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KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/24 18:22:49z Reply -dq Phone's working 100% again. Nurse spill a **** load of water al{3
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/24 01:31:29z Reply 100F(70F/98F) Haze then Clear. Saturday, Hot.{2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/24 01:31:28z Send another weat{27
KM6LYW WB4BOR 07/22 21:21:48z Send another boat/ ya{67
WB4BOR KM6LYW 07/22 21:18:40z Reply boat across echo lake?{67
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/22 21:02:27z Reply -wb2 sweet{14
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 20:39:12z Send another -wb made it!{66
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 17:51:28z Send another -dl mapme{65
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 17:45:55z Send another -dl 2pm - will update as we get closer{64
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 17:18:50z Send another -dl 2pm - will update as we get closer{63
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/22 17:16:10z Reply -dl ETA at pick up spot?Sent from my Galaxy Tab A -------- Original{13
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 16:43:41z Send another -wb2 check elfup!{62
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/22 16:38:30z Reply -wb2 check mep{12
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 16:34:30z Send another -wb radio check?{61
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/22 16:31:50z Reply 66F(71F/53F) Sunny and Breezy. Tonight, Mostly Clear and Breezy.{11
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 16:29:06z Send another weat{60
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 15:52:45z Send another -dl packing up west side of aloha 9am{59
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/22 02:07:19z Reply -al2 * Wooot!{10
KM6LYW WB4BOR 07/21 22:04:45z Send another dunno yet{57
WB4BOR KM6LYW 07/21 22:03:13z Reply u guys staying at aloha?{65
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 21:53:20z Send another -dq summit - 8300{56
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 21:50:46z Reply -al2 Wooot!{9
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 21:46:23z Send another -al 8370 feet!{55
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 21:35:54z Reply -wb2 big climb!{8
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 21:32:11z Reply -kat2 Ok!! Sounds good!{7
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 21:32:06z Send another -wb 8370 feet!{53
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 21:00:51z Reply -kat2 All fed!!!{6
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 21:00:40z Send another -kat2 thank U! no need to feed Friday- will b home Thurs{52
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 20:29:46z Reply -dl Good 4 thurs. Give me1 hr drive timeSent from my Galaxy Tab A -{4
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 20:29:16z Reply -wb2 u guys staying another night?{5
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 19:53:48z Send another -wb2 starting ascent{50
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 19:24:54z Send another -wb2 no smoke here{49
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 19:20:46z Reply -wb2 smoke from CA fires have made it out here in VA{3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 19:08:39z Send another -wb2 all good! thx{48
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 19:05:49z Reply -wb2 everything ok now?{2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 18:34:36z Send another -wb2 ok/ thx!{47
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 18:34:03z Reply -wb2 ok{5
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 18:31:12z Send another -wb2 reboted gtown - is ok now!{46
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 18:30:13z Reply -wb2 i see lots of undelivered mail return to sender messages in lo{4
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 18:29:10z Reply -wb2 dont have the creds to get into it. echolink?{3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 18:24:34z Send another -wb2 k gtown Fd up{45
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 18:21:06z Reply -wb2 restarted -9{2
WB4BOR KM6LYW 07/21 18:21:04z Reply I just restarted -9 for you{2
WB4BOR KM6LYW 07/21 18:15:45z Reply looking for the gtown info{2
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 18:11:37z Reply -wb2 did u give me gtown info?{118
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 17:57:43z Reply -wb2 checky check{117
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 17:17:07z Reply * unreadable msg received{116
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 17:13:18z Send another -sh reboot gtown asap please!{42
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 16:56:39z Send another -wb radio check?{39
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 15:16:02z Reply * This is the mail system at host r{115
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 15:13:20z Send another -1{38
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 13:36:28z Send another -dq new drugs workin?{37
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 09:46:16z Reply This is the mail system at host rel{114
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 08:23:31z Reply This is the mail system at host rel{113
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 08:20:16z Reply This is the mail system at host rel{112
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 08:19:15z Reply This is the mail system at host rel{111
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 08:19:14z Reply This is the mail system at host rel{110
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 05:46:45z Reply This is the mail system at host rel{109
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 05:41:14z Reply This is the mail system at host rel{108
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 05:24:42z Reply You must be in the back country somewhere. When{107
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 03:49:56z Reply -dl It has u at home.Sent from my Galaxy Tab A -------- Original me{106
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 03:06:33z Send another -al baggin it! luv U!{36
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 02:22:47z Send another -dl odd - we r 1mi south of camper flat{35
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 02:11:33z Reply -dl Location shows COOLSent from my Galaxy Tab A -------- Original {105
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 02:00:48z Send another -dl mapme{34
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 02:00:32z Send another -dl amazing here {33
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 01:59:06z Reply -dl Never rush the beauty.Sent from my Galaxy Tab A -------- Origin{104
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 01:57:42z Send another -dl awerom thx! will cal if time changes{32
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 01:55:55z Reply -dl I can do Thurs at 3pm. Sent from my Galaxy Tab A -------- Origi{103
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 01:53:35z Reply -wb2 * Where are you guys staying tonight?{102
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 01:53:34z Send another -1{31
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 01:50:15z Reply 94F(65F/93F) Clear. Wednesday, Sunny.{101
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 01:50:13z Send another weather{30
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 01:38:09z Send another -al Hi from Mom,busted out 7 miles today!{29
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 01:33:34z Send another -al made it to camp. 12 miles to go! -dad{27
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 01:33:14z Send another -al mapme{28
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 01:31:50z Send another -wb found killer spot. using pi/radio/phone combo. trout. no people{26
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 01:29:45z Send another -dl ahead of schedule. Thurs 3pm pickup okay? pls confirm thx!{25
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/21 00:10:36z Reply KM6LYW: 10 Miles NW Echo Summit CA 7306' 38.93133,-120.18233 0.0h a{100
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/21 00:10:34z Send another locate{31
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 23:39:19z Reply 87F(54F/74F) Clear. Wednesday, Sunny.{99
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 23:04:02z Send another -wb2 here! sweet spot{29
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 23:02:18z Send another -wb2 mapme{28
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 22:58:51z Reply -wb2 Where are you guys staying tonight?{98
WB4BOR KM6LYW 07/20 20:52:29z Reply windy?{64
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 20:48:31z Reply -kat2 All fed!{97
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 20:10:54z Reply -lb How is the smoke down there? Any fish?{96
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 18:24:41z Reply -wb2 * ok{95
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 18:24:39z Send another -1{27
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 18:11:13z Reply -wb2 * ok{94
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 17:57:31z Send another -bk mapme{25
WB4BOR KM6LYW 07/20 16:43:48z Reply amazing that call worked{60
KM6LYW WB4BOR 07/20 16:41:40z Send another ya!{24
WB4BOR KM6LYW 07/20 16:38:15z Reply location km6lyw{58
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 16:18:32z Send another -wb2 call me at 9:30?{22
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 16:15:03z Reply -wb2 ok{93
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 16:12:59z Reply -wb2 lunch just a bit and ill look for it and try{92
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 15:54:09z Send another -wb2 - im listening{20
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 15:52:41z Reply -ja2 Oh yay!!!{91
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 15:51:47z Send another -wb2 ka6gwy echo lnk{21