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CQSRVR KK6RKY 04/20 04:26:49z Reply Active group: IQ8UN with 1 members{3O}EM
CQSRVR KK6RKY 04/20 04:26:49z Reply Active group: ARS with 1 members{3N}EM
KK6RKY CQSRVR 04/20 04:26:49z Send another ?{EM}
KK6RKY ANSRVR 04/20 04:26:49z Send another ?{EL}
WHO-IS KK6RKY 04/20 04:13:11z Reply K6JRN/G/Jeremiah R NORRELL/CA/United States{H2}EK
KK6RKY WHO-IS 04/20 04:13:11z Send another K6JRN{EK}
WHO-IS KK6RKY 04/20 01:48:26z Reply N6RZR/E/BRIAN K WALIGORSKI/CA/United States{H1}YH
KK6RKY WHO-IS 04/20 01:48:26z Send another N6RZR{YH}H0
WHO-IS KK6RKY 04/20 01:47:22z Reply format is an invalid command!{H0}YG
KK6RKY WHO-IS 04/20 01:47:22z Send another VACA{YG}
KK6RKY KS4FUN-9 04/20 01:33:01z Send another Hi From Erik, what is Status(special)?{YF}
KK6RKY KE7ZXE 04/19 02:10:39z Send another Thanks!!
AD5MT KK6RKY 04/19 02:08:38z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
WD9EWK KK6RKY 04/19 02:07:37z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {0
KK6RKY W7QL 04/17 02:19:10z Send another Thanks 73!!
KK6OTJ-7 KK6RKY 04/17 02:16:21z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{90
KK6OTJ-7 KK6RKY 04/17 02:15:40z Reply Hi from Mark, DM04. QSL?{87
N7AGF KK6RKY 04/17 02:15:13z Reply Hi from CN88! {0
EMAIL-2 KK6RKY 04/16 21:32:54z Reply Email sent to pamerik@sbcglobal.net{YO}LO
KK6RKY EMAIL-2 04/16 21:32:54z Send another pamerik@sbcglobal.net APRS email test{LO}
KK6RKY KK6BXP-12 04/16 21:27:32z Send another HI, I was Igating the ISS for a few minutes. -Erik{LN}
KK6RKY K7LWV 04/16 21:23:33z Send another Great to hear you this afternoon on VHF!
KK6RKY KF2T 04/16 21:22:18z Send another Great to hear you this afternoon!
KK6RKY CG6QO 04/14 03:15:57z Send another Thanks!
CG6QO KK6RKY 04/14 03:15:24z Reply tu qsl 73 via ISS
KK6RKY WD9EWK 04/03 01:33:12z Send another Hi Patrick
KK6RKY AI6GS-6 03/30 03:24:16z Send another Nice to hear you this evening!
H0UND KK6RKY 02/20 00:37:33z Reply WOOF! DM43 in AZ {0