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SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/17 13:02:55z Reply @heidi Happy Father's Day you sweet beast! Xoxoxo{M2170
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/16 16:10:45z Reply @tim Copy!{M2074
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/16 16:00:45z Send another @tim emergemcey need beer put word out thanks{20
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/16 15:41:08z Reply @heidi Terry has them too.{M2069
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/16 11:12:15z Reply @heidi Good morning{M2062
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/16 11:10:39z Reply @heidi Don't be sad. Terminix{M2061
KI6PPU-8 KM6GXT-4 06/16 04:24:54z Send another we'll leave the trophies for u guys have fun ;){19
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/16 03:42:40z Send another @heidi i give up what next seriously all makes me sad ! {18
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/16 02:48:26z Reply @heidi Oh. And your dad has rats. Tons of them. :) have a good even{M2051
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/16 02:47:44z Send another @heidi fireplace built :) love u too good night cherub{17
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/16 01:57:51z Reply @tim 6 hours ago. Parking very limited at kiosk{M2047
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/16 01:51:04z Send another @tim did our post hit the gazzette ? {16
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/15 03:57:27z Reply @heidi Xoxo{M2004
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/15 03:56:31z Send another @heidi heading to shanty love u much{15
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/15 03:54:58z Reply @heidi Very nice.{M2003
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/15 03:53:16z Send another @heidi she is very happy yes she is running around happy & dirty{14
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/15 03:49:00z Reply @heidi Did Molly play?{M2002
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/15 03:48:14z Send another @heidi already done :){13
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/15 03:45:24z Reply @heidi Feed them{M2001
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/15 03:43:35z Reply @heidi Okay. Good. Love you too{M2000
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/15 03:18:13z Send another @heidi at lower camp dogs are fine loving creek love u{12
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/10 01:19:25z Send another @9168010643 well at least baggy has balls youre gay{11
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/09 03:56:31z Send another @corey done and thank you talk soon{10
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/09 03:52:33z Reply @corey From us{M1712
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/09 03:52:07z Reply @corey Tell them thank you for their service{M1711
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/09 03:51:38z Send another @corey wftw nevada {09
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/09 03:49:44z Reply @corey Do I know who your demoing for?{M1710
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/09 03:49:17z Reply @corey Gotcha from Mississippi{M1709
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/09 03:48:25z Send another @corey demo time please respond:){08
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/09 01:54:30z Reply @heidi Well it's about time ! No lollygaggin! Back at it{M1708
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/09 00:10:47z Send another @heidi no sitting around today :)
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/09 00:10:45z Send another @heidi no sitting around today :){07
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/09 00:06:56z Reply @heidi Fab
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/09 00:06:55z Reply @heidi Fab{M1705
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/09 00:06:14z Send another @heidi tree at lower camp bucked and stacked love u
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/09 00:06:13z Send another @heidi tree at lower camp bucked and stacked love u{06
K6MFW KI6PPU-8 06/03 08:00:40z Reply how you guys doing? I emailed photos of our setup. 73, Mike
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/03 03:51:04z Send another @corey lol off trail maybe lmao{04
KI6PPU-8 K6MFW 06/03 03:50:43z Send another @corey lol off trail maybe lmao{03
K6MFW KI6PPU-8 06/02 19:43:11z Reply sure will
KI6PPU-8 K6MFW 06/02 19:42:29z Send another take some pictures please would love to se them{02
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/02 18:59:52z Send another @7144766666 you know we are proud of you young man{01
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/02 18:53:32z Reply @7144766666 Thank you so much! Hope you are having a great day!{M1322
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/02 18:52:30z Reply @7144766666 No fuckin way ????????????{M1321
KI6PPU-8 K6MFW 06/02 18:50:29z Send another no problem at all 73's{00
K6MFW KI6PPU-8 06/02 18:48:09z Reply I see your callsign quite a bit. thanks for messaging
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/02 18:42:41z Send another @7144766666 happy birthday from momma and green acres{99
KI6PPU-8 K6MFW 06/02 18:40:42z Send another hello from the world famous rubicon trail.{98
KM6GAX KI6PPU-8 06/02 06:29:45z Reply awesome saw 4x4 thoug out here 31 run tmr{13
KM6GAX KI6PPU-8 06/02 06:03:31z Reply shawn km6gax we at mouth wws{12
KM6GAX KI6PPU-8 06/02 05:59:55z Reply you at{11
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/02 02:46:25z Reply @heidi Ditto{M1291
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/02 02:45:15z Send another @heidi lol love u{97
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/02 02:43:47z Reply @heidi Have some coffee{M1289
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/02 02:43:02z Send another @heidi when i get home i would like to see it ;){96
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/02 02:40:08z Reply @heidi Huh?{M1288
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/02 02:39:32z Send another @heidi bikini?{95
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/02 02:37:51z Reply @heidi Love you too.{M1287
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/02 02:36:58z Send another @heidi youre awesome luv u{94
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/02 02:34:19z Reply @heidi Chins up{M1286
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/02 02:32:02z Send another @heidi actually is kinda sad but youre right oh well{93
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 06/02 02:27:57z Reply @heidi Go on to live another day :){M1285
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 06/02 02:25:23z Send another @heidi wow just got dissed by trail boss so sad{92
EMAIL-2 KI6PPU-8 06/02 01:38:19z Reply No unacked email messages.{697
KI6PPU-8 EMAIL-2 06/02 01:38:19z Send another get{90
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 06/02 01:37:06z Send another cmd info{91
KM6LYW KI6PPU-8 05/29 21:07:27z Reply thanks for hosting GAPGTE! It really helps! {66
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 05/25 00:27:40z Reply TEMP:62F VOLT:13.30 RX:32538 FCS:221594 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:9765{ii
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 05/25 00:26:17z Reply TEMP:62F VOLT:13.28 RX:32519 FCS:221541 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:9757{ih
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 05/25 00:25:28z Reply TEMP:61F VOLT:13.33 RX:32515 FCS:221536 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:9756{ig
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 05/16 02:35:28z Reply TEMP:54F VOLT:12.91 RX:53752 FCS:251815 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:13292{da
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 05/16 02:35:20z Send another cmd info{87
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 05/16 00:55:25z Reply TEMP:50F VOLT:13.2 RX:52473 FCS:245835 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:12979{cn
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 05/16 00:52:23z Send another cmd beacon{89
GAPCON KI6PPU-8 05/12 21:04:11z Reply TEMP:44F VOLT:13.28 RX:429 FCS:1606 CFG:1 PWD:0 DIGI:108{ab
KI6PPU-8 GAPCON 05/12 21:04:08z Send another cmd info{86
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/12 20:49:40z Send another @heidi ive been up since 5.30 had radio on but repeater is screwed{85
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/12 20:48:44z Reply @heidi Was going to come up{M9924
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/12 20:48:33z Reply @heidi No reply{M9922
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/12 20:48:26z Reply @heidi I've been asking about weather since this morning{M9921
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/12 20:47:44z Send another @heidi what?{84
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/12 20:46:23z Reply @heidi You suck at radio. That is all.{M9919
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/12 20:44:54z Send another @heidi antenna done raining running back to camp luv u{83
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/06 17:34:53z Reply @heidi Love you too. At sprouts.{M9583
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/06 17:33:27z Send another @heidi me and ryan leaving shanty now all good love u{82
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/05 04:35:49z Send another @7576799785 elpaso is gay ryan is back in the norcal u can reply{81
KI6MLK-10 KI6PPU-8 05/05 00:18:47z Reply couldnt get enough this week? say hi to ryan for us{6
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/03 19:31:52z Reply @heidi I like digging holes and putting things inside them ;){M9475
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/03 18:39:34z Send another @heidi cool love u see u in a while{80
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/03 18:36:32z Reply @heidi Getting shower head for u Gary{M9472
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/03 18:35:03z Send another @heidi no problem im gonna be a while{79
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/03 18:32:16z Reply @heidi I'm at Home Depot ;){M9471
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/03 18:31:39z Send another @heidi just finished be home in a few hours im still at gerle{78
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/03 01:40:33z Send another @heidi did u listen at all?{77
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/03 01:30:59z Reply @heidi Yup. Sounded like you were busy{M9397
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/03 01:21:12z Reply @heidi Get some rest. Love you{M9396
KI6PPU-8 SMSGTE 05/03 01:20:32z Send another @heidi wow just finished heading back to camp now i am whooped!{76
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/03 00:18:37z Reply @heidi All good?{M9391
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/02 22:35:16z Reply @heidi Answer{M9388
SMSGTE KI6PPU-8 05/02 21:45:31z Reply @heidi All okay? I missed Ryans call{M9386