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KK4NAM BEACON 12/17 18:20:11z Send another Hazel Green AL{95
KK4NAM BEACON 12/14 19:00:41z Send another Hazel Green AL{93
KK4NAM APRS 12/12 18:58:02z Send another Hazel Green AL [350]{92
KK4NAM BEACON 12/12 18:50:05z Send another Hazel Green AL [400]{88
KK4NAM BEACON 12/12 18:36:54z Send another Hazel Green AL [450]{87
KK4NAM BEACON 12/12 18:34:40z Send another Hazel Green AL [500]{86
KK4NAM BEACON 12/12 18:23:54z Send another Hazel Green AL{85
KK4NAM BEACON 12/12 17:14:44z Send another Hazel Green AL{84
KK4NAM BEACON 12/12 17:00:14z Send another Hazel Green AL{83
KB6IGK KK4NAM 12/05 20:31:18z Reply TNX 73!{7
KB6IGK KK4NAM 12/05 20:31:03z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL? {5
KB6IGK KK4NAM 12/05 20:30:32z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL? {3
KB6IGK KK4NAM 12/03 22:16:34z Reply Hi de EM10 TX QSL? {6
NB3T KK4NAM 11/27 22:44:19z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{3
NB3T KK4NAM 11/27 22:42:18z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{1
KK4NAM APRS 11/17 14:48:18z Send another Hazel Green AL{74
KK4NAM APRS 11/07 19:42:49z Send another Hazel Green AL{72
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 21:53:57z Send another EM64rw Igate
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 21:49:27z Send another Hazel Green AL{69
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 21:47:47z Send another EM64rw Igate{67
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 21:44:18z Send another Hazel Green AL
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 21:23:41z Send another EM64rw Igate{57
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 21:22:30z Send another Hazel Green AL{56
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 20:27:04z Send another EM64rw Igate{54
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 19:43:04z Send another Hazel Green AL{52
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 19:01:18z Send another EM64rw Igate{51
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 18:00:50z Send another Hazel Green AL{49
KK4NAM APRS 11/04 14:26:36z Send another Hazel Green AL{47
KK4NAM APRS 11/03 18:44:38z Send another Hazel Green AL{45
KK4NAM APRS 11/02 19:33:43z Send another Hazel Green AL{44
KK4NAM APRS 11/02 00:16:24z Send another Hazel Green AL{41
KK4NAM APRS 11/01 22:26:27z Send another Hazel Green AL{40
KK4NAM APRS 11/01 20:31:15z Send another Hazel Green AL{39
KK4NAM APRS 10/31 20:24:00z Send another Hazel Green AL{37
KK4NAM APRS 10/31 04:03:44z Send another EM64rw Igate{36
KK4NAM APRS 10/31 03:45:08z Send another Hazel Green AL{35
KK4NAM APRS 10/31 02:44:23z Send another EM64rw Igate{34
KK4NAM APRS 10/31 02:30:27z Send another Hazel Green AL{33
KK4NAM APRS 10/31 01:19:08z Send another Hazel Green AL{32
KK4NAM APRS 10/30 14:15:04z Send another Hazel Green AL{28
N8DEU-7 KK4NAM 10/29 21:09:57z Reply a{4
N8DEU-7 KK4NAM 10/29 21:03:42z Reply will be perm location soon{3
KK4NAM APRS 10/29 17:10:04z Send another EM64rw Igate{27
KK4NAM APRS 10/29 15:39:19z Send another Hazel Green AL{23
KK4NAM BEACON 10/28 20:37:56z Send another Hazel Green AL{10
KK4NAM N8DEU-7 10/28 20:18:26z Send another Nice digi. Excellent location!
KK4NAM KO4QV 10/28 15:41:19z Send another qsl thank you exercise exercise....{08
KO4QV KK4NAM 10/28 15:40:07z Reply exercise exercise exercise{ID}
KO4QV KK4NAM 10/28 15:39:53z Reply KO4QV power still out in NW huntsville - Summer Cove Circle.{IC}
KK4NAM KF4MMF-9 10/28 15:33:12z Send another qsl thank you{07
KF4MMF-9 KK4NAM 10/28 15:24:11z Reply Exercise Good Shepherd Church shelter is full.. Exercise{1
KF4BOG-10 KK4NAM 10/28 15:00:42z Reply thank you{SA}
KK4NAM ALL 10/28 14:53:10z Send another exercise excercise power restored Igate active
AI9IN KK4NAM 10/26 13:02:24z Reply QSL QSO via ISS AI9IN 73 de Steve EM79!
KK4NAM AI9IN 10/26 13:01:21z Send another 73 fm EM64 {06
AI9IN KK4NAM 10/26 12:59:07z Reply Hello de Steve AI9IN EM79 IN
KK4NAM BEACON 10/25 20:43:42z Send another EM64rw Igate -2
KK4NAM NULL 10/25 20:15:26z Send another Device; BitdefenderCom: 128 encryption
KK4NAM NULL 10/25 19:21:12z Send another Win10 64bit encryption
KK4NAM NULL 10/25 19:16:42z Send another New World order exposed. & the Illuminati
KK4NAM NULL 10/25 19:12:29z Send another forget the invasion
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/25 19:09:20z Send another @2567147862 fixed leak differential ok
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/19 17:33:44z Send another @2567147862 at home now
KK4NAM KK4NAM 10/17 19:45:16z Send another test
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 23:15:57z Send another @2569909587 ok thanks. gotta go watch the TIDE on ESPN!
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 23:12:13z Reply @2569909587 Haven't been on there much today.{M2288
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 23:09:33z Send another @2569909587 me either. saw something on Facebook......
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 23:07:12z Reply @2569909587 I haven't been there today. No one called me didn't kno{M2287
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 23:05:49z Send another @2569909587 how is Lee's shed coming along?
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 23:01:22z Send another @2569909587 I only shot 1 goose in my life but it was quite tasty
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 22:58:29z Send another @2569909587 ok gotcha. sounds good. Some use scent free but not me
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 22:55:18z Reply @2569909587 You ever hunt/eaten goose?{M2285
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 22:52:15z Reply @2569909587 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballistol{M2284
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 22:52:12z Reply @2569909587 All around cleaner/lubricant like Rem oil. Also protect{M2283
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 22:48:42z Send another @2569909587 what is a ballisto? I only get 67 characters on ham radi
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 22:45:00z Reply @2569909587 Yea I'm waiting on my ballistol to come in. It's a grea{M2282
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 22:42:42z Send another @2569909587 that spring\slide indide the forearm could use some oil
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 22:40:46z Send another @2569909587 yeah those snakes don't scratch the barrel like rods do
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 22:37:12z Reply @2569909587 I drug a snake through the barrel and wipes out the bor{M2281
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 22:36:00z Reply @2569909587 Yea. Last time I went there was some weirdo's! So I'm h{M2280
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 22:33:47z Send another @2569909587 I think SwanCreek range is open until duck season starts
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 22:25:35z Reply @2569909587 Not yet, they are bushhogging the land this weekend. Pr{M2279
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 22:24:37z Reply @2567943796 ???? Rick Owens{M2278
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 22:24:06z Send another @2569909587 Hey Jeffrey have you tried that 30-06 yet?
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 22:18:39z Send another @2567943796 This is Jeff Day on SMSgateway via ham radio
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 22:11:19z Reply @2567943796 Haven't been. Who is this? Rick Owens{M2276
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 22:10:17z Send another @2567943796 Did you arrow one today Rick? (sent via ham radio)
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 22:05:29z Send another @2563164912 Roll Tide! {sent via ham radio)
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 21:56:28z Send another @2567147862 testing SMS GATEWAY
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 21:56:00z Reply The number 7147862 is invalid{E2275
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 21:55:59z Send another @7147862 testing SMS GATEWAY
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 20:53:59z Reply @2567147862 sent from cell phone{M2274
SMSGTE KK4NAM 10/14 19:52:38z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit smsgte.wix.com/smsgte for help.{E2269
KK4NAM SMSGTE 10/14 19:52:38z Send another hello
KK4NAM BEACON 10/12 18:39:55z Send another Hazel Green AL{01
KK4NAM BEACON 10/11 21:52:45z Send another Hazel Green AL{98
KK4NAM APRS 10/11 18:24:34z Send another Hazel Green AL{92
KK4NAM BEACON 10/11 16:34:16z Send another Hazel Green AL{86
KK4NAM BEACON 10/11 15:40:38z Send another Hazel Green AL{80
KK4NAM APRS 10/11 13:37:03z Send another Hazel Green AL{78