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KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/22 14:25:23z Send another get{44
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/22 14:24:23z Reply No unacked email messages.{418
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/22 14:09:38z Reply @5303061545 your Facebook post are working BTW{M2694
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/22 04:35:06z Send another tgcom is this thing working call on radio{42
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/22 04:34:56z Reply Email sent to{417
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/22 04:32:43z Reply Email sent to{416
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/22 04:30:34z Send another tgcom assholes{43
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/22 04:22:26z Reply No unacked email messages.{415
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/22 04:22:26z Send another get{41
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/22 04:20:52z Reply Email sent to{414
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/22 04:18:26z Send another tgcom Pat and hedi say this dont work please call on radio{40
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/22 01:54:20z Reply @5303061545 have a wonderful evening!{M2658
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/22 01:54:09z Reply @5303061545 yes it has. Say hello to everyone for us{M2657
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/22 01:49:41z Send another @5303061545 cant wait to see you been too long{55
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/22 01:48:13z Reply @5303061545 perfect, can't wait to get home{M2656
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/22 01:47:16z Send another @5303061545 they already {54
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/22 01:46:11z Reply @5303061545 sweet, hopefully the mountain will be mostly empty soon{M2655
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/22 01:45:04z Send another @5303061545 no lightnig here but we have snow :){53
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/22 01:43:45z Reply @5303061545 we are watching the lightning show going on{M2654
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/22 01:42:57z Send another @5303061545 didnt get the end of that keep em short{52
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/22 01:40:51z Reply @5303061545 Awesome! It's getting colder here as well. We are wat{M2653
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/22 01:39:50z Send another @5303061545 dropping trees making heat{51
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/21 23:46:42z Send another @5303061545 some folks here impressed with radio{39
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/21 23:29:49z Reply @5303061545 we love and miss you guys too{M2640
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 23:24:22z Send another get{38
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 23:22:10z Reply No unacked email messages.{413
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/21 23:20:14z Send another @5303061545 love u guys and miss u{37
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/21 22:57:08z Reply @5303061545 Nope :P{M2633
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/21 22:56:06z Send another @5303061545 Is it on fire? {36
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/21 22:53:13z Reply @5303061545 hello from the trailer :){M2631
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/21 22:52:31z Send another @5303061545 hello from shanty{35
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 18:21:19z Send another tgcom new pump wow all tanks full in under an hour{50
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 18:20:19z Reply Email sent to{412
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 15:17:35z Reply No unacked email messages.{411
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 15:16:06z Send another get{34
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 12:21:43z Send another get{33
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 12:18:18z Reply No unacked email messages.{410
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/21 11:16:47z Send another @5303061545 from shanty snowing a lot{32
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 11:11:28z Reply Email sent to{409
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 11:10:35z Send another tgcom is this thing working call on radio{31
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 11:10:09z Send another get{30
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 11:07:45z Reply No unacked email messages.{408
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 02:45:39z Send another get{29
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 02:42:40z Reply No unacked email messages.{407
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 02:36:52z Reply Email sent to{406
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 02:36:52z Send another tgcom is this thing working call on radio{28
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 02:31:05z Reply No unacked email messages.{405
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 02:31:05z Send another get{27
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 02:23:40z Reply No unacked email messages.{403
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/21 02:23:36z Send another @5303061545 from shanty snowing a lot{26
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 02:23:31z Send another get{25
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 02:23:11z Reply No unacked email messages.{404
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 02:22:11z Send another get{24
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 02:01:17z Reply No unacked email messages.{402
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 02:01:17z Send another get{23
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 01:37:33z Send another get{22
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 01:36:30z Reply No unacked email messages.{401
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:59:46z Reply No unacked email messages.{400
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 00:59:46z Send another get{21
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:48:23z Reply Email sent to{399
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 00:48:05z Send another tgcom is this thing working call on radio{20
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:36:02z Reply @5303061545 Awesome! Wish I was there. Say hello to everyone for {M2528
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/21 00:35:12z Send another @5303061545 from shanty snowing a lot{18
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:34:03z Reply Email sent to{398
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 00:34:02z Send another tgcom snowing like a mo fo{19
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:33:57z Reply No unacked email messages.{397
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 00:33:57z Send another get{16
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:33:46z Reply No unacked email messages.{396
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 00:33:46z Send another get{17
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:29:51z Reply No unacked email messages.{395
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 00:29:51z Send another get{15
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:29:28z Reply TEMP:31F VOLT:8.92 RX:258327 FCS:1561528 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:66498{bg
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:15:37z Reply No unacked email messages.{394
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 00:15:37z Send another get{13
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:04:33z Reply Email sent to{393
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 00:04:33z Send another tgcom snowing like a mo fo{10
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 10/21 00:03:25z Reply Email sent to{392
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 10/21 00:03:25z Send another tgcom snowing like a mo fo{11
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/19 08:17:04z Reply @9168335410 Just got it when i got service 4:11 AM 19 Oct{M2491
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/19 00:56:12z Reply @9167166971 Yea pets{M2481
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 10/19 00:55:18z Reply TEMP:61F VOLT:8.2 RX:228998 FCS:1371992 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:58505{bf
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 10/19 00:54:49z Send another cmd info{49
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/19 00:51:37z Reply @9167166971 Got it{M2480
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/19 00:51:14z Reply @9167166971 Yeap{M2477
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/19 00:50:59z Reply @9167166971 Ty{M2479
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/19 00:50:55z Send another @9167166971 testing 123{48
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/19 00:50:14z Reply @9167166971 Again{M2478
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 23:36:01z Reply @9167166971 Again{M2474
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 23:21:04z Reply @9167166971 Excellent{M2473
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/18 23:20:03z Send another @9167166971 Great 2{47
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 23:19:41z Reply @9167166971 Great 2{M2472
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/18 23:19:37z Send another @9167166971 test from jeep in sac{46
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 23:19:19z Reply @9167166971 Great 1{M2471
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 23:02:06z Reply @9167166971 Got it 12{M2468
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 21:40:36z Reply @9167166971 Got it 4{M2464
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 21:30:12z Reply @9167166971 Got it 3{M2462
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 21:29:21z Reply @9167166971 Got it 2{M2461
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 21:28:25z Reply @9167166971 Got it{M2460
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 10/18 21:22:16z Reply @9169965749 Good{M2459
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 10/18 21:21:57z Send another @9169965749 test from jeep in sac{44