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KN4LKZ KK6OTJ 09/14 05:09:45z Send another Nothing audible from ISS, QSL via net
KK6OTJ KN4LKZ 09/14 05:08:20z Reply Mark Live Operator DM04 QSL?{47
KK6OTJ KN4LKZ 09/13 06:00:18z Reply Woof Woof DM04 QSL? {36
KK6OTJ KN4LKZ 09/13 05:59:41z Reply Woof Woof DM04 QSL? {35
KM6PTE-7 KN4LKZ 09/09 17:41:28z Reply ohh ok{8
KM6PTE-7 KN4LKZ 09/09 17:38:47z Reply I am in Sun Valley, CA{9
KM6PTE-7 KN4LKZ 09/09 17:38:30z Reply close to glendale{10
KM6PTE-7 KN4LKZ 09/09 17:36:07z Reply wow nice. I was surprised you answered because I was asking cp so {6
KN4LKZ KM6PTE-7 09/09 17:25:23z Send another Glendale CA, I see you. My current location is Yucca Valley CA.{GI}
KM6PTE-7 KN4LKZ 09/09 17:15:03z Reply check me on aprs {5
KM6PTE-7 KN4LKZ 09/09 17:12:15z Reply it must have been a coincidence{7
KN4LKZ KM6PTE-7 09/09 17:02:00z Send another Cheers! Handle here is Patrick. ARES/RACES from SWFL.{GH}
KM6PTE-7 KN4LKZ 09/09 17:01:08z Reply Oh great. Nice to meet you Marc. This is Richard.{3
KN4LKZ KM6PTE-7 09/09 16:56:36z Send another Negative. DM14tc ARES (MARC){GG}
KM6PTE-7 KN4LKZ 09/09 16:55:31z Reply are you part of LAFDACS ?{2
WHO-IS KN4LKZ 09/08 18:29:51z Reply WD6AWP/E/Timothy J Sawyer/CA/United States{66}GF
KN4LKZ WHO-IS 09/08 18:29:51z Send another WD6AWP{GF}
KN4LKZ KM6PTE-7 09/08 18:26:10z Send another Ahoy, you're coming in fine.{GE}
KN4LKZ KN4LKZ 09/04 20:50:45z Send another ,{1
KN4LKZ WD9EWK 08/31 17:07:51z Send another Thanks again, 73!{1
KN4LKZ WD9EWK 08/30 19:51:09z Send another Ack, hello again -- 73 cheers!
WD9EWK KN4LKZ 08/30 19:49:10z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {6
WD9EWK KN4LKZ 08/30 18:12:59z Reply TNX/73! {5
KN4LKZ WD9EWK 08/30 18:12:13z Send another Ahoy, QSL! Thanks for getting back to me!{ZY}
WD9EWK KN4LKZ 08/30 18:10:52z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {1