KI6PPU-8 messages

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EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 02/24 21:37:54z Reply Email sent to{975
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 02/24 21:37:54z Send another tgcom good lord toyota 7 times on the hook{19
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 02/24 05:24:42z Reply Email sent to{974
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 02/24 05:24:42z Send another tgcom oh boy toyota fail time lol{18
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 02/17 23:00:23z Reply TEMP:48 WIND 202 AT 7 GUST 0 BARO 8167 RH 48% *{cf
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 02/17 22:59:53z Reply @KI6PPU Got it.{M6761
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 02/17 22:59:29z Send another @9167166971 test{17
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 02/17 22:58:25z Reply TEMP:48 WIND 223 AT 5 GUST 0 BARO 8168 RH 48% *{cd
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 02/17 22:57:26z Reply TEMP:47 WIND 177 AT 7 GUST 0 BARO 8168 RH 48% *{cc
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 02/17 22:56:37z Send another cmd wxinfo{16
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 02/11 19:31:28z Reply @heidi I'm adding international on my Verizon.{M6615
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 02/11 19:28:25z Send another @heidi somethimg wrong?{15
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 02/11 19:22:08z Reply @heidi Love you too. Call when you can{M6613
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 02/11 19:21:21z Send another @heidi we are leaving shanty now love u{14
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 02/10 23:45:48z Reply @5105014658 We are at his moms{M6549
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 02/10 23:45:07z Reply @heidi Windy and cold. Bummer{M6548
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 02/10 22:43:51z Send another @5105014658 love ya brother :){13
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 02/10 19:49:57z Reply @heidi Love you too.{M6536
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 02/10 19:49:14z Send another @heidi battery done love u{12
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 02/10 19:41:14z Reply TEMP:46 WIND 327 AT 3 GUST 0 BARO 8139 RH 42% *{ab
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 02/10 19:40:59z Send another cmd wxinfo{11
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 02/09 22:21:39z Reply Email sent to{954
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 02/09 22:21:39z Send another tgcom towed to kiosk no problem with 4x4{10
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 02/03 23:55:01z Reply Email sent to{394
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 02/03 23:55:01z Send another tgcom morane done zombies suck at this still lol{09
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 02/03 04:55:24z Send another @corey gatekeeper done {08
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 01/28 19:21:59z Reply @heidi Leaving house{M6136
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 01/28 19:20:00z Send another @heidi leaving shanty now love u{07
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 01/26 17:11:20z Reply @KI6PPU How bout now{M6050
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 01/26 17:05:31z Reply @KI6PPU come on{M6049
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 01/26 16:47:18z Reply @KI6PPU Back back{M6047
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 01/26 16:43:05z Reply @KI6PPU Back to rig{M6041
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 01/26 16:42:47z Send another @9167166971 rig test{06
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 12/30 07:35:33z Send another cmd wxinfo {05
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 12/30 01:34:38z Reply @5105014658 Got my room booked for my first 5 days at the Marriott {M5164
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 12/30 00:39:24z Reply @5303916934 radio check to the jeep{M5156
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 12/30 00:34:43z Reply @5105014658 We are good he???s doing good today We love you guys {M5154
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 12/29 23:51:35z Send another @5105014658 thinking about you checking in {04
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 12/29 19:39:58z Reply @corey Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Try and save some rad for{M5129
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 12/29 19:25:48z Send another @corey towed all the way to kiosk no issue{03
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 12/28 22:43:07z Reply @KI6PPU Test back{M5091
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 12/28 22:41:32z Reply @KI6PPU Roger Roger{M5090
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 12/28 22:40:47z Reply @KI6PPU Roger{M5089
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 12/28 22:39:15z Send another @9167166971 test{02
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 12/28 22:36:59z Send another cmd beacon w{01
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 12/28 22:36:01z Reply TEMP:60F VOLT:12.81 RX:360011 FCS:2429922 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:68689{bp
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 12/28 22:35:36z Send another cmd info{00
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 12/28 22:24:59z Reply TEMP:63F VOLT:13.0 RX:359869 FCS:2429060 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:68671{bo
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 12/28 22:23:05z Send another cmd info{99
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 12/28 22:21:05z Reply TEMP:62F VOLT:13.39 RX:359828 FCS:2428944 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:68664{bn
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 12/28 22:17:36z Reply TEMP:63F VOLT:13.20 RX:359780 FCS:2428682 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:68657{bm
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 12/28 22:17:25z Send another cmd info{98
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 12/28 22:15:41z Send another cmd wxinfo{97
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 12/28 22:13:14z Reply TEMP:51 WIND 127 AT 1 GUST 0 BARO 8220 RH 27% *{bl