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KK6OTJ KI7UNJ-9 09/13 14:05:49z Reply Mark Live Operator DM04 QSL?{38
KI7UNJ-9 W6D 09/13 14:04:40z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{16
KK6OTJ KI7UNJ-9 09/13 14:04:13z Reply Mark Live Operator DM04 QSL?{37
W6D KI7UNJ-9 09/10 15:06:21z Reply *W6D - RT 66 OTA* DE KB6LTY DM14
KK6OTJ KI7UNJ-9 09/10 15:04:51z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{13
KI7UNJ-9 ALL 09/10 15:03:55z Send another QSL 73 CN93{09
KK6OTJ KI7UNJ-9 09/07 16:04:14z Reply Mark Live Operator DM04 QSL?{22
WD9EWK KI7UNJ-9 09/07 16:03:42z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {2
KI7UNJ-9 ALL 09/05 17:46:14z Send another live operatorQSL 73 CN94{94
KI7UNJ-9 N7VVX 09/05 17:45:52z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{95
KD7AAT-7 KI7UNJ-9 09/04 17:10:42z Reply QSL? DE KI7UNJ{32
KI7UNJ-9 KD7AAT-7 09/04 17:00:56z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{86
KI7UNJ-9 ALL 09/04 17:00:33z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{84
KI7UNJ-9 W2THC 08/31 14:04:08z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{83
KI7UNJ-9 KC7BXS-7 08/31 14:01:47z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{82
KI7UNJ-9 ALL 08/31 14:00:41z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{81
KI7UNJ-9 KB6LTY-3 08/29 18:36:02z Send another QSL 73 CN94{79
KI7UNJ-9 KB6LTY-3 08/29 18:35:56z Send another QSL 73 CN94{78
KB6LTY-3 KI7UNJ-9 08/29 15:56:38z Reply QSL TNX 73 CHRISTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 KI7UNJ-9 08/29 15:54:54z Reply HELLO VIA ISS/NO-84- DE 73 CHRISTY DM14
KG7OQY-7 KI7UNJ-9 08/29 15:48:50z Reply hI{62
KG7OQY-9 KI7UNJ-9 08/29 14:08:47z Reply howdy{56
KI7UNJ KI7UNJ-9 08/17 21:21:38z Reply test
KI7UNJ-9 KK6OTJ-7 08/17 20:44:50z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{67
KI7UNJ-9 ALL 08/17 20:44:19z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{70
KI7UNJ-9 KB6LTY-3 08/17 20:43:46z Send another QSL? DE KI7UNJ{68
KI7UNJ-9 KG7GGH 08/17 04:03:02z Send another QSL 73 CN94{69
KK6OTJ-7 KI7UNJ-9 08/17 03:58:20z Reply Mark Live Operator DM04 QSL?{83
KK6OTJ-7 KI7UNJ-9 08/17 03:58:14z Reply Mark Live Operator DM04 QSL?{81
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 08/16 21:29:56z Reply @jon Rad{M5062
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 08/16 21:24:32z Send another @jon txt via sat{61
KK6OTJ-7 KI7UNJ-9 08/16 04:39:34z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{79
KK6OTJ-7 KI7UNJ-9 08/16 04:39:31z Reply Mark Live Operator DM04 QSL?{78
KK6OTJ-7 KI7UNJ-9 08/16 04:38:28z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{80
KK6OTJ-7 KI7UNJ-9 08/16 04:36:35z Reply Mark Live Operator DM04 QSL?{77
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 08/02 16:07:47z Reply @jon Yo!{M4387
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 08/02 16:07:31z Send another @jon hey!{54
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 08/02 16:07:18z Reply @jon Sorry I didn't call last night, tonight good for you?{M4386
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 08/02 16:07:04z Reply @jon Yo{M4385
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 08/02 16:03:27z Reply There are no pending messages for your callsign{Q4384
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 08/02 16:03:27z Send another ?APRSM
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 08/02 16:02:42z Send another aprsm{53
W6SAX-9 KI7UNJ-9 08/01 02:41:54z Reply outstanding,1st contact.was beginning 2 wonder. thnx 4 acknowlgng!{1
KI7UNJ-9 W6SAX-9 08/01 02:38:59z Send another yes{48
W6SAX-9 KI7UNJ-9 08/01 02:38:19z Reply testing new station. msg recvd?{0
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/31 19:52:16z Send another @jon haha{47
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/31 19:51:31z Reply @jon Well I guarantee it's better than Oklahoma ;-){M4337
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/31 19:51:27z Reply @jon Ah gotcha{M4336
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/31 19:51:13z Reply @jon Ah gotcha{M4336
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/31 19:49:43z Send another @jon Hate SD to busy{46
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/31 19:48:54z Reply @jon How's San Diego? Would love to visit!{M4335
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/31 19:44:27z Send another @jon o ya{45
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/31 19:43:06z Reply @jon Rad! Glad you found one that works!{M4334
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/31 19:42:42z Send another @jon yup good igates here{44
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/31 19:41:32z Reply @jon Ahoy !{M4333
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/31 19:38:37z Send another @jon hey from san diego{43
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 17:20:52z Reply @mom Gotcha!!!! Dad says was feeling sorry for you but now he's ju{M4141
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/27 17:20:02z Send another @mom no food in n out{42
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 17:14:53z Reply @mom Traffic backed up already?{M4140
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/27 17:10:47z Send another @mom double double time{41
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 16:35:22z Reply @mom Makes you now appreciate where you live{M4139w
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 16:35:15z Reply @mom Makes you now appreciate where you live{M4139
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/27 16:34:36z Send another @mom cali sucks{40
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 16:32:45z Reply @mom You got out early!!! Gonna miss that nasty LA traffic{M4137
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 16:31:57z Reply @mom California traffic BOO{M4138
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/27 16:31:24z Send another @mom i-5 boo{39
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 16:29:31z Reply @mom You got out early!!! Gonna miss that nasty LA traffic{M4137
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 16:29:06z Reply @mom Morning{M4136
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/27 16:28:40z Send another @mom mornng{38
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/27 00:45:02z Send another @mom yup{37
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 00:44:25z Reply @mom I just tracked you{M411
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 00:44:19z Reply @mom I just tracked you{M4111
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 07/27 00:44:03z Reply @mom I bet!!!! Bad time of day{M4110
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 07/27 00:43:19z Send another @mom teaffic sucks{36