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W7BAZ KH2PM-7 03/18 23:53:32z Reply Hello from EN73 {90
ANSRVR KH2PM-7 01/19 17:29:14z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group
KM7CRD-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 17:24:45z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from North Central WA. Via droid
LZ2ISI-10 KH2PM-7 01/19 17:22:46z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY
KF5GGX KH2PM-7 01/19 17:20:25z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY 73 KF5GGX 1/19/23
AE6LJ KH2PM-7 01/19 17:14:50z Reply N:HOTG Lamar in Calif. Wishing us all a nice APRS-Day.
KO4WCR-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 17:13:54z Reply N:HOTG The Swiss can't beat me!
YO2OWL-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:59:01z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY 73 yo2owl
SM6JVU KH2PM-7 01/19 16:57:11z Reply Greetings from sweden westcoast 73 de sm6jvu Anders via rf {28
SM6JVU KH2PM-7 01/19 16:53:33z Reply Greetings from sweden westcoast 73 de sm6jvu Anders via rf {26
K9EZ-12 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:46:59z Reply N:HOTG de K9EZ at the beaches of North Carolina
KD5NJR-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:46:32z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday de okla !de rf
PP1AR-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:33:58z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Brazil.GG99uo 73 de PP1AR
K0FJ-12 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:33:17z Reply N:HOTG Good Morning 73 K0FJ
KJ7OWD-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:31:20z Reply N:HOTG Hello frm my new qth, KY! Happy #aprsthursday
YO8SDE-4 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:27:54z Reply N:HOTG hello to everybody from Romania!
KN6PRD-4 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:25:41z Reply N:HOTG checking in iOS, happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73 DE KN6PRD
K0AKV-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:25:36z Reply N:HOTG 73 all
VA7TEV KH2PM-7 01/19 16:14:24z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Vancouver CN89
KC8OWL-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:10:56z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday fellow opeators.73 kc8owl
9M2HDX-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:10:30z Reply N:HOTG Happy Thursday. From MYS de 9M2HDX Ross
N7SIX-10 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:09:41z Reply N:HOTG Mabuhay! Hello hams! #APRSThursday 73
KC5BIL-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:05:33z Reply N:HOTG hello from LA CA.
NP4JN-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 16:05:17z Reply N:HOTG np4jn 73 rf via kp4dog packet network puerto rico.
KB7UVC KH2PM-7 01/19 16:01:50z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Belfair WA
AI4WX-8 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:54:57z Reply N:HOTG 73 to all from Walton, KY, USA.
W7SWA-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:50:35z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURDAY de w7swa via rf qth las vegas
VE3TSV-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:48:18z Reply N:HOTG Cold and freezing rain storm here today
KK7IQG-1 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:42:48z Reply N:HOTG Happy Aprsthursday 73s
KF0CTR-10 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:42:34z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY COLD & WINDY 73
KD9UYS-10 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:39:10z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday! Happy to add to the congestion haha
KP4JPB KH2PM-7 01/19 15:35:26z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY 73 DE KP4JPB.
N9KO-1 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:35:14z Reply N:HOTG Hello from NE Illinois. Taking a break from going down+
9W2FAS-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:34:17z Reply N:HOTG happy Thursday all de 9w2fas west malaysia
AB4WS-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:33:10z Reply N:HOTG hello from KY
CS7AYO-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:32:18z Reply N:HOTG #HappyAPRSThursday
KE4LPD-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:31:19z Reply N:HOTG Howdy from Tx 73 de ke4lpd
VE3TSV-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:30:47z Reply N:HOTG happy Thursday from ve3tsv in Canada
VE1RMJ-15 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:29:46z Reply N:HOTG Hi everyone! 73 from Oxford NS FN85br
KE4RCO-1 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:27:53z Reply N:HOTG Happy Thursday from NC
KM6TWI-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:24:51z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday almost to the weekend 73 all de KM6TWI
VA7SHG-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:19:42z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday (via RF Droid MobilinkdTNC3) CN99ae 73
NG7PR-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:19:27z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday from seattle wa de NG7PR
VE7DCF-10 KH2PM-7 01/19 15:12:23z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday Everyone 73 VE7DCF
N4RTD KH2PM-7 01/19 15:08:06z Reply N:HOTG de N4RTD Russ in Lakeland, FL
KO4WIL-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:57:36z Reply N:HOTG hello from TN
KD9TUL-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:52:51z Reply N:HOTG Overloading 1 packet at a time. Happy#aprsthursday
AJ4VX-10 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:51:50z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from Sunny Lookout MTN GA 73
K3ROC-2 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:45:08z Reply N:HOTG Morning Everyone from the Dirty 479
N5DGC KH2PM-7 01/19 14:43:40z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday n5dgc
W1CDN-13 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:38:17z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSthursday!
KJ7NUX-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:28:42z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from CN84. Listening to Ngozi Family!
OE8SQK-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:25:51z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from Carinthia! 73 OE8SQK
WP4RQA KH2PM-7 01/19 14:18:46z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY 73.
9M2FDX-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:18:42z Reply N:HOTG From West Malaysia DE 9M2FDX 73
AC9TR-4 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:17:25z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY Happy Thursday!
SA6AUU-10 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:13:01z Reply N:HOTG check in 73 de Sa6auu
WA4KWK KH2PM-7 01/19 14:08:32z Reply N:HOTG hi to all de wa4kwk
N4EJM-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:03:12z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY via iOS app N4EJM=twitter&ig
WC3T-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 14:02:25z Reply N:HOTG fm WC3T happy #APRSthursday in FN20
KI4ASK-15 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:51:49z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Joe in Atlanta, GA
KB8VUC-10 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:48:42z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSThursday 73 KB8VUC
KP3A-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:40:57z Reply N:HOTG KP3A
WP4LFS-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:37:20z Reply N:HOTG from Ponce PR 73'
DW6XJO KH2PM-7 01/19 13:24:50z Reply N:HOTG good eve 73
VA6PLC-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:24:20z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday from Lethbridge AB VA6PLC
DU6DKL-1 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:24:15z Reply N:HOTG happy ARPSTHURSDAY to all from Negros PH PK10lr
K7XYG-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:21:53z Reply N:HOTG good morning from Arizona 73
HK6L-4 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:20:51z Reply N:HOTG 73 desde Colombia
GRYLCP-12 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:18:06z Reply N:HOTG AB1PH don Walpole, MA, US via RF only
LU4AUL-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:15:10z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY from LU4AUL Argentina. 73!
N3VT-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:11:58z Reply N:HOTG hello world happy #APRSThursday
YO3FVR-10 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:09:13z Reply N:HOTG #APRSthursday Best 73!
W0CBP-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:08:22z Reply N:HOTG hello all from DN94
N2EDX-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:07:55z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Daytona Beach, Fl sun 59dF
DU8BL-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:04:14z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY, 73
KQ4BBC-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:02:20z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday from Huntersville NC 73 KQ4BBC
KG5DWM-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 13:01:15z Reply N:HOTG Happy Thursday from Conroe TX! kg5dwm
AA4JM KH2PM-7 01/19 13:00:23z Reply N:HOTG Hi from EL98!
K3JRZ KH2PM-7 01/19 12:59:17z Reply N:HOTG 3.9480,N,07552.3939,W,0.30,96,190123,26.7*29
K3JRZ KH2PM-7 01/19 12:59:17z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #APRSThursday de K3JRZ in Delawa$PKWDPOS,125916,A,393+
K3JRZ KH2PM-7 01/19 12:59:13z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #APRSThursday de K3JRZ in Delaware!
OE6PLD KH2PM-7 01/19 12:44:20z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday and have fun you all
KC5FM-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 12:41:32z Reply N:HOTG Happy Gun Appreciation Day. 73
W8RID KH2PM-7 01/19 12:37:12z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday from W8RID Twinsburg, OH
KP4CA-1 KH2PM-7 01/19 12:32:49z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY Enjoy your day! 73
KP3T-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 12:28:36z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthurday via RF de KP3T
KC1OCY KH2PM-7 01/19 12:26:24z Reply N:HOTG Good morning packet people 73 from Boston, MA, US FN42
KD2UTC-8 KH2PM-7 01/19 12:22:14z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Sayreville NJ
KW2DIA-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 12:20:18z Reply N:HOTG Hello fr Harlem NYC FN30
4F9INC-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 12:18:12z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday 73 4F9INC/1 PK04MP
WP3OF-9 KH2PM-7 01/19 12:14:36z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from Puerto Rico
AB1PH-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 12:09:35z Reply N:HOTG AB1PH Don Walpole MA US via APRS-IS
LY1JG KH2PM-7 01/19 12:09:01z Reply N:HOTG Best regards from Lithuania de Giedrius KO14VW 73!
9W2KKS KH2PM-7 01/19 12:03:15z Reply N:HOTG 9W2KKS - APRSdroid
KE2ACY-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 11:58:47z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday from NY! 73
9W2UAE-5 KH2PM-7 01/19 11:56:42z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73 9W2UAE MALAYSIA
DL7EDU-7 KH2PM-7 01/19 11:52:33z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Berlin :)