KJ7AFI messages

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KJ7AFI KF6RAL-2 04/13 21:10:44z Send another Ping{1
KJ7AFI SHEPRD 04/13 02:00:47z Send another Ping{2
KJ7AFI HOLDEN 04/13 01:47:38z Send another Ping {2
KB6LTY-3 KJ7AFI 04/08 19:20:34z Reply HELLO VIA ISS QSL?? 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AG7LR KJ7AFI 04/08 19:20:24z Reply Hello from AG7LR in Granite Falls, WA CN88{m0004
KJ7AFI AG7LR 04/08 19:19:28z Send another ISS Ping{1
KJ7AFI W7BMH 04/06 17:51:17z Send another Via ISS{1
KJ7AFI W7BOZ 03/31 20:04:44z Send another 73{8
W7BOZ KJ7AFI 03/31 20:04:28z Reply cool. playing arounf is fun. I got to go. Msg me anytime.{UG}
KJ7AFI W7BOZ 03/31 19:57:43z Send another True. As an experiment I'm curious how far it could go on RF{7
W7BOZ KJ7AFI 03/31 19:47:31z Reply still not needed if you have a local Igate.{UF}
KJ7AFI W7BOZ 03/31 19:46:43z Send another More like DIGI1,DIGI2,DIGI3{6
W7BOZ KJ7AFI 03/31 19:46:30z Reply :){UE}
KJ7AFI W7BOZ 03/31 19:45:36z Send another No worries, no wide99-99 stuff here{5
W7BOZ KJ7AFI 03/31 19:44:46z Reply No more than WIDE2-1.{UD}
W7BOZ KJ7AFI 03/31 19:44:45z Reply Yeah. Be carefull on paths. Maybe check out IRLP Filters.{UC}
KJ7AFI W7BOZ 03/31 19:42:05z Send another And maybe send packets long distance. {4
KJ7AFI W7BOZ 03/31 19:41:47z Send another Found I could specify digis directly...{3
KJ7AFI W7BOZ 03/31 19:39:56z Send another Thanks me too. I'm experimenting with paths. {2
W7BOZ KJ7AFI 03/31 19:38:30z Reply good. Nice to see some APRS activity.{UB}
KJ7AFI W7BOZ 03/31 19:37:37z Send another Howdy{1
W7BOZ KJ7AFI 03/31 19:32:29z Reply hi.{TY}
KJ7AFI HOLDEN 03/30 20:13:39z Send another Hi{1