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KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 06:57:23z Send another Cool beans{NC}
AE6FK-15 KJ7HZD 01/20 04:38:58z Reply Dinner time now. More experimenting tomorrow! Thx & 73{TT04
AE6FK-15 KJ7HZD 01/20 04:31:21z Reply Not yet, but working on my station, and can work digi soon?{TT03
KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 04:30:16z Send another Do you do FSK-6 in Bellingham BTW?{NB}
AE6FK-15 KJ7HZD 01/20 04:27:30z Reply my email: mleska@hotmail.com if you haveother ideas. 73!{TT02
KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 04:26:24z Send another NP have a nice night. 73's{NA}
AE6FK-15 KJ7HZD 01/20 04:25:49z Reply I'll experiment more tmw. Thx for the suggestions.{TT01
KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 04:16:54z Send another RF iGate only then.{MZ}
AE6FK-15 KJ7HZD 01/20 04:16:28z Reply pass packets from internet to RF maybe.{TT0E
AE6FK-15 KJ7HZD 01/20 04:15:58z Reply That's what I suspect, or the local igate doesn't {TT0D
KJ7HZD SEDRO 01/20 04:08:52z Send another What happened to Digipeater?{MZ}
KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 04:05:36z Send another Could be Path issue.{MY}
AE6FK-15 KJ7HZD 01/20 03:56:27z Reply Pbm could be on my side, too. 1st try using a TT4 for msg.{TT0C
AE6FK-15 KJ7HZD 01/20 03:55:31z Reply Tnx. FX is using a Yaesu HT, though. Not a computer.{TT0B
KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 03:54:36z Send another Click on best and make it RF Only. Then it will Igate and be+{JY}
KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 03:53:20z Send another Digipeated.
KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 03:53:19z Send another Click on best and make it RF Only. Then it will Igate and be+
KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 03:49:03z Send another digipeating. RF only to Igate.... {JX}
KJ7HZD AE6FK-15 01/20 03:47:49z Send another Once a message hits the server on the internet it stops+{JW}
KJ7HZD AJ6FK-7 01/20 03:42:06z Send another ?APRSP
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 03:29:33z Send another 73's{JV}0A
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 03:24:14z Send another Okay I will plug that in when I'm on DMR.{JU}0A
KJ7FMD-10 KJ7HZD 01/20 03:23:38z Reply 3 North America{0A}JT
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 03:22:35z Send another What TG do you use?{JT}09
KJ7FMD-10 KJ7HZD 01/20 03:22:06z Reply Im going to have to say 73 for now. MAybe catch up on DMR later{09}JS
KJ7FMD-10 KJ7HZD 01/20 03:16:18z Reply Not a problem in phoenix AZ{08}JS
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 03:14:39z Send another They are installing one after the snow melts.{JS}07
KJ7FMD-10 KJ7HZD 01/20 03:13:28z Reply Im not to far from one, which is nice{07}JP
KJ7HZD N7SET 01/20 03:12:35z Send another Not sure I am being digipeated. So just networ sending now.{JR}
KJ7HZD N7SET 01/20 03:08:36z Send another Did that message come through from SMSGTE from me?{JQ}
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 03:06:30z Send another I'm out of range repeater, mmdvm still in mail... Bored.{JP}06
KJ7FMD-10 KJ7HZD 01/20 03:05:11z Reply Same here. got a GD-77 to check it out. Loving DMR{06}JO
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 03:04:09z Send another Yes, I wish my DMR radio had analog APRS though.{JO}05
KJ7FMD-10 KJ7HZD 01/20 03:03:18z Reply me either, but it is nice to see that a QSO is possible New to APRS{05}UT
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 03:01:48z Send another 2020-01-20T02:10:51.748Z https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/e+{UW}
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 03:01:44z Send another 2020-01-1918:17:42< M 1.2 - 4km NNW of The Geysers, CA+{UV}
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 03:01:03z Send another 18:21:26 New Chat Between KJ7HZD and N1SU-9 on+{UU}
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 02:59:51z Send another ODD I can't see why it came in to my msgs.{UT}04
KJ7FMD-10 KJ7HZD 01/20 02:58:28z Reply It was addressed to SMSGTE{04}US
KJ7HZD N1SU-9 01/20 02:55:13z Send another If it includes west coast reports it awesome!{UL}
KJ7HZD N1SU-9 01/20 02:55:08z Send another QRM? it's perfect. THX!{UK}
KJ7HZD N1SU-9 01/20 02:55:03z Send another What about Java Script on windows?{UJ}
KJ7HZD N1SU-9 01/20 02:54:54z Send another I will look into it.{UI}
KJ7HZD N1SU-9 01/20 02:54:48z Send another I'm interested in doing this with my local aprs too.{UH}
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 02:54:36z Send another get it.{US}03
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 02:54:29z Send another I am going to send a message smsgte to that number let me know if+{UR}03
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 02:54:23z Send another What is you QTH?{UQ}03
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 02:54:18z Send another Did it accidentally address to me instead of SMSGTE?{UP}03
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 02:52:02z Send another Not a problem. Just want to figure it out.{UO}03
KJ7FMD-10 KJ7HZD 01/20 02:52:01z Reply That's odd. Thanks for letting me know{03}UN
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 02:50:05z Send another @6028811783 yes it will showed up as message to me.{UN}02
KJ7FMD-10 KJ7HZD 01/20 02:49:38z Reply Not sure either. Sorry. playing with a ras-pi setup{02}UM
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 02:49:32z Send another @6028811783 yes it will showed up as message to me.{UN}
KJ7HZD KJ7FMD-10 01/20 02:47:41z Send another Not sure why this meesage is routed to me?{UM}
N1SU-9 KJ7HZD 01/20 02:40:19z Reply I toned this thing down to report only 2.5+ and Washington - sorry for QRM - vy 73
N1SU-9 KJ7HZD 01/20 02:33:38z Reply probably could be done if I had windows on raspberry pi. too many irons in the fire right now :D
N1SU-9 KJ7HZD 01/20 02:30:31z Reply my original idea used aprsis but I retreated to aprx to avoid dependency on a working network connection
KJ7HZD N1SU-9 01/20 02:27:27z Send another Interesting programming. I am using win10 so it would be more mess.{UG}
N1SU-9 KJ7HZD 01/20 02:26:23z Reply about 200 lines of bash to fetch from usgs and send via aprx beacon - messy but works :-)
ANSRVR KJ7HZD 01/20 02:26:06z Reply Active Groups Query Disabled
CQSRVR KJ7HZD 01/20 02:26:05z Reply No active groups.{VM}UF
KJ7HZD CQSRVR 01/20 02:26:05z Send another ?{UF}
KJ7HZD ANSRVR 01/20 02:26:05z Send another ?{UE}
KJ7HZD N1SU-9 01/20 02:23:25z Send another How did you set this up?{UD}
KJ7HZD N7SET 01/20 01:51:09z Send another Are your smsgte messages getting there?{UC}
KJ7HZD N7SET 01/20 01:49:13z Send another Not sure smsgte is just sending to me by accident?{UB}
KJ7HZD K7JB 01/20 01:43:43z Send another Yes it is working. {UA}
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 01:42:28z Send another @8177761696 Hello this will allow you to send short message.{TZ}
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 01:40:26z Send another Association (PAR{DN}
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 01:40:18z Send another clear on 7.095 MHz as used by the Philippines Amateur Radio+{DM}
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 01:40:14z Send another fall and evacuation in affected area over 100 km, please keep+{DL}
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 01:40:08z Send another Volcano eruption in the Philippines yesterday, that caused ash+{DK}
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 01:40:02z Send another Emcomm Coordinator IARU R3Dear ham radio friends,Due to the Taal+{DJ}
KJ7HZD smsgte 01/20 01:39:52z Send another Now Active EmcommDate : 13 / 01 / 2020Author : Dani - YB2TJV+{DI}
K7JB KJ7HZD 01/20 01:39:29z Reply I found it on Othernet also woo hoo!{02}DE
KJ7HZD KI5AHH 01/20 01:38:43z Send another to: SMSGTE then in message field @cell number space then Your+{DF}
KJ7HZD K7JB 01/20 01:30:53z Send another Hello your text arrived.{DE}
KJ7HZD WB6OMC 01/20 01:29:28z Send another Hello what is you QTH?
KJ7HZD NoCall 01/20 01:01:38z Send another You must enter your callsign in your software to ID yourself.{DC}
KJ7HZD KI5AHH 01/20 00:50:36z Send another Hello I have RX your test4, how are you? 73's{DB}
KJ7HZD VA7BDT-9 01/20 00:47:58z Send another Hello!{DA}
KJ7HZD VE7KPM 01/20 00:47:26z Send another Okay you are Muted.
VE7KPM KJ7HZD 01/19 17:31:19z Reply Go away.{84
KJ7HZD VE7KPM 01/19 11:53:09z Send another Your example is exactly QRM "Dude".
KJ7HZD VE7KPM 01/19 11:45:51z Send another My messages are RX'd check your antenna.
KJ7HZD VE7KPM 01/19 11:42:06z Send another I am experimenting with ISS and APRS, you?
VE7KPM KJ7HZD 01/18 17:28:46z Reply you clearly have no idea what youre doing. You are QRM!{83
VE7KPM KJ7HZD 01/18 17:26:18z Reply You know anyone can see all your message traffic online? {82
KJ7HZD KJ7EVA 01/18 14:09:36z Send another Some other ham got mad I sent him a message. Ha!
KJ7HZD VE7PMD-9 01/18 14:06:57z Send another Where is the qrm? which freq used?
KJ7HZD VE7KPM 01/18 14:03:32z Send another I sent messages to a few hams on aprs. That's not spam.
KJ7HZD VE7KPM 01/18 14:00:13z Send another I don't know what your problem is. Spam? It's messages.
DU6DKL-11 KJ7HZD 01/18 13:35:56z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.2
VE7PMD-9 KJ7HZD 01/17 20:06:22z Reply qrm{20
KJ7HZD BLN 01/17 16:00:35z Send another SatGating WIDE1-1,ARISS,BIRDMY,BIRDPH,BIRDBT,PSAT
KJ7HZD VE7KPM 01/17 14:53:42z Send another Only RF to Internet Service!
VE7KPM KJ7HZD 01/17 14:53:41z Reply Quit spamming everyones inbox - .{80
KJ7HZD EMAIL-2 01/17 09:54:25z Send another me hello testing with uiss
KJ7HZD ME 01/17 09:49:55z Send another hello testing with uiss
EMAIL-2 KJ7HZD 01/17 09:44:25z Reply Email sent to enochianborg@gmail.com{QL}MU