KI4ASK-7 messages

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KI4ASK-7 KD4YDD-9 10/22 22:12:59z Send another KI4ASK sez hello earthling{2
KI4ASK-7 KK4CRL-9 10/22 22:10:51z Send another KI4ASK sez hello earthling{1
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 10/22 19:58:04z Reply lol {63
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 10/22 19:57:37z Reply AA:Driving....I'll respond as soon as I can. (automated msg)
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 10/22 19:57:11z Reply Hello there!{62
KI4ASK-7 KC4GCK-11 10/21 22:06:49z Send another KI4ASK sez hello earthlings{3
KI4ASK-7 KF4TJY-8 10/21 22:05:05z Send another KI4ASK sez hello earthlings{2
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 10/21 20:03:07z Reply lol{61
K9NBG KI4ASK-7 10/19 21:09:15z Reply QSL AND 73 FROM EN52 ILLINOIS{65
KI4ASK-7 N1RCN 10/19 18:36:46z Send another QSL & 73 via ISS{5
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 10/19 18:32:23z Reply Good Afternoon vis ISS!
KL7JKC-6 KI4ASK-7 10/19 11:59:57z Reply Hello!! 73{0S}4
K9NBG KI4ASK-7 10/19 11:57:55z Reply HEARD YOU VIA ISS IN ILLINOIS{60
KI4ASK-7 K7CPT-2 10/18 22:56:00z Send another KI4ASK sez hello earthlings{0
WB8JAY KI4ASK-7 10/18 12:46:35z Reply QSL and Tnx de WB8JAY
AG4ZR-10 KI4ASK-7 10/17 23:15:11z Reply AA:73s my friend
KI4ASK-7 AG4ZR-10 10/17 23:15:07z Send another Hey David{53
AG4ZR-10 KI4ASK-7 10/17 23:13:41z Reply Hey Joe! 73s{0
KD4QNA-6 KI4ASK-7 10/15 13:31:07z Reply =3811.15N/07732.30W-Good day, stay safe, God bless!
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 10/15 13:30:46z Reply OSL and 73
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 10/15 13:29:43z Reply Good Morning from EL87
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 10/14 20:52:44z Reply You are loud and clear in Port Charlotte Florida!
KI4ASK-7 KB1HQS-7 10/12 15:53:28z Send another Hello Stuart{52
KD4CHW-15 KI4ASK-7 10/11 23:31:06z Reply howdy! ill try 10m tonight{3
KI4ASK-7 KD4CHW-15 10/11 23:29:15z Send another Hello{51
KI4ASK-7 W4VBD-7 10/11 22:54:46z Send another Hello{50
KI4ASK-7 KB1HQS-7 10/11 22:52:47z Send another Hello Stuart{49
W7BAZ KI4ASK-7 10/11 15:04:06z Reply Hello from EN73 {65
KI4ASK-7 N1RCN 10/11 15:02:45z Send another QSL & 73 via ISS{2
W7BAZ KI4ASK-7 10/11 15:02:16z Reply 73 from Michigan via ISS{67
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 10/11 15:01:46z Reply [AA] tnx for the contact !{02
KC9YTT KI4ASK-7 10/09 23:10:19z Reply [AA] QSL! 73' KC9YTT{02
KC9YTT KI4ASK-7 10/08 23:55:58z Reply [AA] QSL! 73' KC9YTT{01
KC9YTT KI4ASK-7 10/08 23:53:42z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
K4KDR-6 KI4ASK-7 10/08 15:49:04z Reply QSL - 73!!
KI4ASK-7 KA8YES-6 10/08 15:49:03z Send another Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{5
KI4ASK-7 K4KDR-6 10/08 15:48:54z Send another QSL & 73 via ISS{7
K0KOC-1 KI4ASK-7 10/08 15:48:38z Reply rej6
KI4ASK-7 K0KOC-1 10/08 15:48:36z Send another Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{6
K4KDR-6 KI4ASK-7 10/08 15:48:25z Reply 73 from VA!
KI4ASK-7 KB2M-11 10/08 15:47:56z Send another QSL & 73 via ISS{4
KB2M-11 KI4ASK-7 10/08 15:47:23z Reply hi fr fm29 NJ
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 10/08 15:46:08z Reply <<< de n1rcn EL87 via ISS>>>
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 10/08 00:43:58z Reply AA:QSL and 73s EM35sc
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 10/08 00:43:13z Reply 73s from EM35{94
NN4H-9 KI4ASK-7 10/07 16:36:10z Reply heard u via iss {39
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 10/07 16:35:59z Reply Hello from Florida!
K4KDR-6 KI4ASK-7 10/07 16:35:54z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N8AJM KI4ASK-7 10/06 17:32:07z Reply hello de EN72 qsl ?{05
K2MJP-9 KI4ASK-7 10/06 17:26:08z Reply Ack 73! {10
KI4ASK-7 K2MJP-9 10/06 17:25:12z Send another Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{3
XE3ISS KI4ASK-7 10/06 17:22:21z Reply Qsl 73s VIA LOTW
KI4ASK-7 XE3ISS 10/06 17:21:55z Send another Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{0
XE3ISS KI4ASK-7 10/06 17:21:20z Reply Greeting from Cancun EL61 de XE3ISS
AG4ZR-7 KI4ASK-7 10/05 23:22:41z Reply Hey Joe! 73{1
KD4CHW-4 KI4ASK-7 10/02 17:31:38z Reply I missed ya. Getting back on air later?{27BF3
SMSGTE KI4ASK-7 10/02 15:22:44z Reply @4046269536 Having fun? de K7CPT{M1914
KD4CHW-9 KI4ASK-7 10/01 17:43:37z Reply howdee {22
KI4ASK-7 KD4CHW-9 10/01 17:42:48z Send another Hi{0
KI4ASK-7 SMSGTE 10/01 17:10:55z Send another AA:73 de KI4ASK
SMSGTE KI4ASK-7 10/01 17:09:30z Reply @4046269536 I see you!{M1753
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 09/28 14:27:00z Reply howdy sota! heres another contact {87
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 09/28 10:06:46z Reply Hello there!{50
N4FGA-10 KI4ASK-7 09/15 00:53:39z Reply Hi! Good presentation!{1
K7CPT-9 KI4ASK-7 09/12 16:50:55z Reply Hello there!{46
KD4CHW-4 KI4ASK-7 09/07 19:26:19z Reply Stay much as you can. 73{706CD
XE1MYO-7 KI4ASK-7 09/06 21:07:38z Reply RR 59 EK09{12
KD4CHW-9 KI4ASK-7 09/03 20:45:18z Reply howdee {17
N4FGA-2 KI4ASK-7 09/03 20:34:45z Reply welcome back{06}
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 09/03 15:55:00z Reply park to park from k2k2193{24
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 09/03 14:33:40z Reply park to park from k2k2193{23
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 09/03 14:07:50z Reply cq sota heres p comtact for ya. headed to the park{82
KI4ASK-7 N4FGA-7 09/01 16:06:10z Send another KI4ASK sez hello earthlings{1
N4FGA-2 KI4ASK-7 08/24 16:34:17z Reply Hello!{04}
KD4CHW-7 KI4ASK-7 08/22 13:46:17z Reply heres a contact from clarsville tn{77
KD9KDH-7 KI4ASK-7 08/20 11:40:25z Reply Hello from Terre Haute, Indiana!{52
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 08/18 19:47:39z Reply Good Afternoon Joe!
AB4CD KI4ASK-7 08/18 19:47:28z Reply Heard U via ISS{12
KD4QNA-7 KI4ASK-7 08/18 19:47:12z Reply Heard in VA FM17!{55
K9JKM KI4ASK-7 08/18 19:46:48z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
K9JKM KI4ASK-7 08/18 19:45:40z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
KL7JKC-6 KI4ASK-7 08/17 20:36:09z Reply QSL and 73!{0F}2
W4MBO KI4ASK-7 08/17 20:35:46z Reply 73 de W4MBO
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 08/17 20:35:37z Reply Great to see you on the ISS!
KI4ASK-7 W4MBO 08/17 20:35:14z Send another Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{4
KI4ASK-7 KL7JKC-6 08/17 20:34:46z Send another Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{2
KI4ASK-7 KB2M-11 08/17 20:34:28z Send another QSL & 73 via ISS{1
KB2M-11 KI4ASK-7 08/17 20:34:21z Reply Good afternoon fm29
K3DQB KI4ASK-7 08/17 12:29:14z Reply Hello From FM19{131
W9QO KI4ASK-7 08/17 12:26:28z Reply rej1
KI4ASK-7 XE3ISS 08/16 21:22:39z Send another Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{1
K5DNA KI4ASK-7 08/16 21:19:50z Reply 73s from EM35{63
K3DQB KI4ASK-7 08/16 13:16:49z Reply Good Morning FM19{129
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 08/16 13:14:10z Reply qsl and 73
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 08/16 13:14:00z Reply [AA] tnx for the contact !{01
KF5THB-7 KI4ASK-7 08/14 18:40:25z Reply Can you hear me Major Tom? {2
KF5THB-7 KI4ASK-7 08/14 15:37:07z Reply Good luck with POTA actvatns! {1