KM4HRR-7 messages

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KB4NEW-7 KM4HRR-7 08/03 01:29:33z Reply QSL de KB4NEW EM98{8
KM4HRR-7 K4IPH 08/03 01:29:11z Send another 73{19
KB4NEW-7 KM4HRR-7 08/02 18:59:15z Reply QSL de KB4NEW EM98{5
KM4HRR-7 N8TAR-7 08/02 00:38:39z Send another 73{14
KM4HRR-7 N1RCN-6 07/31 19:11:52z Send another Missed you thru ariss - thanks for saying HI - de KM4HRR
N1RCN-6 KM4HRR-7 07/31 18:56:56z Reply de n1rcn qsl?
KM4HRR-9 KM4HRR-7 07/30 20:45:46z Reply &{5
KM4HRR-7 KB4NEW-7 07/28 21:33:41z Send another 73! thanks for saying hello! KM4HRR Brendan
KB4NEW-7 KM4HRR-7 07/28 21:20:30z Reply QSL de KB4NEW EM98{99
KM4HRR-7 KC9YTT 07/27 22:30:13z Send another QSL! 73! KM4HRR
N8TAR-7 KM4HRR-7 07/27 22:09:00z Reply Heard you via ISS, MI EN82{68
N8TAR-7 KM4HRR-7 07/27 22:07:14z Reply Heard you via ISS, MI EN82{69
KC9YTT KM4HRR-7 07/27 22:06:40z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
KC9YTT KM4HRR-7 07/27 22:05:38z Reply QSL!
KM4HRR-7 K4KDR-6 07/26 04:58:58z Send another Hey - thanks for the msg. Fun with ISS! 73, Brendan KM4HRR
KM4HRR-7 K4KDR-6 07/26 04:58:30z Send another Thanks for the msg. Fun with ISS ;-) 73 - Brendan KM4HRR
K4KDR-6 KM4HRR-7 07/22 22:54:34z Reply 73 from VA!
K4KDR-6 KM4HRR-7 07/22 22:54:16z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es