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KK4NAM SMSGTE 03/07 23:16:16z Send another @2567943796 LOL!
SMSGTE KK4NAM 03/07 22:23:46z Reply @2567943796 You playing with all those -gates aren't you{M7265
KK4NAM SMSGTE 03/07 22:14:24z Send another @2567943796 https://youtu.be/rpCJ9KEOgdo
KK4NAM SMSGTE 03/07 21:30:03z Send another 565273177 OK thanks! You may have to hit "extract data"
KK4NAM SMSGTE 03/07 21:22:11z Send another @2567147862 https://youtu.be/rpCJ9KEOgdo
SMSGTE KK4NAM 03/07 21:03:18z Reply @2565273177 No not on my cell phone. I was outside working. Dont op{M7264
KK4NAM SMSGTE 03/07 21:00:52z Send another Thanks! I'm experimenting again. Did you see the Vid?
SMSGTE KK4NAM 03/07 20:57:37z Reply @2565273177 Its working-{M7263
KK4NAM SMSGTE 03/07 20:53:47z Send another @2565273177 test link https://youtu.be/rpCJ9KEOgdo
KK4NAM APRS 03/07 20:31:21z Send another