KK4NAM messages

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KK4NAM N0AN-6 08/13 18:55:19z Send another 599 via ISS 73
KK4NAM KC9YTT 08/13 18:54:33z Send another qsl thx! 73 via ISS
KK4NAM BEACON 08/13 18:23:23z Send another UISS SatGate v2.0{52
KC9YTT KK4NAM 08/12 19:48:21z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's
KK4NAM KC9YTT 08/12 19:47:53z Send another 599 EM64 via ISS{43
KK4NAM APRS 08/12 18:10:00z Send another EM64 73 via ISS{41
KK4NAM N0AN-6 08/11 20:41:34z Send another 599 EM64 via ISS{38
KK4NAM K5UBQ 08/11 19:02:06z Send another 599 EM64 via ISS{28
KK4NAM W0ARP-15 08/10 19:56:59z Send another ur 599 in Alabama via ISS{21
KK4NAM KE4AZZ 08/10 18:19:51z Send another ur 599 via ISS 73{15
KK4NAM APRS 08/10 18:17:57z Send another EM64RW 73 via ISS{13
KK4NAM APRS 08/09 20:46:33z Send another EM64RW 73 via ISS{09
KK4NAM BLN 07/28 21:45:11z Send another NWS Activation of storm spotters is not anticipated at this time.
KK4NAM BLN 07/28 21:39:50z Send another test
KK4NAM ALL 07/28 21:19:05z Send another NWS H Activation of storm spotters is not anticipated at this{03
N4BCX KK4NAM 07/28 21:19:04z Reply rej03
N4BCX KK4NAM 07/28 20:23:05z Reply rej02
KK4NAM ALL 07/28 20:23:02z Send another NWS HSV FLASH FLOOD WATCH UNTIL 9 PM CDT {02
N4BCX KK4NAM 07/28 20:08:16z Reply rej01
N4BCX KK4NAM 07/28 20:08:15z Reply rej00
KK4NAM ALL 07/28 20:08:14z Send another =Flash+Flood+Watch&lat=34.9236&lon=-86.5672#.WXuZClGQzIUNWS flash{01
KK4NAM ALL 07/28 20:08:11z Send another y=ALC089&firewxzone=ALZ006&local_place1=Hazel%20Green%20AL&product1{00
N4BCX KK4NAM 07/28 20:07:31z Reply rej99
KK4NAM ALL 07/28 20:07:30z Send another http://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=ALZ006&warncount{99
N4BCX KK4NAM 07/28 19:15:20z Reply rej98
KK5H-10 KK4NAM 07/25 01:10:24z Reply thanks a ton! been a busy one here.{XW}
KK4NAM ALL 07/25 00:52:17z Send another Have a nice day!{91
N4BCX KK4NAM 07/25 00:52:17z Reply rej91
N4BCX KK4NAM 07/25 00:35:23z Reply rej90
KK4NAM HEARDlast 07/24 23:55:39z Send another AK4EJ-1,W4GVX-10,W4UNA-7,W4HMC-1,KK5H-9,N4JDB-1,K4CR-2{UISS54}
KK4NAM HEARDlast 07/24 23:45:43z Send another K4CR-2,N4IDX-7,MTHOPE,ESTLAW,K4TQL-4,W4GVX-10,LAWEMA{UISS54}
KK4NAM BEACON 07/24 13:59:26z Send another EM64RW Hazel Green AL{85
KK4NAM APRS 07/23 20:48:06z Send another Test 123
KK4NAM APRS 07/21 11:03:32z Send another EM64RW 73 via ISS{80
KK4NAM BEACON 07/08 14:05:04z Send another EM64rw Hazel Green AL{57
N1RCN KK4NAM 07/04 17:54:03z Reply happy 4th of july!
KC9YTT KK4NAM 07/04 17:52:33z Reply Happy 4th!
KK4NAM KC9YTT 07/04 16:12:51z Send another ur 599 in Alabama via ISS{48
KK4NAM W4DHN-9 07/02 18:00:31z Send another ur 599 in Alabama via ISS{41
KK4NAM BEACON 07/02 13:23:17z Send another EM64rw Hazel Green AL{22
KB1ZGF KK4NAM 07/01 20:45:16z Reply greetings from New Hampshire USA{2
KB1ZGF KK4NAM 07/01 20:45:02z Reply cq!{1
N1MDJ-7 KK4NAM 06/29 19:00:36z Reply hi{1
KK4NAM K1WY 06/28 19:53:46z Send another 73 via ISS{02
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 03:24:39z Send another test2{02
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 03:23:28z Send another test1{99
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 02:12:30z Send another port1 test port2 @1400rx{98
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 02:10:01z Send another port1 test port2 aa{97
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 01:59:42z Send another port2 test ackOff
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 01:57:21z Send another port2 aa ack{01
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 01:55:30z Send another port2 aa
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 01:53:36z Send another port2 ack{00
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 01:49:31z Send another port2
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/28 01:48:57z Send another port1{96
KK5H-10 KK4NAM 06/28 00:08:00z Reply got it in shack{SI}
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/27 22:35:54z Send another p1 tcpip{95
KK4NAM KK4LPO-9 06/27 22:28:57z Send another test p2 rf no reply necessary
KK4NAM KK4NAM 06/27 22:20:25z Send another test p2
KK4NAM KK4LPO-9 06/27 22:07:00z Send another thx! testing 2 programs on 1 Igate (it ain't easy)....73
KK4NAM KK5H-9,KK 06/27 22:01:54z Send another thx, testing 2 softwares on Igate...73
KK5H-9 KK4NAM 06/27 21:56:06z Reply got it{14
KK4LPO-9 KK4NAM 06/27 21:54:57z Reply got your test text{25
N1RCN KK4NAM 06/26 21:38:53z Reply 73 via ISS de n1rcn el 87 n1rcn@amsat.org
KB6IGK KK4NAM 06/26 21:34:37z Reply Hi de EM10 Austin TX{2
KK4NAM N9HZ 06/25 14:22:42z Send another ur 59 in Alabama via ISS {66
KK4NAM APRS 06/24 20:34:21z Send another test2{60
KK4NAM BEACON 06/24 20:33:18z Send another test{59
VE4NSA KK4NAM 06/24 15:15:23z Reply same here, too rainy :-)
KK4NAM VE4NSA 06/24 15:15:02z Send another nope...{52
VE4NSA KK4NAM 06/24 15:14:20z Reply doing fieldday?
KK4NAM VE4NSA 06/24 15:13:54z Send another thx! u2 73{51
VE4NSA KK4NAM 06/24 15:13:04z Reply Have a great afternoon
KK4NAM K3RLD-1 06/24 13:45:47z Send another [AA] qsl thx 73{50
K3RLD-1 KK4NAM 06/24 13:37:02z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{1
KK4NAM BEACON 06/23 22:00:10z Send another Hazel Green AL{49
KK4NAM BEACON 06/23 21:50:20z Send another Hazel Green AL{48
KK4NAM BEACON 06/23 21:47:13z Send another Hazel Green AL{47
KK4NAM BEACON 06/23 21:46:14z Send another Hazel Green AL{46
KK4NAM KF5WUF-9 06/23 14:27:38z Send another [AA] qsl thx 73{45
KF5WUF-9 KK4NAM 06/23 14:27:34z Reply 59 in Oklahoma{1
KK4NAM APRS 06/22 17:57:51z Send another Hazel Green AL{44
KK4NAM NB3T 06/20 17:53:31z Send another qsl you were 599... (www msg)
KK4NAM WE4B 06/20 17:52:16z Send another Same here...good to see you! 73
WE4B KK4NAM 06/20 15:40:49z Reply It was nice to see another Alabamian on the ISS digipeater. 73!
KK4NAM BEACON 06/20 12:06:28z Send another Hazel Green AL{38
KK4NAM BEACON 06/20 11:48:23z Send another Hazel Green AL{36
NB3T KK4NAM 06/19 16:21:19z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{17
KK4NAM BEACON 06/16 13:58:38z Send another Hazel Green AL{13
KK4NAM BEACON 06/16 13:55:39z Send another Hazel Green AL{11
KK4NAM BEACON 06/14 11:36:41z Send another Hazel Green AL{07
KK4NAM BEACON 06/14 10:25:37z Send another Hazel Green AL.{01