KH2PM messages

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W7BAZ KH2PM 05/27 21:25:43z Reply Hello from EN73 {32
SMSGTE KH2PM 05/01 15:20:07z Reply The number 9198016966 has been associated with this callsign.{C5029
KH2PM SMSGTE 05/01 15:20:07z Send another #mynumber add 9198016966{18
KH2PM SMSGTE 05/01 15:19:31z Send another @9198016966 SMS activation{17
KH2PM SMSGATE 05/01 15:17:17z Send another #mynumber add 9198016966{16
KH2PM SMSGATE 05/01 15:16:40z Send another @9198016966 SMS activation{15