KG4WOJ messages

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K4KDR-6 KG4WOJ 01/19 07:42:39z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KG4WOJ WA4WX 01/18 02:15:05z Send another just checking to see if anyone is at the keyboard{48
KG4WOJ WA4WX 01/18 02:13:51z Send another hello{47
KC4ZPL-7 KG4WOJ 01/15 09:56:35z Reply Hello from Harrington Delaware...
KC4ZPL KG4WOJ 01/15 04:44:51z Reply APMI01,N3KTX-7,WIDE1*
KC4ZPL KG4WOJ 01/15 04:44:11z Reply APWW10,N3KTX-7,WIDE2*
KG4WOJ KC4ZPL 01/15 04:44:04z Send another ?APRST
KG4WOJ KB4ZIN-5 01/14 02:37:33z Send another is this man or just digi repeat?{46
KB4ZIN-5 KG4WOJ 01/14 02:36:52z Reply rej46
KG4WOJ W4MGL-9 01/14 02:20:32z Send another have you worked via ISS before?{45
KG4WOJ KC4ZPL-7 01/12 13:15:44z Send another last try for HT dx.{42
KG4WOJ KC4ZPL-7 01/12 13:10:52z Send another first path not as good as I thought{41
KG4WOJ W4HZL-1 01/12 12:37:35z Send another good morning, expermenting on this end{39
KG4WOJ W4CAR-5 01/12 12:32:24z Send another completed test{38
KJ4CEU-9 KG4WOJ 01/09 11:31:01z Reply mine is ftm-400xdr. time for ved though. take care and talk soon{06
KG4WOJ K3OBX-7 01/09 03:10:58z Send another hello{34
KG4WOJ KJ4CEU-9 01/09 02:42:34z Send another tnx for QSO 73{27
KG4WOJ KJ4CEU-9 01/09 02:31:51z Send another my rig is FT-897{24
KJ4CEU-9 KG4WOJ 01/09 02:27:50z Reply tech. looking into the general class soon.{05
KJ4CEU-9 KG4WOJ 01/09 02:22:35z Reply its my first radio but ive had my license since 08.{04
KG4WOJ KJ4CEU-9 01/09 02:19:39z Send another cool I saw you pop up {20
KJ4CEU-9 KG4WOJ 01/09 02:17:57z Reply hello getting my new radio setup{03
KG4WOJ KJ4CEU-9 01/09 02:15:42z Send another hello{19
KG4WOJ K3OBX-7 01/09 02:09:07z Send another trying to see which path works. No need to reply if busy{18
KG4WOJ K3OBX-7 01/09 02:05:40z Send another hello{17
KG4WOJ KE4KDY-5 01/09 01:54:12z Send another testing{14
KG4WOJ KE4KDY-5 01/09 01:53:12z Send another does anyone check messages?{13
KG4WOJ W0ADD-14 01/09 01:49:45z Send another safe travels. {12
KG4WOJ W4PGT 01/08 04:12:59z Send another Hello, I am testing HB soundcard interface{02
KG4WOJ W4CAR-5 01/08 03:39:34z Send another test{00