS9O K1RPN 09/11 15:58:34z Send another test{74
KS9O K2KHA 09/11 15:35:15z Send another did you hear about the smoke?{73
KS9O KJ7NVA 09/11 15:28:46z Send another jammer is still active{72
KS9O KJ7NVA 09/11 15:25:18z Send another good morning{71
KS9O K1RPN 09/10 21:57:51z Send another just a few minutes ago. did you hear about wilford brimley?{70
KS9O K1RPN 09/10 21:42:46z Send another just a few minutes ago. did you hear about wilfordbrimley?{69
K1RPN KS9O 09/09 01:23:40z Reply Have you heard about Bar Keeper's Friend?{07}
K2KHA KS9O 09/08 02:37:52z Reply have you ever been so far as to even?{05
KS9O VE7LKA-10 09/06 20:24:49z Send another 73 DE KS9O CN87 Seattle{68
KS9O AI7Z-10 09/06 02:31:17z Send another can u check the ai7z-10 radio? i believe it is malfunctioning!{67
KS9O AI7Z-2 09/06 02:24:06z Send another can u check the ai7z-10 radio? i believe it is malfunctioning!{64
KS9O KJ7DYH 09/05 22:03:53z Send another 73 DE KS9O{66
KS9O AI7Z-2 09/05 05:54:29z Send another messaging this ssid triggers it too.{65
N2IHK-9 KS9O 09/04 20:16:27z Reply eyyyyyy{4
KS9O N2IHK-9 09/04 19:50:11z Send another ahoy matey!{63
KS9O WO7JOE-9 08/31 23:43:41z Send another hey saw your post on reddit. 73!{62
AI7Z-2 KS9O 08/28 21:09:23z Reply Yes saw E/W reverse it was a live GPS position from anytone 878 HT{03}
KS9O AI7Z-6 08/28 16:39:37z Send another hey good morning!noticed your longitude E/W is reversed.{61
K7III-7 KS9O 08/23 17:05:37z Reply Top o' da morn' to ya!{37