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KK6OTJ KM6LYW 11/10 15:57:37z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{44
KM6LYW KK6OTJ 11/10 15:57:21z Send another Hi from DM04,QSL? yes qsl from Cool ca{12
KK6OTJ KM6LYW 11/10 15:56:49z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{43
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/10 03:58:55z Reply -jl Howdy{3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/10 03:56:45z Send another -jl hi{05
WA1GOV-10 KM6LYW 11/09 18:11:03z Reply ISS over CM98MV AOS 10Nov18 06:10:50 UTC AZ 163 MaxEL/AZ 5/122
KM6LYW WA1GOV-10 11/09 18:09:13z Send another ISS{04
K6MOX KM6LYW 11/08 16:07:15z Reply 73s{8
WD9EWK KM6LYW 11/08 16:03:57z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {0
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/08 14:53:47z Reply -cl second test from pc to radio{2
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/08 14:44:32z Reply -cl aprs message from pc to radio{1
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/07 22:01:54z Send another -jl mapme{45
KK6OTJ KM6LYW 11/06 16:10:41z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{27
KK6OTJ KM6LYW 11/06 16:09:52z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{25
WA1GOV-10 KM6LYW 11/05 20:03:03z Reply ISS over CM98MV AOS 06Nov18 08:01:36 UTC AZ 177 MaxEL/AZ 8/136
WA1GOV-10 KM6LYW 11/05 19:57:02z Reply Thanks for using the WA1GOV APRS-2-Twitter Gateway!
KM6LYW WA1GOV-10 11/05 19:56:43z Send another iss{03
KM6LYW WA1GOV-1 11/05 19:54:45z Send another iss{02
K6MOX KM6LYW 11/05 17:08:40z Reply dm13jo{6
K6MOX KM6LYW 11/05 17:05:44z Reply hi from jim{5
KM6LYW KK6OTJ 11/05 17:04:13z Send another Hi from CA QSL!{08
KK6OTJ KM6LYW 11/05 17:03:43z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{20
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/05 15:54:47z Send another -cl test{01
KM6LYW KS9O 11/05 15:27:39z Send another 73 from sacramento to you{07
WXBOT KM6LYW 11/04 01:38:52z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 51{ZS
WXBOT KM6LYW 11/04 01:37:48z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 51{ZR
KM6LYW WXBOT 11/04 01:37:40z Send another A{03
WXBOT KM6LYW 11/04 01:36:43z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 51{ZQ
WXBOT KM6LYW 11/04 01:32:43z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 51{ZP
KM6LYW WXBOT 11/04 01:32:35z Send another b{02
WXBOT KM6LYW 11/04 01:32:00z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 51{ZO
WXBOT KM6LYW 11/04 01:30:57z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 51{ZN
WXBOT KM6LYW 11/04 01:27:42z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 51{ZM
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/04 00:37:30z Reply -jl I luv u 2!{16
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/04 00:32:17z Send another -jl I luv U!{01
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/03 17:35:24z Reply -jl ;){15
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/03 17:09:31z Send another -jl space luv msg <3{06
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/02 20:22:15z Reply No new msg 13:22:14{14
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/02 20:21:05z Reply No new msg 13:21:04{13
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/02 20:21:03z Send another -1{44
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/02 20:20:12z Reply No new msg 13:19:40{12
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/02 19:34:00z Reply No new msg 12:34:00{11
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/02 19:33:59z Send another -1{61
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/02 19:32:32z Send another -cl message from s spot{60
WXBOT KM6LYW 11/02 19:12:44z Reply 5 Miles E Auburn CA. This Afternoon,Sunny High 77{RV
KM6LYW WXBOT 11/02 19:12:37z Send another 95614{59
WXBOT KM6LYW 11/02 19:10:31z Reply 14 Miles N Placerville CA. This Afternoon,Sunny High 71{RS
KM6LYW WXBOT 11/02 19:10:22z Send another N{58
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/02 19:02:17z Reply It's around Twelve (12:02PDT) (time){10
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/02 19:01:17z Reply It's exactly Twelve (12:00PDT) (time){9
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/02 18:59:30z Reply It's almost Twelve (11:59PDT) (time){8
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/02 18:58:35z Reply It's almost Twelve (11:58PDT) (time){7
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/02 18:57:33z Reply It's around Five to Twelve (11:57PDT) (time){6
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/02 18:57:32z Send another time{43
KM6LYW KM6LYW 11/02 18:54:14z Send another test{42
KB6LTY-3 KM6LYW 11/02 16:27:27z Reply HELLO VIA ISS/NO-84- 73 CHRISTY DM14
KM6LYW KM6LYW 11/02 16:26:30z Send another -cl message from radio to pc via iss! again!{04
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/01 21:52:24z Reply It's around Ten to Three (14:51PDT) (time){5
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/01 21:50:50z Reply It's exactly Ten to Three (14:50PDT) (time){4
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/01 21:50:49z Send another time{57
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/01 21:31:48z Reply Avoid gunfire in the bathroom tonight.{3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/01 21:31:47z Send another fortune{56
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 11/01 21:29:10z Reply It's almost Half past Two (14:28PDT) (time){2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/01 21:28:39z Send another time{55
KM6LYW KM6LYW 11/01 18:53:34z Send another -cl message from radio to pc via iss!{03
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/01 17:29:33z Send another -cl message from radio to pc via falconsat 3!{02
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 11/01 17:17:08z Send another -cl message from radio to pc via iss!{01
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 10/31 20:57:02z Send another -cl message from radio to pc! even cooler!{98
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/31 20:55:08z Reply -cl message from pc to radio! cool!{1
KK6RKY KM6LYW 10/30 19:01:29z Reply Great to hear you this afternoon!
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/29 18:54:37z Reply -cl pc to radio using new imap server{1
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 10/29 18:49:28z Send another -cl test with new imap server{97
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 10/29 17:49:33z Send another -cl test from radio to pc{96
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/29 17:47:11z Reply -cl test from pc to radio using old smtp server{19
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:34:18z Reply Domestic happiness and faithful friends.{18
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:33:02z Reply You will pass away very quickly.{17
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:31:55z Reply You will have a long and boring life.{16
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:30:51z Reply You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny.{15
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:29:47z Reply Are you sure the back door is locked?{14
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:29:10z Reply You are fairminded, just and loving.{13
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:27:41z Reply Today is what happened to yesterday.{12
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 10/28 02:27:36z Send another fortune{53
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 10/28 02:26:07z Send another fortune{52
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:25:08z Reply Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals.{11
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:17:34z Reply -jl * I luv U 2 :){10
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:16:43z Reply -jl * I luv U 2 :){9
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 10/28 02:15:09z Send another -1{51
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/28 02:13:42z Reply -jl I luv U 2 :){8
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 10/28 02:06:18z Send another -jl I luv U!{50
KM6LYW KO6TH 10/27 20:07:30z Send another nothing on 1pm pass, just aprs digi
KM6LYW KO6TH 10/27 18:38:37z Send another forum says no contact either. i got qsstv working.
KM6LYW KO6TH 10/27 18:36:47z Send another ok, so not just me. iss digi is still active too
KO6TH KM6LYW 10/27 18:35:41z Reply Internet saying not heard across the US on either frequency.{DQ}
KO6TH KM6LYW 10/27 18:35:21z Reply nope, nothing here either. Next pass 12:55pm today.{DP}
KM6LYW KO6TH 10/27 18:31:20z Send another No SSTV from ISS at 11:30
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/27 14:37:54z Reply It's around Twenty-Five to Eight (7:37PDT) (t){7
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 10/27 14:37:22z Send another t{41
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/27 14:36:49z Reply It's around Twenty-Five to Eight (7:36PDT) (t){6
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 10/27 14:24:41z Reply It's almost Twenty-Five past Seven (7:23PDT) (t){5
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 10/27 14:23:09z Send another t{40