KI4ASK-7 messages

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W9NLU-7 KI4ASK-7 01/03 22:07:21z Reply tnx for ur reply have a good evening{13
W9NLU-7 KI4ASK-7 01/03 22:05:30z Reply tnx for ur reply have a good evening{12
KI4ASK-7 W9NLU-7 01/03 19:46:57z Send another hi{53
W9NLU-7 KI4ASK-7 01/03 18:32:11z Reply hello de w9nlu{10
KI4ASK-7 NR4N-9 01/02 20:53:22z Send another Hello{52
KE4IP KI4ASK-7 01/01 17:31:02z Reply Message Received, Thanks!{3
KI4ASK-7 W4VBD-7 12/31 22:18:00z Send another hi{51
KI4ASK-7 KE4IP 12/31 22:02:05z Send another Happy New Year 2 u 2{49
KI4ASK-7 KE4IP 12/31 22:01:04z Send another Happy New Year 2 u 2{50
KI4ASK-7 KE4IP 12/31 21:49:12z Send another Happy New Year 2 u 2{48
KI4ASK-7 KD4CHW-9 12/31 19:27:07z Send another happy new year 2 u 2!{47
KD4CHW-9 KI4ASK-7 12/31 19:24:10z Reply happy new year!!!{71
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 12/30 22:29:48z Send another yes it is!{46
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 12/30 22:26:05z Reply Hello there! APRS is so much fun!{03
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 12/30 22:25:23z Reply Hello there!{02
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 12/30 22:25:11z Reply AA:Driving....I'll respond as soon as I can. (automated msg)
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 12/30 22:23:42z Send another Hello{45
KI4ASK-7 WN4AT-9 12/30 22:01:36z Send another Hello{44
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 12/13 19:34:22z Reply boo{09
NX1Q-9 KI4ASK-7 12/13 18:29:26z Reply see{02
KI4IHZ-7 KI4ASK-7 12/05 12:48:27z Reply rej43
KI4ASK-7 KI4IHZ-7 12/05 12:48:22z Send another Hello{43
WE4B KI4ASK-7 12/04 01:59:34z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{31
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-9 12/03 23:30:27z Send another Hello qsl{42
KI4ASK-7 NX1Q-5 12/03 21:22:49z Send another qsl{41
NX1Q-5 KI4ASK-7 12/03 21:15:23z Reply I have the 5.210 on also{2
NX1Q-5 KI4ASK-7 12/03 21:14:01z Reply Hello there. Listening in, but in Stockbridge {1
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 12/03 20:30:25z Reply Hello there!{85
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 12/03 17:52:08z Reply Good Afternoon!
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 12/03 17:51:45z Reply Gotcha!
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 12/03 17:51:31z Reply [AA] tnx for the contact !{01
XE3N-1 KI4ASK-7 12/03 17:50:45z Reply Nice to hear Your packet, 73's
XE3N-1 KI4ASK-7 12/03 17:50:32z Reply Hello via ISS, 73's !!
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 12/03 17:49:31z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
KB4NEW-7 KI4ASK-7 11/27 21:00:04z Reply QSL de KB4NEW EM98{35
WE4B KI4ASK-7 11/25 20:58:13z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{13
KO4IHI KI4ASK-7 11/25 19:52:28z Reply QSL via ISS! Stay safe 73{25
K5DCC-5 KI4ASK-7 11/25 02:33:23z Reply 73, Joe. TNX.{8CEA5
KD4CHW-1 KI4ASK-7 11/25 00:34:31z Reply Boo!{0
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 11/24 21:45:44z Reply AA:Greetings from EM35sc ! 73s
K9JKM KI4ASK-7 11/23 22:33:54z Reply Hi Joe
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 11/23 22:31:44z Reply Heard you via ISS at EM35sc{89
K5DCC-7 KI4ASK-7 11/22 23:20:49z Reply QSL{3
KG4ZLB KI4ASK-7 11/21 22:31:11z Reply Hi from EL96ao in SW Florida{80
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 11/21 22:30:38z Reply Hello From Florida!
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 11/21 22:29:42z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
KI4ASK-7 KD4CHW-7 11/18 22:00:42z Send another wx is gr8!{40
K5DCC KI4ASK-7 11/17 00:52:24z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS{01
KI4ASK-7 N1RCN-6 11/17 00:52:09z Send another 73 via ISS{1
N1RCN-6 KI4ASK-7 11/17 00:52:03z Reply howdy!
K3RRR KI4ASK-7 11/17 00:51:24z Reply Greetings from Robert in EM11 near Austin!
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 11/15 22:10:47z Reply enjoying this wx?{06
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 11/15 22:00:28z Reply enjoying this wx?{05
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 11/15 20:01:35z Reply howdeeee!{04
KI4ASK-7 KN4RQL-9 11/15 14:57:00z Send another hello!{39
KO4IHJ KI4ASK-7 11/14 02:07:21z Reply received your QSL at 21:38 via ISS! 73!
K4KDR-6 KI4ASK-7 11/14 01:38:44z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KI4ASK-7 KO4IHJ 11/14 01:38:35z Send another 73 via ISS{3
KI4ASK-7 KC9YTT 11/14 01:37:52z Send another 73 via ISS{2
KC9YTT KI4ASK-7 11/14 01:37:16z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
KI4ASK-7 K5DCC-7 11/13 02:24:20z Send another 73 via ISS{0
WE4B KI4ASK-7 11/13 02:23:29z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{5
KG4ZLB KI4ASK-7 11/11 02:23:17z Reply Hi from EL96ao in SW Florida{60
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-2 11/11 00:57:06z Send another hello{0
XE3ISS-9 KI4ASK-7 11/09 12:09:07z Reply AA:73 de XE3ISS
KN4RQL-9 KI4ASK-7 11/08 20:59:30z Reply hello!{15
XE3ARV-2 KI4ASK-7 11/08 13:06:55z Reply hi,, 73s
KI4ASK-7 XE3ARV-2 11/08 12:59:49z Send another 73 via ISS{38
KY4DAG-7 KI4ASK-7 11/07 12:08:45z Reply QSl from EM77 73{1
KI4ASK-7 KY4DAG-7 11/07 12:07:49z Send another good morning via ISS{3
KI4ASK-7 K5DCC-7 11/07 12:07:32z Send another good morning via ISS{6
KI4ASK-7 KY4DAG-7 11/07 12:06:46z Send another good morning via ISS{5
KI4ASK-7 VE3FFB 11/07 12:06:29z Send another good morning via ISS{4
KI4ASK-7 WA0TEY 11/07 12:06:27z Send another 73 via satellite{1
KI4ASK-7 K2GB 11/07 12:05:56z Send another good morning via ISS{2
KI4ASK-7 K1WY 11/07 12:05:53z Send another good morning via ISS{0
KI4ASK-7 KD7YHT-9 11/06 11:39:03z Send another Hello{35
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-2 11/06 11:38:47z Send another Hello{32