KK6QMS messages

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W0JW-6 KK6QMS 06/25 15:55:07z Reply de W0JW 1D IA
KB6LTY-3 KK6QMS 06/21 01:12:12z Reply TNX CLIFFORD 73
KK6QMS KB6LTY-3 06/21 01:10:09z Send another Hi Christy! 73
K7TAB-7 KK6QMS 06/21 01:09:37z Reply Hi de Chris {22
KK6QMS Heard 06/19 17:55:32z Send another W7QL,KB6LTY-3,K5UBQ,N7HQB
KK6QMS K5UBQ 06/19 17:55:12z Send another roger and 73!
K5UBQ KK6QMS 06/19 17:54:59z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
KK6QMS K5UBQ 06/19 17:54:51z Send another Greetings from Venice Beach , CA!
W7QL KK6QMS 06/19 17:53:09z Reply HI FROM DN40
WD9EWK KK6QMS 06/17 01:23:40z Reply TNX/73! {2
KK6QMS Heard 06/10 20:55:26z Send another KB6LTY-3,KK6OTJ-7,N7ZEV,N0VWX,WD9EWK,K7TAB-7,K5UBQ,W0ARP-15
KG6FIY-9 KK6QMS 06/10 04:23:55z Reply Greetings from KG6FIY de DM03{46
KB6IGK KK6QMS 06/09 05:10:30z Reply Hi de EM10 Austin TX{0
KK6QMS BLNQSL1/1 06/09 05:10:25z Send another K4HG-5,KK6OTJ-7,W1FJC,KB6LTY-3
KK6QMS KB6LTY-3 06/09 05:07:56z Send another 73 Christy
KK6QMS BLNQSL1/1 06/08 06:01:30z Send another KK6OTJ-7
KB6IGK KK6QMS 06/06 06:10:38z Reply Hi de EM10 Austin TX{3
KB6IGK KK6QMS 06/06 06:10:35z Reply Hi de EM10 Austin TX{2
KK6QMS KB6LTY-3 05/31 09:44:40z Send another Hi Christy
KK6QMS WD9EWK 05/14 16:26:51z Send another Hi Jack- good to hear you today
W0ARP-15 KK6QMS 05/14 08:24:03z Reply Guys got to Sleep :)
W0ARP-15 KK6QMS 05/14 08:21:43z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
KK6QMS W0ARP-15 05/14 08:21:43z Send another down with automated ISS activity!
W0ARP-15 KK6QMS 05/14 08:21:41z Reply Hi, I'm live most the time
KK6QMS BLNQSL1/1 05/14 08:20:22z Send another W0ARP-15,KN6NS-1,K6PKL
KK6QMS W0ARP-15 05/14 08:19:29z Send another are you live or robot?
KK6QMS KC7MG-9 05/11 17:26:04z Send another Nice to hear you- 73
KK6QMS KC4ONA 05/11 17:25:37z Send another Greetings from Venice Beach , CA
KK6QMS W5SAT-6 05/10 16:43:33z Send another 73 have a great day
W5SAT-6 KK6QMS 05/10 16:43:17z Reply 73 Thx for QSO!
KK6QMS BLNQSL1/1 05/10 16:42:56z Send another KC7MG-9,W0ARP-15,W5SAT-6,N0VWX,WB5PJB-9
KK6QMS W5SAT-6 05/10 16:41:37z Send another Hello Vegas
KK6QMS W0ARP-15 05/10 16:40:57z Send another Greetings from Venice Beach , CA 73
KC7MG-9 KK6QMS 05/08 16:50:40z Reply ACK Thanks
KK6QMS BLNQSL1/1 05/07 17:41:50z Send another W7QL,KO6TZ,WD9EWK,KK6OTJ-7,KC7MG-9,WB5PJB,N0VWX,N6U
W7QL KK6QMS 05/07 17:38:58z Reply HELLO FROM DN40
N7FMH-15 KK6QMS 05/02 17:22:29z Reply Hi from FN42fx{YQ}
KK6QMS ALL 05/02 17:01:16z Send another Hi from Mojave Prsrve DM25gj - 35.24.40N 115.27.46W
KK6QMS W6UHQ-9 05/02 17:00:12z Send another Hi from Mojave Prsrve DM25gj - 35-24-40N 115-27-46W
KK6QMS W6UHQ-9 05/02 16:59:28z Send another CQ from Mojave Prsrve DM25gj - 35-24-40N 115-27-46W
KS6M-1 KK6QMS 04/25 16:48:06z Reply Greetings and 73
KK6QMS N7HQB 04/25 16:47:31z Send another Greetings from Venice Beach , CA! 73
KK6QMS KB6LTY 04/23 16:56:42z Send another Hi Christy!! 73
KK6QMS CG7CEW 04/23 16:55:25z Send another Greetings from Venice Beach , CA!!! 73