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KG4WOJ W4IPC-9 04/10 23:32:33z Send another good night. I hope all is going well. 73{02
W4IPC-9 KG4WOJ 04/10 23:25:23z Reply indeed{32
KG4WOJ W4IPC-9 04/10 23:24:20z Send another that is a beautiful area you are in{01
W4IPC-9 KG4WOJ 04/10 23:23:06z Reply no{31
KG4WOJ W4IPC-9 04/10 23:22:22z Send another slow down HI HI{00
KG4WOJ AI4UK-7 04/10 22:44:13z Send another like the sail boat{98
KG4WOJ K1WY 04/10 22:43:32z Send another hello from VA via ISS{95
KG4WOJ KC3RJT-7 04/10 22:43:05z Send another heard you in VA{97
KG4WOJ WM4ST-7 04/10 22:43:03z Send another hello via ISS{94
AI9IN KG4WOJ 04/10 22:42:17z Reply Hello from AI9IN EM79
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-5 04/10 17:37:50z Send another got it{93
KG4WOJ-5 KG4WOJ 04/10 17:35:30z Reply hello to self test {7
KG4WOJ WM4ST-7 04/10 17:29:41z Send another Hello Mike new path{92
KG4WOJ WM4ST-7 04/10 17:28:48z Send another Hello Mike{91
KG4WOJ WM4ST-7 04/10 17:17:09z Send another okay now maybe I have it right. hi hi{90
KG4WOJ WM4ST-9 04/10 17:14:57z Send another hello{89
KG4WOJ WM4ST 04/10 17:11:21z Send another testing again{88
KG4WOJ WM4ST 04/10 17:06:45z Send another sending it again{87
KG4WOJ WM4ST 04/10 17:04:44z Send another hello Mike{86
KG4WOJ W2JEL-9 04/10 16:37:53z Send another hello{84
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/10 16:28:38z Send another looks like you got it working as advertised{81
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/10 16:28:24z Send another cool I got an ack from your APRS{80
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/10 16:28:19z Send another hello{79
K3OBX KG4WOJ 04/08 16:36:09z Reply Hello, up there!{09}
K4KDR-6 KG4WOJ 04/07 23:31:29z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KD4QNA-5 KG4WOJ 04/05 13:32:58z Reply Got it de KD4QNA{C081D
KG4WOJ KG4WOJ-5 04/05 02:29:17z Send another hello test 123 abc {72
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/05 02:26:23z Send another test{71
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/05 02:16:57z Send another This is my last attempt to sort out the ack issue{70
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/05 02:11:56z Send another I like your sailboat.{69
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/05 02:10:30z Send another test{68
KG4WOJ N3GLZ-1 04/05 02:08:00z Send another hello{67
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/05 02:07:28z Send another I was getting ack but not anymore?{66
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/05 02:05:51z Send another ?APRST
KG4WOJ-5 KG4WOJ 04/05 01:41:26z Reply hello test {6
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/05 01:34:39z Send another leaving the radio for a bit. message rx still on{65
KG4WOJ K4VBX 04/05 01:32:48z Send another cool I got go too XYL calling tnx 73{64
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:32:23z Reply anytime. 73 Jim{JD}
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:31:43z Reply thx for QSO. I will be stepping away from keyboard. Leave a msg+{JC}
KG4WOJ K4VBX 04/05 01:30:32z Send another I use it sometimes via ISS on 145.825{59
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:30:31z Reply Haven't had luck with that yet. Tried once or twice.{IU}
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:29:56z Reply via smsgte on HT{IT}
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:29:50z Reply Yes. Very useful to still comm w my GF when I'm out of cell range+{IS}
KG4WOJ K4VBX 04/05 01:29:13z Send another a person with a low pwr tx/rx can communicate long dist{58
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:28:58z Reply IGate for other users to benefit.{IR}
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:28:58z Reply Agreed. And I am trying to make the most of it by running the TX+{IQ}
KG4WOJ K4VBX 04/05 01:27:37z Send another it is in many ways and I think it is under appreciated{57
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:25:11z Reply but I find it very useful.{IP}
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:24:24z Reply Ah. I have been on APRS for less than a year. Late to the game,+{IO}
KG4WOJ K4VBX 04/05 01:22:11z Send another well 15 yrs ago it was common{56
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:20:24z Reply Oh very good. Just a few that I have ever qso'd on APRS.{IN}
KG4WOJ K4VBX 04/05 01:17:00z Send another cool, I was just seeing if anyone still qso aprs{55
K4VBX KG4WOJ 04/05 01:15:24z Reply I am now sir{IM}
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/05 01:07:15z Send another I like your sailboat{54
KG4WOJ KN4USR-7 04/05 01:03:16z Send another hello{53
KD4QNA-2 KG4WOJ 04/05 00:35:54z Reply rej50
KG4WOJ W4IIA 04/05 00:35:46z Send another hello{48
KG4WOJ KD4QNA-2 04/05 00:35:45z Send another hello{50
KD4QNA-2 KG4WOJ 04/05 00:34:44z Reply rej49
KG4WOJ KD4QNA-2 04/05 00:34:40z Send another how do{49
KG4WOJ K3OBX-7 04/05 00:30:24z Send another hello way down there{47
KG4WOJ K4VBX 04/04 23:58:46z Send another are you at the keyboard?{46
KG4WOJ W4IPC-9 04/03 16:10:19z Send another I see you{44
KG4WOJ N4AJR-9 04/03 15:59:07z Send another testing = texting lol{42
KG4WOJ N4AJR-9 04/03 15:58:50z Send another no testing while driving. HI HI{41