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KK6RKY AJ7C 12/04 06:20:34z Send another Nice to hear you this evening!
EMAIL-2 KK6RKY 11/26 00:06:54z Reply Email sent to pamerik@sbcglobal.net{M0}PY
KK6RKY EMAIL-2 11/26 00:06:54z Send another pamerik@sbcglobal.net testing APRS e-mail function{PY}
EMAIL-2 KK6RKY 11/02 03:05:40z Reply Message to robertj@hayfork.net failed{1251
EMAIL-2 KK6RKY 11/02 03:05:36z Reply Email sent to robertj@hayfork.net{YQ}KQ
KK6RKY EMAIL-2 11/02 03:05:35z Send another robertj@hayfork.net APRS OK here, Erik{KQ}YO
EMAIL-2 KK6RKY 11/02 03:04:40z Reply Message to robertj@hayfork.net failed{1249
EMAIL-2 KK6RKY 11/02 03:04:35z Reply Email sent to robertj@hayfork.net{YO}KP
KK6RKY EMAIL-2 11/02 03:04:35z Send another robertj@hayfork.net APRS seems good here, Erik{KP}
KK6RKY WD9EWK 10/22 22:52:54z Send another Great to hear you this afternoon!