KL7JKC-6 messages

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N1RCN KL7JKC-6 10/26 16:15:51z Reply Good Afternoon via ISS!
KL7JKC-6 KC9YTT 10/26 16:12:16z Send another QSL and TNX 73!!{0V}
NN3RP-3 KL7JKC-6 10/25 17:02:42z Reply Stay Safe, Be Safe{02
NN3RP-3 KL7JKC-6 10/25 17:02:24z Reply qsl 73{01
KL7JKC-6 NN3RP-3 10/25 17:02:02z Send another RGR.. 73 and tnx!!{0U}35
W4IIA-6 KL7JKC-6 10/25 17:01:51z Reply QSL and 73 from FM17 via ISS
NN3RP-3 KL7JKC-6 10/25 17:01:01z Reply Heard u via ISS, 73!{35
KC9YTT KL7JKC-6 10/25 17:00:53z Reply [AA] QSL! 73' KC9YTT{00
KL7JKC-6 KC9YTT 10/25 17:00:49z Send another RGR... 599 in Casey /county KY... 73{0T}
KC9YTT KL7JKC-6 10/25 17:00:08z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
N0BOO KL7JKC-6 10/25 15:22:38z Reply Hello from Nebraska
K9NBG KL7JKC-6 10/19 21:09:13z Reply HEARD YOU VIA ISS IN ILLINOIS{64
KL7JKC-6 KI4ASK-7 10/19 11:59:57z Send another Hello!! 73{0S}4
KI4ASK-7 KL7JKC-6 10/19 11:59:21z Reply Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{4
KL7JKC-6 NN4H-9 10/18 19:18:45z Send another QSL and TNX! 73!{0R}43
NN4H-9 KL7JKC-6 10/18 19:18:25z Reply heard u via iss {43
K2MJP-6 KL7JKC-6 10/15 13:32:47z Reply QSL, 73!{61
KL7JKC-6 K2MJP-6 10/15 13:32:20z Send another TNX and QSL -- 73!!!{0Q}59
K2MJP-6 KL7JKC-6 10/15 13:31:57z Reply Heard u via ISS, 73!{59
N1RCN KL7JKC-6 10/15 13:28:52z Reply [AA] TNX for the contact!{00
KL7JKC-6 N1RCN 10/15 13:28:48z Send another Heard you in Kentucky... 73!{0P}
N1RCN KL7JKC-6 10/15 13:28:20z Reply Good Morning from EL87
K9NBG KL7JKC-6 10/14 20:56:23z Reply HEARD YOU VIA ISS IN ILLINOIS{27
KL7JKC-6 K9NBG 10/14 20:51:05z Send another QSL from Kentucky! 73{0O}25
K9NBG KL7JKC-6 10/14 20:50:13z Reply HEARD YOU VIA ISS IN ILLINOIS{25
KO4HMB-9 KL7JKC-6 10/14 12:47:04z Reply Hello de KO4HMB {04
KL7JKC-6 N1RCN 10/14 12:42:58z Send another QSl and 73 !!{0N}
KL7JKC-6 KD4QNA-8 10/12 15:54:28z Send another QSL and 73!!{0M}1
KD4QNA-8 KL7JKC-6 10/12 15:54:10z Reply Heard via SAT FM17!{1
KI4ASK-7 KL7JKC-6 10/11 15:02:51z Reply Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{1
KD4QNA-8 KL7JKC-6 10/11 13:27:54z Reply Heard via SAT FM17!{57
KD4QNA-8 KL7JKC-6 10/11 13:27:28z Reply Heard via SAT FM17!{56
K4KDR-6 KL7JKC-6 10/10 22:22:15z Reply QSL - 73!!
KL7JKC-6 K4KDR-6 10/10 22:22:08z Send another QSL and 73!!{0L}
K4KDR-6 KL7JKC-6 10/10 22:21:30z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KL7JKC-6 KC9YTT 10/09 16:38:47z Send another QSL and TNX ! 73{0K}
N1RCN KL7JKC-6 10/09 14:59:20z Reply Good to see you via ISS!
KL7JKC-6 K5WLW 10/07 16:33:17z Send another QSL and TNX!! 73{0J}
K5WLW KL7JKC-6 10/07 16:32:44z Reply Nice to see you on ISS, 73 EL29
KL7JKC-6 AI9IN 08/19 19:01:32z Send another Hello from EM77!!{0I}
AI9IN KL7JKC-6 08/19 18:59:06z Reply Hello from AI9IN EM79
KL7JKC-6 KC9YTT 08/19 18:58:59z Send another QSL and 73!!{0H}
KD2WFZ-7 KL7JKC-6 08/19 12:30:50z Reply QSL via ISS 73!{74
K2MJP-6 KL7JKC-6 08/19 12:30:30z Reply Heard you via ISS in FN30 NY!{45
KL7JKC-6 KD4QNA-7 08/18 19:47:36z Send another QSL from EM77!! 73{0G}56
KD4QNA-7 KL7JKC-6 08/18 19:47:14z Reply Heard in VA FM17!{56