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KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/23 16:33:57z Reply No new msg{19
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/22 17:40:12z Reply -cl email from pc to radio again{40
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/22 17:33:47z Reply -cl email from pc to radio again{47
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 18:51:09z Reply -jl * Woot!{95
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/20 18:51:08z Send another -1{31
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 18:50:08z Reply -jl * Woot!{81
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 18:01:55z Reply -jl Woot!{51
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 17:31:13z Reply APRSd v0.99. Commands: t(ime), f(ortune), -(emailaddr emailbody){27
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/20 17:31:13z Send another 11{29
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 17:30:28z Reply APRSd v0.99. Commands: t(ime), f(ortune), -(emailaddr emailbody){37
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 17:29:17z Reply APRSd v0.99. Commands: t(ime), f(ortune), -(emailaddr emailbody){44
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/20 17:29:16z Send another 1{28
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 17:17:09z Reply -jl sent{30
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 17:15:42z Reply It's exactly Quarter past Ten (10:15PDT) (time){44
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/20 17:15:42z Send another time{27
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 17:15:12z Reply -jl sent{57
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/20 17:15:11z Send another -jl Pass!{26
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/20 17:06:57z Send another -jl Pass!{25
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 14:17:34z Reply -cl sent{65
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/20 14:17:32z Send another -cl email test reply{80
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 14:14:16z Reply -cl sent{77
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 14:13:27z Reply -cl email test from pc to radio{41
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 13:45:56z Reply -cl email test from pc to radio{40
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 13:45:01z Reply -cl email test from pc to radio{47
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/20 13:43:12z Reply -cl email test from pc to radio{86
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/19 18:38:07z Send another -cl test from radio to pc!{79
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/19 18:36:11z Reply -cl sent{50
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/19 18:32:44z Reply -cl test from pc to radio!{70
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/17 18:56:34z Reply It's around Five to Twelve (11:56PDT) (time){33
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/17 18:56:33z Send another time{78
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/17 18:55:20z Reply It's exactly Five to Twelve (11:55PDT) (time){76
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/16 16:35:48z Reply -jl Wowie!{48
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/16 16:27:23z Reply -jl sent{82
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/16 16:27:22z Send another -jl Oh/ eight!{23
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/16 15:12:23z Reply -jl Oh awesome{38
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/16 15:10:28z Reply -jl sent{23
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/16 15:10:27z Send another -jl Yes/ tHree in net so far{22
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/16 15:05:58z Reply -jl Yes{31
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/16 13:57:28z Reply -jl sent{62
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/16 13:57:26z Send another -jl 1st fish{21
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/16 13:32:28z Reply -jl Nice!{11
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/16 13:29:50z Reply -jl sent{74
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/16 13:29:49z Send another -jl on lake{20
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/15 15:58:05z Reply -cl email test from pc to radio on FRIDAY!{63
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/14 19:16:56z Reply APRSd v0.99. Commands: t(ime), f(ortune), -(emailaddr emailbody){14
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/14 19:16:56z Send another 2{19
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/14 17:54:28z Reply -jl Cool!{29
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/14 16:36:46z Reply -jl sent{18
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/14 16:36:45z Send another -jl mapme{15
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/14 16:17:54z Reply -jl sent{73
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/14 16:17:52z Send another -jl walking mace mill loop{14
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 21:04:00z Reply -cl test email after dreamhost fail{61
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 18:44:39z Reply -cl reply to "in room" email from pc to radio{19
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 18:39:24z Reply -cl sent{13
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/13 18:39:23z Send another -cl test from room{13
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 18:38:21z Reply -cl sent{69
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 18:37:17z Reply -cl sent{28
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 18:36:13z Reply -cl sent{95
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 17:56:03z Reply email from pc to radio using new aprsd backend {85
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/13 16:21:05z Send another -cl mapme{10
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 16:20:02z Reply -cl sent{83
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 16:16:48z Reply -cl sent{82
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/13 15:24:59z Send another time{08
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 15:21:48z Reply It's around Twenty past Eight (8:21PDT) (time){16
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 15:20:44z Reply It's exactly Twenty past Eight (8:20PDT) (time){40
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 15:19:31z Reply -cl reply to test1 from pc On 06/13/2018 08:18 AM, km6lyw@craige{19
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 15:17:27z Reply -cl sent{21
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/13 15:17:26z Send another -cl test1{07
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/13 15:16:24z Reply -cl sent{73
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/12 19:14:43z Send another radio email via falconsat3 in space!!! -craig{76
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/08 23:51:52z Reply -jl sent{53
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/08 23:51:51z Send another -jl <3{06
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/08 23:46:24z Reply Future looks spotty. You will spill soup in late evening.{42
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/08 23:46:23z Send another fort{05
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/08 17:57:41z Reply -cl test email from pc to radio on friday{12
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/08 17:50:21z Reply -cl test email from pc to radio on friday{69
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/08 17:48:31z Reply -cl test email from pc to radio on friday{45
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/08 17:42:06z Reply -cl test email from pc to radio on friday{62
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/08 17:37:31z Reply -cl test email from pc to radio on friday{75
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/06 17:29:54z Reply -cl sent{25
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/05 21:10:40z Reply test email from pc to yaesu ftm-400{58
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/04 15:32:58z Reply -cl sent{71
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/04 15:32:57z Send another -cl ftm400 email test rf to internet{74
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/04 15:31:53z Reply -cl sent{94
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/04 15:30:49z Reply -cl sent{66
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/04 15:29:16z Reply -cl sent{67
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/04 15:27:24z Reply test email to radio{64
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 20:16:15z Reply -cl sent{79
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/03 20:16:14z Send another -cl ftm400 email test{73
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 20:01:29z Reply -cl sent{45
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/03 20:01:28z Send another -cl test ygate{04
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 20:00:25z Reply -cl sent{40
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 19:59:21z Reply -cl sent{84
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 19:58:18z Reply -cl sent{85
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 17:23:49z Reply It's almost Twenty-Five past Ten (10:23PDT) (time2){69
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 06/03 17:23:49z Send another time2{03
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 17:22:45z Reply It's around Twenty past Ten (10:22PDT) (time2){74
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 17:20:35z Reply It's exactly Twenty past Ten (10:20PDT) (time2){16
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 17:19:30z Reply It's almost Twenty past Ten (10:19PDT) (time2){79
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 06/03 17:18:49z Reply You will be surrounded by luxury.{63