KI7UNJ-9 messages

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N1MHV KI7UNJ-9 01/18 20:15:38z Reply DE N1MHV 73{FL}
EMAIL-2 KI7UNJ-9 01/18 19:21:04z Reply Email sent to{535
KI7UNJ-9 ALL 01/18 19:16:22z Send another DE KI7UNJ{01
KI7UNJ-9 EMAIL-2 01/15 21:26:12z Send another te ˙,j` ­st3{00
EMAIL-2 KI7UNJ-9 01/15 21:23:27z Reply Email sent to{251
KI7UNJ-9 EMAIL-2 01/15 21:23:27z Send another test3{00
KI7UNJ-9 EMAIL-2 01/15 21:14:55z Send another test
KI7UNJ-9 EMAIL-2 01/15 20:46:39z Send another test3
KI7UNJ-9 EMAIL-2 01/15 20:38:23z Send another test1
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 01/15 20:30:57z Reply The number is invalid{E4257
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 01/15 20:30:57z Send another test
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 01/15 20:30:16z Send another @5412136986 test
KI7UNJ-9 EMAIL-2 01/15 20:13:25z Send another test from aprs
KI7UNJ-9 EMAIL-2 01/15 20:08:49z Send another test to twitter via aprs
KI7UNJ-9 EMAIL 01/15 20:07:27z Send another this is a test from APRS to TWITTER
KI7UNJ-9 KI7UXT-7 01/05 18:51:06z Send another morning{99
WD9EWK-9 KI7UNJ-9 12/14 17:15:15z Reply tnx & 73 {0
KI7UNJ-9 WD9EWK-9 12/14 16:51:40z Send another thanks for roving!{98
KI7UNJ-9 KI7UXT-7 12/10 21:01:36z Send another QSL 73 CN94{97
KI7UXT-7 KI7UNJ-9 12/10 21:01:20z Reply QSL de DN17 in WA,73.{1
KI7UXT-7 KI7UNJ-9 12/10 20:59:15z Reply Hi de DN17 in WA.{0
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 12/02 18:03:13z Reply @jon Rgr{M1645
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 12/02 18:00:48z Send another @jon 1830 ao-91 91 woops{96
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 12/02 18:00:04z Send another @jon 1830 ao-92{95
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 12/01 15:30:36z Reply @jon might be cutting it close but i should be able to come out for{M1571
KI7UNJ-9 K7TAB-9 12/01 15:29:52z Send another thanks for roving{94
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 12/01 15:28:37z Send another @jon 85 @ 1601z maybe next 85 & 92{93
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 12/01 15:24:14z Reply @jon what birds u doing and time?{M1570
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 12/01 15:20:43z Reply @jon AO-92 1810Z{M1569
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 12/01 15:19:20z Send another @jon what is next bird u oing and utc time pls{92
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 11/30 04:05:31z Reply @bekki K trying to leave its over but crowded{M1512
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/30 04:04:58z Send another @bekki truck is toasty butt heater on{91
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/30 02:13:51z Send another @jon w00t{90
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 11/30 00:23:06z Reply @jon Woohoo! QSL!{M1481
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 11/29 23:59:13z Reply @jon In place{M1474
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/29 23:55:42z Send another @jon u ready{89
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 11/29 23:46:04z Reply @jon Yup{M1471
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/29 23:45:39z Send another @jon ki5bex right doubtin mysekf{88
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/29 23:42:12z Send another @jon Rgr.punk{87
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 11/29 23:41:36z Reply @jon Rgr. Wear snowshoes ;-){M1466
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/29 23:41:01z Send another @jon see u on SO-50 SNOWING HERE{86
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 11/25 03:14:26z Reply @mom Have fun{M1132
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/25 03:08:57z Send another @mom here{85
KO6KL-10 KI7UNJ-9 11/17 04:29:26z Reply ?APRSP
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/16 17:18:51z Send another @jon rgr{83
SMSGTE KI7UNJ-9 11/16 17:18:06z Reply @jon Supposed to. Still traveling. Home late evening. Will let you {M430
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/16 17:17:09z Send another @jon gear come today?
KI7UNJ-9 SMSGTE 11/16 17:17:07z Send another @jon gear come today?{82
KI7UNJ-9 KB6LTY-3 11/15 18:27:33z Send another QSL 73 CN94SS/NO-84- 73 CHRISTY DM14{80
KB6LTY-3 KI7UNJ-9 11/15 18:27:23z Reply QSL TNX 73
KS9O KI7UNJ-9 11/12 18:56:28z Reply 73
KS9O KI7UNJ-9 11/12 18:56:27z Reply 73{14