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EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 12/01 23:46:10z Reply Email sent to{1284
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 12/01 23:46:10z Send another tgcom test from jeep ignore{84
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 12/01 23:30:40z Reply No email address found!{1283
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 12/01 23:30:40z Send another test from jeep ignore{83
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 16:37:57z Send another @9169965749 we are mobile {82
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 16:04:55z Reply @9169965749 PETA? People eating tasty animals?{M4216
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 16:03:50z Reply @9169965749 The ghost of jerry reed? Does his bird still sing?{M4215
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 15:59:09z Reply @9169965749 Happy happy happy{M4213
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 15:56:59z Reply @9169965749 Alan Jackson ?{M4210
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 15:56:54z Reply @9169965749 I knew Elvis would pop up somewhere.{M4211
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 15:55:30z Reply @9169965749 If it's uncle si or Phil tell them to wait. I'll be up {M4212
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 15:55:09z Send another @9169965749 lol no{16
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 15:54:48z Reply @9169965749 Sam Elliot{M4209
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 15:47:33z Send another @9169965749 guess who showed up{15
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 15:38:26z Reply @9169965749 Love you too. Rain at 10{M4208
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 15:29:32z Send another @9169965749 good morning luv u{14
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 15:28:15z Send another @9169965749 good morning luv u{13
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 13:41:21z Reply @5303061545 I'm super stoked! Thank you for believing and persever{M4206
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/26 08:19:45z Send another cmd beacon w{11
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 07:41:45z Send another @5303061545 lol omg we did it buddy shit works{10
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 11/26 07:32:52z Reply No unacked email messages.{1252
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 01:25:43z Send another @5303061545 i am so happy so awesome{08
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/26 01:23:09z Reply @5303061545 everything is up and reporting{M4189
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 11/26 01:23:06z Reply No unacked email messages.{1251
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 11/26 01:23:06z Send another get{07
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 01:19:51z Send another @5303061545 everything still up?{06
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/26 00:54:54z Send another cmd beacon w{05
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 00:29:11z Send another @9168010643 so gay looser{04
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/26 00:17:22z Send another @4082098931 hey shit head we miss u green acres{03
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/25 20:40:05z Reply @5303121433 Tim do you receive text?{M4185
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/25 19:51:51z Reply @9169965749 Tippy is in sac. Linda going to get her{M4184
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/25 19:49:46z Reply @9169965749 What happened?{M4183
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/25 19:12:03z Send another @9169965749 btw our dog is fine:){02
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/25 02:37:08z Send another @5303061545 i Need confirmation callplease{01
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/25 01:12:34z Send another @5303131433 thats cute lori has ur chainsaw fag{80
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/25 01:09:20z Reply @5303121433 You suck Homo. Hope you???re freezing your tally Wacker{M4151
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/25 01:03:59z Send another @5303121433 how is ur sauage fest homo{98
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/25 00:59:33z Reply @9169965749 Love you too.{M4150
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/25 00:58:55z Send another @9169965749 test love u{97
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 11/25 00:03:43z Send another tgcom wtf everthing is working hell ya{96
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/24 21:51:47z Send another cmd script on{95
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 19:58:49z Send another @9169965749 will do.{94
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:56:40z Reply @9169965749 Okay. Look around at campgrounds and such..{M3936
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 19:53:12z Send another @9169965749 leaving now{93
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:50:54z Reply No unacked email messages.{152
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 11/19 19:47:53z Send another get{92
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:42:30z Reply @9169965749 Good.{M3934
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:42:01z Reply @9169965749 That's what I meant{M3935
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 19:40:06z Send another @9169965749 no on sheriff i will have vicki call it in{79
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 19:36:39z Send another @9169965749 they are on{78
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:36:29z Reply @9169965749 Same m o as other? Want sheriff?{M3933
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:35:09z Reply @9169965749 It's sad. Turn on our cameras.{M3932
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 19:34:25z Send another @9169965749 will do this is so much bullshit{77
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:33:44z Reply @9169965749 Call Vickie when you get out.{M3931
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 19:33:40z Send another @9169965749 door is semi secure we took pictures of it all{76
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 19:33:15z Send another @9169965749 door is semi secure we took pictures of it all{75
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:32:19z Reply @9169965749 Text me back if you can{M3930
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 19:23:42z Send another @9169965749 we kinda got it but i think someone needs to get up her{74
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:21:19z Reply @9169965749 Can you secure the building?{M3929
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:19:00z Reply @9169965749 I notified Vicki. Call her when you can{M3928
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:16:15z Reply @9169965749 Wtf?!{M3926
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 19:14:55z Reply @9169965749 Make sure cameras on{M3927
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 19:14:35z Send another @9169965749 gonna be a minute kiosk got broken into damn people{73
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 18:35:04z Send another @9169965749 leaving shanty in 20 mins storm coming in{72
KI6MLK-9 KI6PPU-8 11/19 17:11:51z Reply westbound and down{55
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 11/19 17:03:47z Reply No unacked email messages.{151
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 11/19 17:03:47z Send another get{91
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 15:22:21z Reply @5309036606 Hehe / morning sunshine{M3918
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 15:02:38z Send another @5309036606 okay coffes on now lol{89
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 15:01:34z Send another cmd beacon w{90
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 14:53:58z Send another @9169965749 cold this morning{88
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 14:44:05z Reply @9169965749 Love you too{M3917
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 14:43:43z Send another @9169965749 good morning love u{87
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 04:03:32z Send another cmd beacon w{86
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 04:02:38z Send another cmd beacon w{85
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 03:44:50z Send another cmd telem 0{82
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 03:42:42z Send another TELEMETRY 1{81
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 03:42:28z Send another cmd telem{79
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 03:42:13z Send another cmd telem{80
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 11/19 03:31:35z Reply TELEMETRY 1{ap
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 03:31:27z Send another cmd telem{76
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 03:29:39z Send another cmd telem{77
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 11/19 03:29:38z Reply TELEMETRY 0{am
KI6PPU-8 KM6NSK-9 11/19 03:25:41z Send another testing from loon lake{72
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 11/19 03:24:33z Send another @5303061545 where are u{74
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 11/19 03:23:54z Reply @5303061545 Canyon, TX{M3901
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 11/19 03:20:22z Reply No unacked email messages.{150
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 11/19 03:20:22z Send another get{73
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 11/19 03:15:20z Send another get{71
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 11/19 03:15:12z Reply No unacked email messages.{149
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 02:59:04z Send another cmd beacon w{70
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 11/19 02:58:13z Reply SCRIPT ON{ak
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 02:58:13z Send another cmd script on{69
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 11/19 02:55:36z Reply SCRIPT OFF{ai
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 02:55:34z Send another cmd script off{68
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 02:54:36z Send another cmd script{67
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 11/19 02:53:40z Reply INTERVAL 300{af
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 11/19 02:52:52z Reply INTERVAL 240{ae
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 02:52:24z Send another cmd interval{65
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 11/19 02:51:46z Send another cmd beacon w{64